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Icicles Glass Plug – Nuts4Belle

The Icicles Glass Plug from Pipedream products is a five and a half inch long anal plug made of pyrex glass featuring a looped handle for ease of griping and a slightly curved neck below the tapered bulbous head.

Here is a short excerpt from the Nuts4Belle review of the Icicles Glass Plug:
“Larger than I expected, I was starting to wonder what I got myself into with this one. That thought lasted about two seconds and was replaced with a crazy desire to have this plug inside me. It is a true work of art. Not a blemish to be found. Smooth as silk and extremely solid. Being hand-blown, I expected some imperfections, but I found none.”

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Babeland Bondage Tape – Nuts4Belle

Babeland Bondage Tape is a reusable PVC tape designed to stick to itself, but not to skin. This tape comes in a in a roll with fifty inches of product and is two inches wide.

Here is an excerpt from the Nuts4Belle review of Babeland Bondage Tape:
“We broke out the tape last night. Belle started off by taping my wrists. Much more comfortable than a set of handcuffs and quite durable! I was very surprised by how well it bonded to itself. I wasn’t getting out without a lot of struggle. After a bit of play, she taped my ankles together as well as wrapping some around my mouth. This is where bondage tape really comes in handy. The back of my neck would not have enjoyed this with regular tape!”

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Double Digits Silicone Double Dildo – Nuts4Belle

The Wet for Her Double Digits Silicone Double Dildo is a uniquely-shaped dildo designed for hands-free harness play. One end is designed to resemble two fingers together while the other is curved at an angle with G-spot stimulation in mind. The Double Digits Silicone Double Dildo also includes a three-speed bullet vibe that can be inserted into the base of the product.

Here is an excerpt from Jnuts review of the Double Digits Silicone Double Dildo:
“So I was down on all fours and Belle inserted the bulbous end inside her. Ready to rock! Not so much. This is definitely a girl on girl product unfortunately. Due to the angle, there was no way we could use it for pegging. It just wasn’t happening. We tried several positions and had no luck. Oh well, we weren’t using it for its intended purpose so we can’t hold that against it. We also were determined to not let that spoil our night so Belle decided to fuck me with it anyway.”

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Stallion Vibrating Thigh Harness – Key4Belle

The Stallion Vibrating Thigh Harness is a machine washable dildo harness designed for use on a thigh. The Stallion Vibrating Thigh Harness features a removable bullet vibe and includes a 2″ O ring for use with flare based dildos.

Here is an excerpt from Key4Belle’s review of the Stallion Vibrating Thigh Harness:
“The harness was easy to put on, which Jnuts did on his own so I will let him to speak to that. We had 2 different dildos that would fit in the ring, and ended up switching them halfway through the session. The harness itself stayed snug while in use, there were no issues of it shifting as I moved in various directions.”

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Nuts4Belle – Certified Real

Nuts4belle and Key4belle are Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewers.

Sex toy reviews from a couple exploring male chastity.

Nuts4belle and Key4belle (aka Jnuts and Belle) began doing sex toy reviews this year because they already spent a good amount of time talking about their sex toys on their blog (Nuts 4 Belle), but wanted to get a bit more in depth about the toys themselves.
The solution was to create a dedicated site (Nuts 4 Toys) just to talk about and review the sex toys they try out.
Where Nuts 4 Belle documents their journey of introducing male chastity into their relationship. Nuts 4 Toys keeps the focus on the sex toys.

The bulk of the reviews are written from the perspective of Jnuts with Belle’s opinions of the products giving a nice female perspective to compliment the male viewpoint.

About the primary subject of their blogs (male chastity) Jnuts says this:
“My wife and I practice Male Chastity. A lot of what you will see
online about male chastity is pretty extreme. Hardcore bondage,
Domme/Sub relationships, sissy-maids. We don’t do any of that. We were
pretty vanilla when we started male chastity, and the reason we
started it was because my sex drive was a lot higher than hers and we
figured this would harness my sexual energy and help me focus on the
times that we have sex instead of masturbating all the time. Chastity
has given us that and so much more. We have become a lot closer and
have been able to explore each other sexually.”

Besides checking out their blogs, you may also follow Jnuts & Belle’s newly created twitter account.

Alligator Chained Nipple Clamps – Nuts4Belle

Alligator Chained Nipple Clamps that adjust for almost any size nipple. Different levels of pressure are achieved with the turn of a screw.

Here is a small snippet taken from the Nuts4Belle review of these Alligator Chained Nipple Clamps:
“The clamps are easily adjustable by turning the thumbscrews. At the mildest setting, they don’t star on my nipples. At the other end of the spectrum…I’m nowhere near that yet. We used these nipple clamps for the second time last night and at about the halfway mark, I was almost unable to take the pain. Keep in mind, I am new at this, but all things considered, I don’t think I’ll be outgrowing this toy in a long time!”

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Jail Bird male chastity device – Nuts4Belle

The Jail Bird male chastity device from Mature Metal is constructed with smooth, stainless steel bars and is designed not to bend nor pinch when worn. The open design of the Jail Bird makes it easy to clean without removing the cage.

jailbird device

Here is a short excerpt from Jnuts review of the Jail Bird male chastity device:
“There is plenty of space between the bars for a fair amount of teasing, but although I haven’t tried, I don’t think I could get off while wearing it. Even if I did manage to, it wouldn’t be worth it. The discomfort that would be involved would negate any pleasure I would receive.”

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