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Tantus Cush – Bean Fiddler

The Tantus Cush is a seven inch long, semi-realistic designed, dual density dildo made with a soft layer of silicone over a firm inner core. This dildo features a pronounced coronal ridge and a another angled ridge midway down on the shaft for added sensation. The Tantus Cush is compatible with most harness systems.

cush dildo

Here is an excerpt from Bean Fiddler’s review of the Tantus Cush dual density silicone dildo:
“I love how this dildo feels inside me. As I slowly thrust, I can feel the girth of the Tantus Cush gently spreading me and I really like this feeling. I feel the give of the top layer of squashy silicone and the firmness of the core beneath it. To me, sex toys always feel significantly different than a live penis but there is something more similar about the Tantus Cush. It doesn’t feel the same but it is definitely closer.”

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T-Rex – True Pleasures

The T-Rex dildo from Tantus is a thick silicone dildo featuring a semi realistic design with a veined shaft and an exaggerated corona. This dildo is compatible with most harness systems.

Tantus T-Rex Dildo

Here is a bit of what True Pleasures has to say about the Tantus T-Rex Dildo in her review:
“Even lubed and warmed up really well, the lip is just too much pressure for my g-spot. Plus, since it has those edges instead of being smooth curves, that also detract from my comfort level. I think it’s mostly the top edge. Keep in mind that I’m very petite (5’1” and about 98lbs). Those of a larger build may not have this problem.”

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Hoss – Woman

The Hoss dildo from Tantus is a twelve and a quarter inch long, semi realistically shaped dildo with an eight and a half inch shaft circumference. This dildo is made of body safe silicone.

Hoss Dildo

Here is a small snippet from Woman’s review of the Tantus Hoss dildo:
“It felt like I’d just been stretched from here to kingdom come. My fingers then gently played over my gaping pussy, trying to massage it back to it’s normal size.”

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Luke 02 – True Pleasures

The Luke 02 from Tantus’ Dual Density O2 line of products is a realistically designed silicone dildo featuring a firm inner core and a softer outside. This seven inch long silicone dildo is compatible with most harness systems, and available in Cream, Cocoa, and Black tones.

Luke 02 Dildo

Here is an excerpt from True Pleasures review of the Tantus Luke Realistic Dildo:
The head and balls, which lack the firm core, are very squishy. I can easily squish and pinch them with just two fingers. The shaft is just as squishy, but has a very dense core. I can bend it, but it does take some effort. The softer material on the outside of the core is thicker at the base of the shaft and gets thinner towards the head. It does feel very close to how an actual penis would.

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Tantus Throb – Blacksilk

The Throb from Tantus Inc. is a five and a half inch long, 100% silicone dildo designed to be semi realistic in shape with over exaggerated vascularity for visual appeal and added texture.

Here is a small snippet from Blacksilk’s review of the Tantus Throb Dildo:
“The toy itself is an interesting one: part realistic dildo and part fantasy sex object. Though it is modestly-sized (at just over 5″ insertable length and just under 1.5″ diameter) and has some anatomical features, it also comes with uber-emphasised veins and ridges intended to please lovers of texture.”

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Tantus Compact – Nymphomaniac Ness

The Tantus Compact is a five inch long 100% silicone dildo with a small three inch circumference. This dildo features a slight bulbous head leading to smooth ridges on the upper side of a curved shaft. This dildo is compatible with most harness systems.

Here is a small snippet from the Nymphomaniac Ness review of the Tantus Compact Silicone Dildo:
“During use, I was able to feel the ripple-like textures lower down on the shaft. I really wasn’t expecting to be able to feel the textures on the shaft, due to its petite size, but the Compact pleasantly surprised me.”

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Ryder – Karen Blue

The Ryder Plug from Tantus is a four and a half inch long silicone anal plug featuring a gradual curve from the body to the neck of the plug and a flexible base designed with comfort in mind.

Here is a small snippet from Karen Blue’s review of the Ryder Silicone Plug:
I felt like I could wear it all day. There are no seams on the insertion portion at all. The only marking on this plug is a small etching on the side of the base that says Tantus. The silicone is shiny and smooth. The Ryder is firm with a slight squishy feeling. The material is a bit tacky so you will want to store this away from dust and lint.

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