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Tenga 3d Module – Karen Blue

The Module is male masturbation sleeve from Tenga’s 3D line of reusable , stretchy, elastomer pleasure products. This product features random elevated blocks on the inside of the sleeve with the idea being that the protruding blocks produce a firm sensation, while receding blocks grip you for a soft sensation.

Here is an excerpt from Karen Blue’s review of the Tenga 3D Module Male Masturbation Sleeve:
“He reported that the squares added to stimulation. The Module warmed up really nicely. The end is not open and the suction added to the sensation, it also added a sexy sound to the experience. The skin of the hole was thin enough to create adequate pressure to get him off much better than with just his hand alone. He said it was much easier to maneuver than the fleshlight and he enjoyed it much better being that it was not so cumbersome.”

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Tenga 3D Polygon – Kitty Stryker

The 3D Polygon is a soft, smooth, slightly textured male masturbation sleeve made with thermo-plastic elastomer from Tenga. This reusable masturbation sleeve/stroker comes with a small packet of lube and a drying rack/storage stand.

Here is a small snippet from what “the boy” has to say while reviewing the Tenga 3D Polygon in a guest post on Kitty Stryker’s PurrVersatility blog:
“The soft, almost sponge-y material (Antibacterial Elastomer!) quickly won me over as it provides a much softer sensation than a hand can provide. The sleeve as a whole also neatly covers the whole of the shaft, creating equal sensation all over, which again is something a hand on its own cannot do.”

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Tenga Sleeve 3D – Inferno

The Tenga Sleeve 3D is a realistic feel male masturbation sleeve or stroker from Tenga. This masturbation sleeve is reusable, includes a lube packet, and comes with a storage case that doubles as a drying rack. Available in a Spiral style for those who like a lightly ribbed or textured feel, and in a Polygon style for those who enjoy a smoother feel and more suction.

Here is a small snippet from Inferno’s review of the Spiral Tenga Sleeve 3D:
“The Tenga Sleeve 3D is very pliable and though it is only four and a half inches long when just sitting there it will stretch to fit most any cock. The texture you see in the picture above is the texture you get. You pull this thing off it’s stand and turn it inside out for use. It feels very realistic and gives more of a good blowjob feel than one of sticking it in a girls vagina.”

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Tenga Double Hole Sleeve – Jennifer

Tenga Double Hole Sleeve is a six and a half inch long, pre-lubricated, male masturbation sleeve intended for single time use. The Double Hole Sleeve features an entry point on both ends that offer differing sensations. One end is more narrow than the other and the textures are slightly different with each.

Here is a snippet from Jennifer’s review of the Tenga Double Hole Sleeve
“The design is efficient and straight-forward. Nothing fancy about this thing from the outside, all of the magic and wonderment is within. What’s unique about the Double Hole Sleeve is that it sport two sides (hence the name), a Sweet and Bitter side, which offer different sorts of pleasure and stimulation. One can only assume that Sweet is intended to mimic vaginal sex, and Bitter is intended to mimic anal sex.”
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Tenga Double Hole Sleeve – Inferno

The Tenga Double Hole Sleeve is a single use, pre-lubricated masturbation sleeve that features a hole on each end with one being narrow and lined with tiny nubs and the other being wider with larger nubs.

Here is an excerpt from Inferno’s review of the Tenga Double Hole Sleeve:
“This thing is pre lubricated. It seems like they used an entire bottle of lube. Maybe they messed up and gave mine a double dose of lube, but I am thinking it is just how they come. Tons of lube. It is messy. The product would have been better if it came with a separate packet of lube.”

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