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Expert recommendations for your very first vibrator

buying a first vibrator recommendations

If you are thinking about getting your first vibrator, but don’t know what kind to get, then maybe we can help you out.

We asked some experts (sex toy reviewers) if they were to recommend one vibrator to a woman who had never used a vibrator of any sort before… What would it be and why?

Teagan Shepard tells us about bullet vibrators and why she thinks they are a great choice for a first vibe.
Teagan Shepard on first time vibrator selection

Nitebyrd tells us why she would recommend The Rabbit to a woman who was seeking a first time vibrator.
Nitebyrd on first time vibrator selection

Pocket RockettZ thinks a pocket rocket is the way to start with vibrators.
Pocket RockettZ on first time vibrator selection

Mistress Kay tells us why the Intimate Basics Siena is what she would recommend to someone who wants their first vibrator.
Mistress Kay on first time vibrator selection

Miranda talks about classic style vibrators and the small, discrete, and versatile Rebel Toyfriend.
Miranda on first time vibrator selection

Domina Doll recommends Pocket Rockets for women who are buying a vibe for the first time for several reasons.
Domina Doll on first time vibrator selection

Vibrators are a very personal purchase. The reason so many different styles of vibrators exist is because we all find our pleasures in slightly different ways.
Read what reviewers say and take it to heart, but always keep in mind that what works for one person may not be exactly right for someone else.
If by chance you chose a first vibrator that just doean’t seem to do it for you… don’t get discouraged.
Your next one just may be the perfect fit.

Mistress Kay on first time vibrator selection

Mistress Kay tells why the Intimate Basics Siena would be her top recommendation as a first time vibrator for a woman.

If I was going to recommend only one vibrator to a first-time user, I would
highly recommend the Intimate Basics Siena. It takes C batteries which is a
bit untraditional, but it’s a very affordable vibrator that is extremely
strong. However, the lower settings will work for those who don’t want
stronger vibrations. It’s plastic, so it’s body-safe, and we’ve had no
issues with the vibrator being glitchy or having problems. It has lasted us
a long time, is pretty quiet, and it’s very easy to control and use. It’s a
little too large and hard to be meant for insertion, but it does its
vibrating job wonderfully.
It’s definitely exactly what I would recommend to
someone who wants their first vibrator.
Intimate basics siena– traditional vibrator

The favorite all around sex lubes of reviewers

People who review sexual enhancement products are in a very unique position when it comes to personal lubricants.
Unlike most people, a reviewer of such products gets to try out many different types of lube on a regular basis.
I know from my own experience that I get more lube sent to me than I ever could use no matter what kind of use I had for it. The good stuff we keep around. The bad stuff goes in the trash.

We asked some reviewers what their favorite all around sexual lubricant was, and why?

These are the responses:

Mia Martina said:
My favorite lube is Liquid Silk, a non-tacky water based lubricant, for it’s smooth texture and long lasting effect. The consistency is not too thick or thin and does not dry up and leave a “cakey” feeling like other lubes do. Liquid silk is glycerin-free and comes in the handy pump bottle. And besides the silky texture, I love that when first applied onto the body, Liquid Silk looks like semen and then transforms into a clear moisturizer that makes all things slippery and sexy.

Liquid Silk

Liquid Silk

Pocket RockettZ said:
Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant is my all time favorite lube because I never have sensitivity issues with it and it actually helps me out if I overdo it the night before.
Blossom Organics lubes are pH balanced to mimic natural vaginal chemistry and made with pure organic ingredients. This is the perfect lube for girls like me who are sensitive to harsh chemicals.

Blossom Organics

Blossom Organics

Mistress Kay said:
We have two favorite lubricants in our apartment, and each lubricant does
different things for us.

We use Wet Gel Lubricant for a lot of things here:
It’s nice, thin, and easy to wash off. This makes it optimal for our male
masturbation sleeve (Fleshlight) usage as it won’t hurt the material, and
since the boyfriend needs something that washes off nicely after anal, it
gets used quite a bit for anal use too. We also have been known to use Wet
Platinum which is the silicone-based version for some anal play if it’s
going to last awhile as silicone lubricants last longer.

Wet Gel

Wet Gel

We use Hydra Smooth Lubricant for vaginal use:
The lubricant is just very, very silky soft, it lasts awhile, and it doesn’t
require any clean-up. It also doesn’t get sticky at all, and it has safe
ingredients, so it has been our go-to lubricant for vaginal use as well.
Surprisingly, the Wet Gel one gets used a lot more in this apartment.

Hydra Smooth

Hydra Smooth

Inferno said:
My favorite lube is System JO premium lubricant.
JO premium is a semi thin silicone lube that is slippery as a lube can be.
Great for both anal and vaginal sex, can’t really taste it, and it doesn’t smell.
The reason this stuff is my favorite is because it works as well as most thicker silicone lubes, but is thin like a woman’s natural wetness. It stays slick and never gets sticky.
Works great in the bath or jacuzzi too.

JO premium

JO premium

Miranda said:
My favorite lubes change on a regular basis, but they all have one thing in common.
They are simple and not filled with chemicals and perfumes.
Lately my favorite has been Sliquid Naturals Sea. Sliquid Sea is a water based lube blended with hand selected natural seaweed extracts. Each extract provides an added boost for your health.
Besides the natural health boost I love how this stuff works. This is a very natural feeling lube that outlasts most other water based formulas, but is super easy to clean up afterwards.
Like all my favorite lubes Sliquid Sea doesn’t have any sort of icky taste and has almost no scent.
Great stuff!

sliquid sea

Sliquid Sea

There you have it.
Five reviewers with unlimited choices who have tested many a personal lubricant share their favorites.
The most interesting thing here is that we got six completely different lubes.
That goes to show how it all comes down to personal tastes and how the lube is used by a person.
Certainly many lubes are of lower quality and I would have been surprised to see one on this list, but many high quality lubes are out there on the market also.
If you have never found a lube you really love keep looking.  Your perfect lube is out there.