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Wartenberg Pinwheel – Willow Wand

The Wartenberg Pinwheel is a twenty-two-point stainless steel wheel that turn freely attached to a sturdy handle.

Here is a short excerpt from Willow Wand’s Pinwheel review:
“Pointy, spikey, ouch, LOVE IT! If used lightly it can tickle and you can still put pressure on it to make it a bit more painful. I have been told that those into bloodplay (which is still not something I have been able to handle yet, but am curious about) like to use it pretty darn hard, and poke through the skin.”

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Easy eyes blindfold – Willow Wand

The Padded easy eyes leather blindfold from Sinvention is a one size fits most, black leather blindfold with thick adjustable eye patches and a buckle closure.

Here is a short snippet from Willow Wand’s review of the The padded easy eyes leather blindfold:
“The strap kept slipping down. Being a belt buckle mechanism for the strap, it doesn’t fit all head sizes. Apparently my head size is in between two of the holes, and because the leather has no stretch to it, I was not able to pit it on the lower setting, and the larger one was too big.”

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Satin ties pleasure whip – Willow Wand

The Tantric satin ties pleasure whip from Cal Exotics is is a small, non-threatening whip made with polyester, ribbon, small metal studs and wood.

Here is a short snippet from Willow Wand’s review of the Tantric satin ties pleasure whip:
“I was going to only suggest this to those with SUPER low pain tolerance (problem is, I thought that was me….not sure how you can have it any lower) and/or those who have NEVER been flogged before. It would make a great beginner’s flogger, for the very reason that you get the great sound effects and none of the pain.”

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Ipo Finger Vibe – Willow Wand

The Ipo Finger Vibe from Picobong is a smooth silicone vibrator designed to be worn on a finger. This product is waterproof, has multiple vibration modes, runs on three AAA batteries, and has a one-year warranty against breakage or defects.

Here is a short excerpt from the Willow Wand review of the Ipo Finger Vibe:
“This is a silicone toy, so my favorite lubes are not allowed. Only water-based for this toy, but really, it doesn’t matter, cause ultimately, you are using this externally, and don’t really need lube…or maybe that’s just me? According to the PicoBong site, they are fully waterproof to 1M, that is an insane depth for a vibrator!”

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Bootie – Willow Wand

The Bootie from Fun Factory is a small, soft, silicone anal plug featuring a tapered tip on a slightly bulbous and angled head, followed by a pliable neck leading to a curved and tapered base.

Here is a short excerpt from the Willow Wand review of the Fun Factory Bootie:
“I enjoyed this toy as a regular anytime plug, for walking around or for intercourse. It was small enough for me to want to wear it outside of the bedroom for that little sexy secret, yet large enough to fill me so that I could feel it well during sex. Unlike most people, my anus tends to expel things, rather than suck them in (which is what a flared base is there to prevent), but I was able to keep this in without any effort.”

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