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Power Blossom 7 function wand – Toxycat

This 7-Function Wand Massager is eight inches in total length, offers seven vibration settings, has a flexible neck, runs on four AA batteries, and features an easy to use control interface.

7 function wand

Here is a bit of what Toxycat has to say in her review of the 7 function massage wand:
“As far as powerful toys go…this is up there with the best. Great size, easy interface with large buttons and packs an almighty punch. If you like your toys intense then this will not disappoint.”

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Mahana Duo, Tano Plug & Koa – Toxycat

Picobong is a line of vibrators from the luxury vibrator makers at LELO designed to appeal to a younger crowd at a more affordable price. These vibrators feature 12 Vibe Patterns, 18 Speeds, and are made with ABS plastic and body safe silicone.
In this review you will find the Mahana Duo, Tano Plug & Koa Ring Vibe.

The Mahana Duo Vibe which is a U shaped vibrator that features two vibrating pleasure points and a flexible mid point allowing one portion to be inserted while the other wraps around to rest on the clitoris.
The Tano Plug Vibe is designed stimulates the P-spot while the flared base is shaped for optimum comfort.
The Koa Ring Vibe is a versatile vibrator designed primarily for couples use and may be used without holding onto it by slipping it over fingers, worn as a cock band, or placed on a dildo to allow for added vibrations.

Mahana Duo Vibe and  Tano Plug Vibe and  Koa Ring Vibe

Here is an excerpt from Toxycat’s review of the Mahana Duo Vibe, Tano Plug Vibe & Koa Ring Vibe from Picabong:
“So how does Picobong rate…..well atheistically it hits the spot for me..love the sleeks designs, colour options, discreet controls..however the controls were a negative for insertion and i would of loved the vibrations to pack a bit more of a punch than they did. The size is perfect and would be ideal toys for travel.”

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Chocolate weekend lovers kit – Toxycat

The Extase Sensual Chocolate weekend lovers kit is a gift set that includes chocolate orange hot massage oil, chocolate orange lubricant, blackberry massage oil, and a black silky blindfold. This set comes in a collectors style tin and includes a storage bag.

Extase Sensuel Kit - Chocolate weekend lovers review

Here is a short excerpt from Toxycat’s review of the Chocolate weekend lovers Extase Sensuel Kit:
“The kit comes in a rather funky yet unassuming tin, inside all packaged nicely in black tissue paper you have a black silk bag which holds the oils/lubes and also a rather lovely black silk blindfold emblazoned with the Extase Sensual logo.”

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Along with this review is included a mini review of Plasir Pour Elle which is a clitoral stimulation gel.

TAOI Pure Vibes – Toxycat

The TAOI Pure Vibes Intimate Massager is a small novelty vibrator measuring just three inches across designed to look like a small stylized orchid. This product is made with body safe silicone and has a built in single use, multi-speed vibrator with a forty five minute lifespan.

TAOI Pure Vibes Intimate Massager

Here is an excerpt from Toxycat’s review of the TAOI Pure Vibes Intimate Massager:
The petals on it are incredibly soft and flexible with a raised nodule in the middle. The stem is actually the on/off bit…..simply turn the stem to switch on ..then keep turning to increase the intensity. Now i just assumed because it was disposable it wouldn’t be that powerful….how wrong was I……this thing switched up to full power…..even though it sounded like an angry wasp….was incredibly powerful…and the vibrations travelled well across the petals.

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KY Yours and mine – Toxycat

Yours and mine Kissable sensations from K-Y® is a flavored, kissable gel designed to enhance your intimacy during foreplay. This product comes as a two flavor combination with chocolate and strawberry flavors.

KY Kissable Sensations

Here is an excerpt from Toxycat’s review of the Yours and mine Kissable sensations
“All in all a fab product and a great foreplay enhancement. I love the bottle packaging and the way they are joined…so great for easy storage. My only tip…if you haven’t got a sweet tooth then use in moderation…other than that perfect for a bit of couples fun..also would make a really cute gift for your partner”

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Madonna Intimate Desire Oral gel – Toxycat

The Madonna Intimate Desire Oral Gel – Chocolate Flavored – This product is designed to enhance the taste of flesh for oral sex or anywhere else on the body during foreplay.

madonna oral gel

Here is a little of what Toxycat has to say about the Madonna Intimate Desire Oral gel in her review:
“On opening the gel you are immediately hit by the strong smell of chocolate..reminiscent of hot chocolate ..so quite pleasant.The gel is fairly light in consistency, a little goes a long way so this tube will last you quite a while.
So to the most important element..the taste!!… well its actually really nice, not a hugely intense flavour of chocolate but fairly sweet and hugely enjoyable to lick off.”

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Icicles Rabbit – Toxycat

From the Pipedream Products Icicles series this rabbit styled Pyrex glass toy comes with a remote controlled bullet vibrator that slides into the toy creating a vibrating glass rabbit.

icicles10 glass rabbit vibrator

Here is a small excerpt from Toxycat’s review of the Icicles Glass Rabbit:
“The dildo part of the rabbit is made from Pyrex and is hand crafted with amazing detail. Slightly curved for g-spot stimulation it also has a stunning ridge detail for added stimulation. The clitoral part of the rabbit consists of a hole for which to place the bullet in and also 2 nodules either side for added stimulation. The piece is finished a circular grip at the bottom which is ideal for controlling the item without it slipping away.”

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