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The People’s Choice Awards Results

The results are in!
The People’s Choice Sex Toy Reviewers Award Winners For 2011

The People's Choice Sex Toy Reviewers Award Winners For 2011

See the full results here!

Hosting a sex toy reviewers awards has been both fun and educating for us here at Real Sex Toy Reviews.
The amount of votes that came in was a surprise and even a bit overwhelming,  but we got them sorted out.
The awards page is located here.

Here is a quick rundown of what the people said…

The Elucidator Award for 2011 was given to Bean Fiddler!
She is Beanfiddler, hear her roar.
Congratulations Bean Fiddler. The people have spoken.
Both the Sex Positive Award The Affinity For Jocosity Award for 2011 went to Kitty Stryker!
It may sound funny, but we hadn’t even considered a reviewer winning in two categories until the votes started piling up.
Kitty is a Domme, an escort, a Burner, a queer, and a bookworm. She is also obviously very sex positive and has a sense of humor in her writing to win these two awards.
Congratulations Kitty Stryker. The people have spoken.
The Sharing Is Caring Award is given to True Pleasures!
The sex toy reviewer that brings us Tentacle Tuesday is our Sharing is caring winner. True pleasures is also one of the most prolific reviewers we know of and never fails to pump out great reviews on a regular basis.
Congratulations True Pleasures. The people have spoken.
The Risque Reviewer Award is given to Karen Blue!
Karen is a swinger who blogs about her adventures besides reviewing sex toys on her site. If you are interested in a glimpse into the swinging lifestyle along with your reviews of adult products she is the one to see.
Congratulations Karen Blue. The people have spoken.
The Reader’s Write In Award is given to Alan and Michele!
Another thing we hadn’t considered was that a couple would win an award.
Alan & Michele review as a team, and only one of us here at RSTR even knew of their site before the votes started coming in for them.
Congratulations Alan and Michele. The people have spoken.

Thank you to everyone who helped promote our awards and to everyone who voted.

sex toy review award winner

View the awards page HERE!

The People’s choice awards idea came about because we here at RSTR thought giving out some web awards would be fun, but also wanted to remain impartial. We thought letting readers of the website, and readers of the reviewers themselves vote on it would be fun.
The criteria to be up for an award was based on the amount of participation/activity of the reviewer with our site. (exception being the Reader’s  Write In Award)
We chose that method because it allowed us to include all active reviewers without losing our position of remaining impartial.

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We are now on Twitter.
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If your tweets are sex toy related, or of a sex positive nature give a a shout so we know to follow you.

Also, since we don’t list reviewers contests and giveaways here because we wish to avoid outdated pages, and deleting them just doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to us… feel free to tweet us your sex toy contests and giveaways if you would like us to Re-Tweet them for you.

See you on Twitter.
Beth, Miranda, and Sarah :D

All submitted reviews from May 2011

All submitted reviews from May 2011 (The Big List)

Sex toy reviews by real reviewers who take the time to include photos or video along with actual opinions of the products they are reviewing.

Big monthly list of sex toy reviews and reviewers

May was National masturbation month.
What goes better with masturbation than a nice sexual enhancement toy?
Why the month of May?
According to the good folks at Good Vibrations who started the whole thing…
“Because “the merry, merry month of May” has long been seen as symbolizing sexual awakening. Also, because “May” and “masturbation” both start with “M” — it’s nice and alliterative.”
Read about it here if you would like to know more.

On with the reviews…

Vibrators – Many different styles reviewed this month.
Eva Longoria once said “The best sex I have ever had was with my vibrator.”

Little Secret Tease – Teagan Shepard

Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket – Pocket RockettZ

Jopen Vanity vr10 – Mistress Kay

WOW Vibrator No. 4 – Buzzvibe

Bzzz Buddies Frisky – Pocket RockettZ

Pin-Up Vibe and Bombshell Balm – Nitebyrd

Je Joue MiMi – Buzzvibe

Close2You Opus – Venus

Zini Ran – Mistress Kay

Jopen Vanity Vr6 – Buzzvibe

Better Than Chocolate – Venus

Anal Toys – Only a few anal toy reviews this month,
but all completely different types of products.
From the Queer as Folk Pilot:
Michael Novotny: We need a secret code word like “Shazam” so that if I get into a tight spot, you could come and rescue me.
Brian Kinney: Tight spot? How about “butt-plug”?
Michael Novotny: “Butt-plug” might be a little hard to work into a conversation.

