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Icicles No24 – Sassy

The Icicles No24 is a hand-blown, highly textured Pyrex glass massage wand / dildo made by Pipedream Products featuring many bumps and ridges, and designed to look similar to an octopus tentacle.

Icicles No 24 Tentacle Glass Dildo Review

Here is an excerpt from Sassy’s review of the Icicles No24 Tentacle Glass Dildo:
“I think you’ll agree that this is an exquisite work of art which wouldn’t look out of place as a decorative ornament in your living room – I bet there wouldn’t be many people who would imagine the secret pleasures it can bring! The dildo has been uniquely designed to represent an octopus tentacle and I have to say, it’s pretty darn close.”

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Honi – Sassy

The Honi Silicone Mini Vibrator from PicoBong is a small egg style vibe designed for both internal and external use. This vibrator features 18 speeds and 12 patterns of vibration. The Honi is waterproof and has built in push button controls.

HONI Mini Vibe

Here is a small snippet from Sassy’s review of the PicoBong Honi:
“This claims to be quiet and discreet – and that’s exactly what it is! There’s a very gently humming noise, although you do have to strain your ears a little to hear it – perfect for some private fun, even whilst in the company of others!! The HONI is by far the most silent vibe i’ve tried so far.”

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Baby Blue Blossom Corset – Sassy

The Baby Blue Blossom Corset from Sweet Lover Co Ltd is a light blue satin corset made of a nylon and spandex embroidered with an oriental blossom pattern. This corset features a ribbon lacing at the back a metal busk fastening in the front.

Baby Blue Blossom Corset

Here is a short excerpt from Sassy’s review of the Baby Blue Blossom Corset:
“Despite what i’ve heard about corsets, I managed to get this on and tightened without any help…a definate plus if you’re planning on surprising your man, as I was!! Not only did I immediately feel sexy, but my posture improved dramatically too.”

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Tingle Me – Sassy

The Tingle Me from Silky Vibrations is a discrete, single use, disposable vibrator shaped like a small heart designed to be used inside a woman’s panties. This product is low noise and features a sticky side to allow it to stay in place while being used.

Tingle me sassy

Here is an excerpt from Sassy’s review of the Tingle Me panty vibe:
This vibe is very aptly named as it gives off nice light flutters which certainly made me tingle! It’s not a strong, overpowering sensation, but if you’re out and about, the last thing you want is a full on ‘When Harry Met Sally’ moment!!
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Twice as Nice – Sassy

The Twice as Nice Double Ender Dildo is an eleven and a half inch long, flexible, double ended dildo made of Polyvinyl chloride with semi realistic sculpting.

twice as nice double ender dildo review real sex toy reviews

Here is a short excerpt from Sassy’s review of the Twice as Nice Double Ender Dildo:
“It slides in easily and the shape of the head makes it feel pretty realistic. The ribbing can be felt, but it’s by no means uncomfortable, if anything, they helped heighten my arousal. Although the Twice as Nice is bendy, it’s not quite as flexible as I was expecting and takes some effort when using for dual penetration.”

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Intimate Basics Vesta – Sassy

The Berman Intimate Basics Vesta is a multi-function, multi-speed, waterproof vibrator made from thermoplastic rubber with an ABS plastic cap. This vibrator features a soft spiral ribbing down the length of the shaft and a push button control.

Berman Intimate Basics Vesta Review

Here is a little bit of what Sassy has to say about the Intimate Basics Vesta Vibrator:
“Although the Vesta has a ribbed design, the material is so soft that it conforms to your body shape and doesn’t feel unpleasant at all, in fact, it feels rather nice!
Due to the vibration running right through to the tip, this vibe is perfect to find and pin point your erogenous zones, giving maximum stimulation exactly where it’s needed.”

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7 Function Classic Chic – Sassy

The 7 Function Classic Chic Mini G Vibe from California Exotic Novelties is a four and a quarter inch long vibrator made of ABS plastic. This product features various vibration, pulsation, and escalation patterns and has an angled head for G-spot stimulation.

7 Function Classic Chic Sex toy Review

Here is an excerpt from Sassy’s review of the 7 Function Classic Chic mini vibrator:
“As far as vibes go, this is one of my faves so far…mainly due to the feel of it. The smoothness as it glides in is a turn on in itself and the strength of the vibration was spot on for me. It’s quite slender so no discomfort and very little lube, if any, is needed. When it came to seeking out my g-spot (which other vibes often don’t manage), this was absolutely fantastic! Within around 10 minutes it had me screaming in ecstasy.”

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