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Booty Call Booty Rocket – Miranda

The Booty Call Booty Rocket from California Exotic Novelties is four and three quarter inch long vibrator designed primarily for anal use. This product is made with pliable silicone and ABS plastic. The Booty Call Booty Rocket is tapered for easy penetration, features a push button control, and has both pulsation, and escalation functions.

Here is a short excerpt from Miranda’s review of the Booty Call Booty Rocket:
“In my opinion this toy is best used with a partner. Man behind doing it doggy style while the Booty Call Booty Rocket is used in the back door. It would also be very good for a guy who would like anal pleasures during intercourse if the woman sat reverse cowgirl and used the rocket on the guys anus.”

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LELO Oden – Miranda

The Lelo Oden is a rechargeable vibrating cock ring made of body safe silicone and ABS plastic featuring a vibrating egg designed for clit stimulation. This multi-speed, multi-function product also includes Lelo’s SenseMotion™ technology allowing remote controlled use with body motions at up to thirty nine feet away.

Oden review on Swingers Attic

Here is an excerpt from Miranda’s review of the Lelo Oden Couple’s Ring:
“Besides what it was designed for it also works well on a dildo for both solo play and if you are seeking some extra buzzy fun during some strap on play. We also discovered that the large portion may be inserted into the pussy while the silicone ring part is left outside and facing up to the clit and it will work as a gripper. Turn around doggy style and if you happen to enjoy anal this will make it even better. The vibrations are felt by both partners and the little silicone part doesn’t get in the way like most vibrators.”

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Sweet Heart Strawberry Box – Miranda

The Sweet Heart strawberry box sensual kit is a gift set that comes in a heart shaped box filled with Kama Sutra edible products. Included products are the Kama Sutra Strawberry Crème Body Soufflé, Edible White Chocolate body paint, and Strawberry Dreams Honey Dust. Applicators for the products are included.

Here is an excerpt from Miranda’s review of the Sweet Heart strawberry box sensual kit concerning the included Kama Sutra Strawberry Dreams Honey Dust:
“This stuff is silky smooth, leaves your skin feeling oh so sexy, tastes wonderful, and in general just plain sets the mood. I’m guessing a lot of you are familiar with and have used the original Honey Dust, so just think of that with a light strawberry flavor. It also lasts a long time because a little goes a long way so you’ll get many uses from it.”

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Reflections Glass Candy Cane – Miranda

The Doc Johnson Reflections Glass Candy Cane is a six and a half inch long, ridged, but smooth glass vibrator with a swirled red glass design on a white to resemble a candy cane. This product is multi-speed, waterproof, has a push button control, and features a curved tip for G-spot stimulation.

Here is a short excerpt from Miranda’s review of the Doc Johnson Reflections Glass Candy Cane:
“This toy is very smooth feeling and the looks make me think of peppermint flavored girly bits. SEXY!
It’s ability to transfer vibrations is amazing because it’s glass, and the delicate hook of the candy cane was PERFECT at reaching my G spot when I tried it out.”

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Sex toys and chocolate bars

A special feature post from Miranda on body image and masturbation.

I’m the perfect example of a women who yo yo’s.
With that term comes yo yoing weight, moods, eating habits, self image and sex.
I’ve always felt as if I’ve needed to be a certain weight and so when I gain 15 lbs, my sex drive goes from good to non existent. I find myself hiding while I change not only from my husband but from myself so I can’t see my reflection in the mirror and after a couple months of this, I become emotionally drained, grumpy and completely irrational.
My husband for the past 8 years basically gets the drift and soon begins to withdraw from me. He’s become patient and waits for me to begin exercising and begin eating well again because with that comes sex for him. I find myself using MORE sex toys during these hard up times because a sex toy isn’t going to look at me and find flaw or imperfection. I masturbate more often when I’m lacking positive self image and have sex less often.
Attached to my self image is my weight, always haunting and never consistent. I know that if I continued to have sex through these twinky eating spells I’d…
1. wouldn’t gain as much weight and
2.would be more confident in the bedroom whether I’m 130lbs or 200lbs (and yes to all out there I have hit 200 at one point in my life).
I masturbate with sex toys during these times also to release the pent up stress that not having sex causes, and then it becomes a crazy cycle of sex toy, junk food, sex toy junk food, until my waist becomes larger and my clothes stay on at night time when I crawl into bed.
Finding love only through sex toy masturbation and whatever sweet treats tempts me at the time. My husband just knows better and just lets me be. He knows that if he speaks it’ll only cause a worse problem and I potentially could drag my binge fest out for another 3 months.
I know for some women their self images are attached to their huband’s lack of response to their sexual advances, or not achieving the grades they want in college. For some it stems deeper and darker, but for me it’s the simple battle of self control with food. Some women stop even masturbating when they have these periods of low self worth, but not me. I find comfort and satisfaction in the act. I have recently came off a binge and lost 12 lbs which makes me feel sexy and worth looking at again.
I’m training for my second half marathon and eating better, but at any point I KNOW I could have a relapse and find myself with a sex toy in one hand and chocolate bar in the other, oh the joys of being a women.

Lovers Rendezvous Kit – Miranda

The Lovers Rendezvous Kit from Evolved Novelties is an all in one romance/sexual enhancement kit that includes a waterproof multi-speed massager, 1oz container of System Jo water based lubricant, a stretchy vibrating cock ring, a condom, one set of romance dice, some artificial rose petals, and an electric candle.

Evolved Lovers Rendezvous Kit via swingers attic

Here is an excerpt from Miranda’s review in regards to the romance dice that are included in the Evolved Lovers Rendezvous Kit:
“One example in my own past was an evening that ended in a hotel room with a new and nervous soft swing couple. (or I guess I should say they were want to be soft swingers)
A set of sexy dice along with our mutual buzzes made it a night of fun laughter rather than the awkward situation that it almost became.
We didn’t get very naughty, but we had fun and the experience made the people relaxed and more comfortable with the idea of swingers.”

Miranda also mentions this in her review:
“I love that this kit comes with a condom. I wish it came with two condoms because that would make more since to me considering that one round isn’t enough for everyone, but still it is great they thought to include one.”

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Ripples – Miranda

From the Doc Johnson Decadence line, the Ripples vibrator is a small, discreet, waterproof, vibrator made of ABS Plastic that features Doc Johnson’s Velvet Cote finish and a design that ripples from a wider base to a narrower tip. This product comes with a plastic storage case.

ripples vibrator

Here is a small snippet from Miranda’s review of the Ripples Waterproof Mini Vibrator in which she talks about the included case:
“If your a more organized person than I am and you like to keep all your little swinger bag nick nacks separated in little bags and cases you will love this. It comes with a great little case that enables you to store the vibe safely from all your other items. No zip lock needed!
This case would also be great just for general storage or for when you are traveling. It is always funny to me when the airport guys open up your case and see your vibrator stuffed between your undies and toothpaste, but I know not everyone thinks that way.”

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