Fun Factory Duke – True Pleasures

Anal-flex probe – Miranda

Onyx Prostate Massager – Mistress Kay

RubyGlass21 Glass Sex Toys – Domina Doll

Lubes – Possibly a sex toy enthusiasts best friend.

BabeLube Natural – Buzzvibe

Honey Girl Organics Natural – True Pleasures

Blossom Organics Natural – Pocket RockettZ

BabeLube Natural – Inferno

Aloe Cadabra – True Pleasures

Lelo Personal Moisturizer – Buzzvibe

French Lavender Aloe Cadabra – True Pleasures

Aloe Cadabra – Buzzvibe

Dildos – So many to choose from.
Dildos have come a long way in the last ten years.
As said by Bob Stephenson while playing an Airport Security Officer in the movie Fight Club:
“It’s a dildo. Of course it’s company policy never to, imply ownership in the event of a dildo… always use the indefinite article a dildo, never your dildo.”

Tentacle Dildo – True Pleasures

Alien King – Jennifer

Hearts Double Dildo – Mistress Kay

The Amor Dildo – Miranda

David the Werewolf – Jennifer

Tantus Leisure – Mistress Kay

Blazing Ice Mini Dildo – Mistress Kay

Icicles No. 24 – Woman

Tantus Charmer – Mistress Kay

RubyGlass21 Glass Sex Toys – Domina Doll

Miscellaneous – A motley assortment of sexy reviews.

Intimate Organics Anal relaxing spray – True Pleasures

Screaming O LingO – Teagan Shepard

Striptease from Bijoux – Mistress Kay

Liberator Wedge – True Pleasures

Vibrating Position Pillowcase with Dildo – Mistress Kay

SexerciseMe Ball and Butt Plug – Mistress Kay

Kissable Body Shimmer – Mistress Kay

Spareparts Deuce Harness – True Pleasures

Books, Games, Movies – This section is dedicated to Mistress Kay.

Gush: Guide to G-Spot and Female Ejaculation DVD – Mistress Kay

Multiple Position Sex book – Mistress Kay

Nookii Confidential board game – Mistress Kay

Anal Sex Position Guide – Mistress Kay

Toys for cocks – Only 3 reviews submitted this month.

Stoya’s Pleasure Ring – Nitebyrd

Diving Dolphin C-Ring – Teagan Shepard

Crystal Hand Job Stroker – Mia Martina

Lotions and Oils – This section is dedicated to Pocket RockettZ.

Please Pleasure Cream – Pocket RockettZ

Kink BDSM, Lingerie

Leather Bondage Mittens – Mistress Kay

Pretty In Pink Wrist Cuffs – Mistress Kay

Black Sequin Boots – Mistress Kay

Bootie Cleavage Brief – True Pleasures

Want to read even more real reviews of adult related products to enhance your sex life?
Check out last months big list of sex toy reviews HERE.

real sex toy reviews main

All submitted reviews from March and April 2011

All submitted reviews from March and April 2011 (The Big List)

One of our biggest goals here at Real Sex Toy Reviews is to put a spotlight on the sex toy reviewers who take the time to actually check out the toys they review and give real opinions about the products.
As with all new projects we ran into a few issues out of the gate, and rather than let them build we decided to completely overhaul our site and indexing structure. Real Sex Toy Reviews is now much easier to navigate and search so you can find reviews on the products you are really interested in.
April was our first full month online and March was a partial month.
In that time we have gotten many a great review sent to us by some fabulous sex toy reviewers.

Check them out and enjoy!

The Real Sex Toy Reviews List for March and April

On with the reviews…

Vibrators – We had an amazing amount of vibrator reviews submitted. No matter your taste in vibrating toys you are sure to find something of interest in this list.

