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Incognito Razor – Spoken Pandora

The Incognito Razor is a discrete folding instrument equipped with a pinwheel and claw designed for sensation play. This product includes a strap, allowing you to wear the compact folded unit on your wrist or hooked on a belt.

Incognito Razor

Here is a short snippet from Spoken Pandora’s review of the Incognito Razor:
“The feel of both tools is simply amazing. You control the force by how you or your naughty mate apply pressure. I like that you are in control with this little beauty. If I’m feeling like a bad girl I want it rough and if I’m in the mood for sensual lovemaking I want it to feel a loving hand.”

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Mahana Duo – Spoken Pandora

The Picobong Mahana Duo is a dual motor dual head vibrator made of body safe silicone and ABS plastic. This product is waterproof and features 12 Vibe Patterns and 18 Speeds per side. Picobong products come with a one year warranty.

mahana duo

Here is an excerpt from Spoken Pandora’s review of the PicoBong Mahana Duo vibe:
“The rounded ends are perfect for dual vaginal and anal penetration and stimulation. Each end measures 2 1/2″ and the ABS plastic handle is 5″. The length won’t work for g-spotting but has enough length to stimulate your pussy and cause orgasmic bliss. The motor is whisper quiet, making it perfect for those who share their living space with others.”

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Onye Galerie Petite – Spoken Pandora

The Onye Galerie Petite from Big Teaze Toys is a four and a half inch long, waterproof, single-speed, bullet style vibrator made of hard ABS plastic, and featuring a floral motif or dragon motif imprinted on the side. This product comes with a small carrying case and runs on a single AAA battery.

Onye Galerie Petite

Here is a short excerpt from Spoken Pandora’s review of the Onye Galerie Petite:
“On one side of the Onye brandishes the artwork and on the other there is the Big Teaze Toys name and logo. Between the shaft and battery cap is the ring seal. The Onye is water-proof but if the seal is broken the toy is no longer waterproof.”

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Big Boss G4 Vibrator – Spoken Pandora

The Big Boss G4 Vibrator from Fun Factory is a nine and three quarter inch long, rechargeable, waterproof, vibrating dong made of silicone with a loop style handle. This product features a curved shaft, 5 speeds and 4 vibration modes.

Big Boss G4

Here is a short excerpt from Spoken pandora’s review of the Big Boss G4 Vibrator:
“The motor sits at the end of the shaft right above the handle. But don’t fret. Although the vibes are stronger towards the end, they still deliver a punch throughout the entire length of the insertable portion. The shaft is made of 100% silicone. The supple material is fairly pliable without being flimsy and also aids to the realistic feel of the toy.”

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Butterfly Kiss – Spoken Pandora

The Butterfly Kiss is a small vibrator made with Thermo-Plastic Rubber that features a short, flexible shaft with a bulbous tip allowing for G-spot stimulation, and a textured area designed for clitoral stimulation.

 Butterfly Kiss

Here is a small snippet from Spoken Pandora’s review of the Butterfly Kiss:
“The Butterfly Kiss not only rhythmically tantalizes your outer “lips”, the girthy teardrop shaped tip is perfectly constructed to reach the g-spot. Although this small wonder packs strength, the dimensions do not choke the body but rather ease it into sensuous orgasmic pleasure.”

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Kandi Kisses – Spoken Pandora

The Kandi Kisses vibrator from Bedroom Kandi is waterproof, rechargeable vibrator made of silicone & ABS plastic designed to look like lipstick. This product features seven pre-set vibration patterns, is low noise, and charges via a USB port.

Kandi Kisses Lipstick Vibe review

Here is a little bit of what Spoken Pandora has to say about the Kandi Kisses Lipstick Vibrator in her review:
“The size of the massager gives perfect cover to the clit while providing a strong stimulation that can be felt throughout the body. The trademark 7 vibrations which is found in all of the Bedroom Kandi toys, is amazingly powerful and ultra quiet.”

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Happiness & Joy – Spoken Pandora

The Happiness & Joy Dual Stim vibe is an 8 3/4″ long, rechargeable vibrator made of body safe silicone & ABS plastic. This vibrator has seven pre-set vibration patterns, is multi-speed, and may be used with a remote. The Happiness & Joy Dual Stim vibe features a music mode allowing it to vibrate wirelessly to the beat of your favorite music. The OhMiBod App is compatible with all iPod® models, the iPhone®, mp3 players, and most smart-phones.

dual stim vibe

Here is an excerpt from Spoken Pandora’s review of the Happiness & Joy Dual Stim vibrator:
“The motor seems to be closer to the base of the vibrator, but the power is felt throughout the entire toy. Honestly, I had to bend and double-check just to ensure that the powerful little motor was only at the base because the vibrations don’t dull in either part of the vibrator.”

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