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Sexy Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Nitebyrd

It is time to think of sexy stocking stuffers.
Santa can’t do it all.
Nitebyrd shares some Sexy Stocking Stuffer Ideas.

BABELAND is just about my favorite toy store. They have all sorts of vibrators, dildos, lotions and potions and giftie things perfect for everyone’s stocking!

I just love the PIRATES items from Digital Playground. Babeland carries a nice selection. My current favorite is the Pirates Hidden Pleasure Vibe. It’s a cute bullet vibe about 4” long with three straight forward vibration settings. It’s powerful for a 1 AA battery (not included) powered vibe and comes with it’s own “satin” lined little treasure chest! Too cute and very practical. $32.00, available in Pink, Pearl or Black/Gold. I have the Black/Gold one, it’s sexy!

BLOSSOM ORGANICS makes my favorite lube and now my favorite arousal gel. When you need a little extra stimulation or just want to go over the top, this gel is fabulous! PH balanced for women, latex friendly, water based and full of pure natural and/or organic ingredients. It has no real scent, maybe a wee bit minty, no taste and comes in a easy pump dispenser. $18.00, .75 fluid oz.

My last pick is for both men and women, the Babeland Massage Candles. I’ve got one of each fragrance – Pashmina, Rice Flower and MangoVanilla. I can’t pick a favorite. They all smell positively wonderful and are pretty much unisex. The candle oil is rich, silky and flows over the skin smoothly. LOVE them! You can get the 1 oz. For $6.00 or the 3 oz. For $14.00. My advice is buy all three 1 oz., then get your favorite in the 3 oz.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Babeland Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Mirror Mirror and freedom in masturbation

A special feature post from Nitebyrd on body image and masturbation.

Before getting in the shower each morning, I look at myself in the mirror. “My boobs could use a lift,” I say. I suck in my stomach and wish that it would be tight and flat instead of poochy. “Ugh! I’ve got cellulite on my ass,” I whine. I wonder if I’ll ever get enough money for laser surgery for the spider veins on my legs. Exasperated, I step away from the mirror into the shower.
The next critical review takes place after I’m dressed. “Gods! My butt looks huge in this skirt,” I wail. Even with support pantyhose, my thighs still touch. “Even my earlobes are fat,” I’ll bitch as I put on earrings. Sighing, I’ll leave for work. Briefly, I’ll wonder do I look all right, what will my co-workers think? I don’t much care about them but I’ll definitely agonize about my body if I’m attending a function or out with friends. It’s not something that I’ll obsess about because I’m old enough to realize that I’m never going to have perky (real) tits again. I’m not ever going to have Tina Turner’s legs. You’ve gotta be born with them. Washboard belly? Not after two children, no matter how much CrossFit I do. But feeling inferior because I don’t look like what society dictates I should look like, yeah – I deal with it daily. The only time I never think about the deficits of my body is when I masturbate.
The times I enjoy pleasuring myself is all about ME! It’s supposed to be, isn’t it? I can feel that my breasts are heavy and full. Know that although they are not as firm as a 20 year-old, they nourished two children and fill a 38D very nicely. My nipples become erect, sensitive under my ministrations. I feel the curves of my body knowing that it’s soft and welcoming. My fingers may be chubby but they are agile. I can enjoy the wetness of my vagina, the full folds of my labia as I place a vibrator against my clit. Thinking that my sex birthed children which is why it may not be as tight as pre-birth. I also know that my cunt has made several men cry out in ecstasy. That makes me smile as I work the toy exactly the way I know will bring me the most satisfying orgasm. I also know that by masturbating and knowing my body – with all its faults and with all its wonders – has made me more accepting of those faults and more thrilled by it’s wonders. It also allows me the freedom to love my body/myself, totally without any guilt or shame.
In case you’d like to know my current favorite toy it’s the Lelo Nea. Delicious!
Link for LELO NEA ~ Nea

Written by Nitebyrd – A dust Bunny In The Wind

Expert recommendations for your very first vibrator

buying a first vibrator recommendations

If you are thinking about getting your first vibrator, but don’t know what kind to get, then maybe we can help you out.

We asked some experts (sex toy reviewers) if they were to recommend one vibrator to a woman who had never used a vibrator of any sort before… What would it be and why?