The New Lelo Mia Vibrator – Joanna Cake

IN2U – Bliss Bullet Vibrator – Joanna Cake

Flirty G Vibrator – Pocket RockettZ

Love Bunnies – Splendwhore

Mini Mistress Massager – Mia Martina

Evolved Seduction – Mia Martina

Little secret spoon – Dusk

Butterfly Kiss Vibrator – Pocket RockettZ

The Fun Factory Yooo – True Pleasures

Fairy Mini Wand Massager – Serafina Brightside

Butterfly Kiss Vibrator – Pocket RockettZ

Bzzz Buddies Shivers – Inferno

Je Joue MiMi – Dr. Ruthie

Squiggle Vibrator – Lithaewyn

Personal Pleasurizer – Serafina Brightside

Frisky from the Bzzz Buddies – Kitty Stryker

Masseur Clitoral Vibrator – Serafina Brightside

Lil teaser pixie – Lithaewyn

Symphony Massager – Mia Martina

Bzzz Buddies Frisky – Inferno

Silicone Rose Vibrator – Pocket RockettZ

Vanity Jopen Vr9 Review – Mistress Kay

Love Bunnies – True Pleasures

OhMiBod Club Vibe – Splendwhore

I-Vibe Pocket Rocket – Mia Martina

Day Dreamers Hope – Pocket RockettZ

Jopen Vanity Vr1 – Mistress Kay

Touch Shaft Vibrator – Joanna Cake

Vanity Vr10 – True Pleasures

Games – Just 2 sexy games listed this time.

Risque Rollers Dice – Pocket RockettZ

XXXopoly – Mistress Kay

Dildos – A great selection of dildos are represented in these reviews. Large and small, glass, realistic, stone, silicone…

VixSkin Lonestar – True Pleasures

Tantus Hank – Mistress Kay

The Laid Stone Dildo – True Pleasures

Lelo Ella – Serafina Brightside

The Tantus Mark – Dr. Ruthie

The Karabos – True Pleasures

Butterfly Dichroic – Mistress Kay

Kink & BDSM – Just one?

Kinklab Padded Leather Blindfold – Dusk

Toys For Cocks– Strokers and cockrings.

Grip-N-Stroke – Mia Martina

Euphoric Vibrating Cock Ring – Joanna Cake

The Incognito Smoke Ring – Inferno

Safer Sex Products – 3 reviews and all about condoms.

Try Me 12pack Condoms – Serafina Brightside

Condoms for a Cause – Serafina Brightside

Sir Richard’s X Large Condoms – Kitty Stryker

Lotions and Oils  – Just two in this category.

TRUST Natural Oil – Bean Fiddler

Revitalizing Breast Exam Cream – True Pleasures

Sensual Kits – Multi pack sex fun.

Burning Desire Set – Mistress Kay

Heads Up Kit – Inferno

Books – Read up and learn. Just two books listed.

The Ulitmate Guide To Anal Sex For Women – Miranda

Guide to Red Hot Sex – Mistress Kay

Miscellaneous – All kinds of stuff to spice up your sex life.

Liberator Pulse – True Pleasures

Thigh Harness – Dr. Ruthie

Décor Stashe Pillow – Splendwhore

Décor Whirl – True Pleasures

Babeland Fresh Wipes – Pocket RockettZ

Fascinator Leopard Throe – True Pleasures

Liberator Heart Wedge – Dr. Ruthie

Ting Ting Head Tuner – True Pleasures

Lubes – Not only did we get a bunch of lube reviews submitted, but for the most part they are all great lubes too!

Babelube Natural – True Pleasures

Sliquid Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate – Dusk

Please Cream Lube – Pocket RockettZ

Sliquid Sea Lubricant – True Pleasures

Natural Moisturizing Lube – True Pleasures

Sliquid Sea Lubricant – Serafina Brightside

Sliquid Swirls Strawberry Pomegranate – Dr. Ruthie

Sliquid Sea Natural Lubricant – Lithaewyn

Encounter Lasting Lubricant – True Pleasures

Lingerie – Dress up for sexy fun.

Black Bandage Corsets – Joanna Cake

Candy Stripe Hold Ups – Joanna Cake

Zebra Pink Lace Teddy – True Pleasures

Heart Nipple Tassels – Joanna Cake

Blue Indulgence Basque – Joanna Cake

Shimapan Panty & Top set – True Pleasures

Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewers.
Certified real sex toy reviewers

Read about them and visit their sites:

Only real sex toy reviews

A big thank you for all the sex toy reviewers and educators who have submitted reviews and helped spread the word about our project during our first few weeks.