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Mr Right Packing Dildo – silverdrop

The Mr Right Packing Dildo from Vixen Creations, Inc is a four inch long, realistically designed, flaccid dildo with attached realistic scrotum. This product is made from silicone and weighs half a pound.

Packing dildo

Here is a snippet from Silverdrop’s review of the Mr. Right – packing dildo:
“I love to play out all the things he’ll do to make me hard before I switch out harnesses and cocks to simulate getting an erection. Gender fuck is mostly in the head, but having great props like Mr Right makes it even hotter.”

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RodeoH harness – Silverdrop

The RodeoH harness is designed with the idea of being significantly more comfortable than a standard strap-on harness system. Made of Cotton / Spandex the RodeoH wears like regular underwear with an added section on the front designed to secure a flare based dildo without the use of straps or buckles.


Here is a small excerpt from Silverdrop’s review of the RodeoH harness:
“You can wear it under your clothes, with or without a packing dildo, or pull it on spur of the moment when you decide you want to be wearing a dick. The cons that it has all stem from it not being an actual harness. It’s something new in the field of dildo-wearing-devices.”

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Goodfella – Silverdrop

The Goodfella dildo from Vixen Creations is a seven inch long, dual density, realistically designed dildo featuring 3-dimensional realistic testicles, a veined shaft, and an O ring harness-ready base.

Goodfella dildo review

Here is a small snippet from Silverdrop’s
“The balls give that extra verisimilitude that my previous harness dildo lacked, and because they are pressed against my clit during vigorous activity, I get extra stimulation as well. It doesn’t feel like a toy. It feels like my missing dick finally turned up.”

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Starburst Underwire Babydoll – Silverdrop

The Starburst underwire babydoll by Coquette is a black babydoll and g string set made of Nylon / Spandex featuring a small bow between the under-wire cups and a rhinestone star-burst pattern over each breast.

Here is a short snippet from Silverdrop’s review of the Starburst underwire babydoll:
“The sparkly rhinestone effect on the bust adds to the look, but also means the item will require extra care. I would give this 5 stars if it came with proper sizing instead of One Size and Plus.”

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Bottle rockets Apollo – Silverdrop

The Apollo is a four and a half inch long, waterproof, single speed, smooth, plastic, traditionally styled vibrator from Evolved Novelties Bottle rockets collection which all have space themed names and come in containers resembling a small soda container.

Evolved Bottle Rocket Apollo

Here is a little snippet from Silverdrop’s review of the Evolved Bottle Rocket Apollo:
“The Bottle Rocket line by Evolved is a great choice for beginners. I’ve culled most of the cheap toys from my collection, but Apollo is still in my naughty drawer because I still use it. It’s a great value, and I think highly of it.”

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Lycra and lace dress – Silverdrop

The Lycra and lace dress is a black mini dress by Coquette with a floral lace pattern that comes with a red ribbon around the waste. Made of 80% nylon 20% spandex.

Her is a little bit of what Silverdrop has to say in her review of the Lycra and lace dress:
“The fabric feels lovely and the design is great. Just make sure to check the sizing charts carefully and allow a few extra inches in the belly and hips if you have bulges you don’t want to show off”
She goes on to say:
“I still love this dress, but I haven’t decided what to do yet about the belly issue. I’m considering either cutting it off short into a tank top, slitting open the side seams to make it more like a tunic, or putting it in the ‘hope my diet works’ section of the wardrobe.”

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Bullet Proof Tie-Release Teddy – Silverdrop

The Bullet proof tie-release teddy from Fantasy Lingerie consists of a camouflage patterned, sheer teddy with v-string front tie closures and an open back, crotchless panty.

Here is a small snippet from Silverdrop’s review of the Bullet Proof Tie-Release Teddy:
“The design is so clever that it can work with most body shapes, and the open back means there’s no interruption in moving from roleplay to sex. I sound like I’m gushing, but I really can’t say enough good about this teddy.”

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