Teagan Shepard tells us about bullet vibrators and why she thinks they are a great choice for a first vibe.
Teagan Shepard on first time vibrator selection

Nitebyrd tells us why she would recommend The Rabbit to a woman who was seeking a first time vibrator.
Nitebyrd on first time vibrator selection

Pocket RockettZ thinks a pocket rocket is the way to start with vibrators.
Pocket RockettZ on first time vibrator selection

Mistress Kay tells us why the Intimate Basics Siena is what she would recommend to someone who wants their first vibrator.
Mistress Kay on first time vibrator selection

Miranda talks about classic style vibrators and the small, discrete, and versatile Rebel Toyfriend.
Miranda on first time vibrator selection

Domina Doll recommends Pocket Rockets for women who are buying a vibe for the first time for several reasons.
Domina Doll on first time vibrator selection

Vibrators are a very personal purchase. The reason so many different styles of vibrators exist is because we all find our pleasures in slightly different ways.
Read what reviewers say and take it to heart, but always keep in mind that what works for one person may not be exactly right for someone else.
If by chance you chose a first vibrator that just doean’t seem to do it for you… don’t get discouraged.
Your next one just may be the perfect fit.

Nitebyrd on first time vibrator selection

Nitebyrd tells why when asked to recommend a first vibrator for women the  Rabbit is what comes to mind.

My very first vibrator was The Rabbit. Yes, it was because of “Sex and The City”. My knowledge of vibrators, dildos, bullets, etc. could fit in a thimble. When thinking about what I would recommend to someone who was looking for their first vibrator, I went through my now extensive collection but always came back to The Rabbit.

What I like about The Rabbit is that it’s basic. It’s not so large as to be intimidating but not so small that it’s not going to do the job. The controls are easy to operate and it gives you vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously or individually. The slide controls also allow a huge variety of vibrations. A newbie can experiment for a long time finding which combination works best for her. The Rabbit is also not terribly noisy and it has that cute little bunny to make it even more friendly! The circumference is 1.50” and the insertable length is 4.50”, so it’s a perfect size, in my opinion.

BABELAND sells The Rabbit which is latex and phthalate free. Definitely something to look for when buying a vibrator. Also remember to buy lubrication. Babeland has a large selection. I’d recommend BabeLube Natural. It’s water-based made with great botanicals and mostly organic ingredients. You’ll also want to get a good supply of AA batteries. The Rabbit uses three. Once you experience what The Rabbit can do, you’ll be very disappointed if you’re ready for some fun and your Rabbit isn’t!
LinkThe Rabbit

Pin-Up Vibe and Bombshell Balm – Nitebyrd

The Pin-Up Vibe and Bombshell Balm set consists of a three-speed bullet vibrator and some tingle-inducing Bombshell Balm in collectible tin that features a pin-up girl.

Here is an excerpt from Nitebyrd’s review of the Pin-Up Vibe and Bombshell Balm set:
“I’m delighted that it includes a wee tin of “arousal” balm, comes with a spare battery and all three fit perfectly into the sweet storage tin that you can tuck into your purse for on-the-go O’s and/or leave it on the nightstand because it’s just so pretty and petite, it doesn’t need to hidden away.”

Nitebyrd also goes on to say this about the included bullet vibe:
“The push-button switch in the bottom turns the vibe on, up through the three vibration levels and then off. I like the length of the bullet because not only can you get it right on your clit but you can also snuggle the vibe between your labia for some rockin’ vibrations that reverberate into your vagina. The fact that it is fairly long for a bullet and slim makes it easy to use in conjunction with a vibrator or dildo and with a partner.”

Read the full review here.

Stoya’s Pleasure Ring – Nitebyrd

Stoya’s Pleasure Ring is a stretchy cock ring and bullet vibe set from Digital Playground designed with a pirate theme and inspired by the their hit adult movie tittled Pirates from 2007. The bullet vibe is push button operated and features multiple speeds and functions.

Here is a small snippet from Nitebyrd’s review of Stoya’s Pleasure Ring:
“The super stretchy cock ring is made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) it’s very soft and phthalate free. It’s flexible enough to fit over both penis and scrotum of about any size man. The ring is a bit tacky, I would definitely keep it in it’s package or a plastic bag between uses. Lint on a cock ring is not very sexy.”

Read the full review here.