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Fairy – Midnight Boudoir

The Fairy massager is a small sized wand massager made of hard plastic and silicone for the head. This product features a rechargeable lithium battery via USB port, and comes with two attachments.

fairy wand massager

Here is an excerpt from Midnight Boudoir’s The Fairy USB Rechargable Massager:
“Once using the female adapter this little wand will be your best friend forever, the curve hugs your whole vaginal area transferring the vibes so I could feel them through my pelvis. It gives me intense orgasms fast, the great thing is I don’t have to worry about finding a plug or batteries, I can use it anywhere.”

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Fresh – Midnight Boudoir

The Fresh by Leaf is a small, waterproof, rechargeable, multi-speed, triangular shaped vibrator made of silicone and featuring a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery, and a built in control pad.


Here is a short excerpt from Midnight Boudoir’s review of the Fresh by Leaf:
“Ive never been a fan of the colour green but in the sextoy world it’s a welcome change from pinks, purples and blacks and this green is fun and fresh and modern looking and I really like it. Its measurements are a little awkward to gauge because of its soft curved shape but it’s approximately
7.2 cm x 5.8 cm, and sits beautifully in the palm of your hand.”

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Rock Box – Midnight Boudoir

The Rock Box Mains Powered Unisex Vibrator is a unique vibrator designed for use by both men and women with 6 power settings and a 5,000 RPM motor. This product features a firm tongue attachment for women and an attachment designed for stimulation of the underside of the penis shaft for men.

Rock Box Mains Powered Unisex Vibrator

Here is a snippet from Midnight Boudoir’s review of the Rock Box mains powered unisex vibrator:
“Well there is nothing to compare the Rock box to so I’m going to rely on my photos and descriptions. If you are after cute and feminine this is really not for you, but if you are after the best vibrator and the highest power you have ever tried buy it NOW! The Rock Box is so far away from being a vibrator, I would say its a portable sex machine, as vibrator gives images of 5-7 inch long penis shaped vibes. I love the hardcore look and rawness of it, quite a turn-on.”

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10 Function pure skin Bendie – Midnight Boudoir

The 10 Function pure skin Bendie from Cal Exotics is a dual density, realistically shaped, vibrating dong made with thermoplastic rubber and ABS plastic. This product features an internal flexing vertebrae design allowing it to be bent in multiple directions and hold the shape.

pure skin bendie

Here is a short snippet from Midnight Boudoir’s review of the 10 Function pure skin Bendie:
“I had lost my faith in standard vibrators and turned my attentions to rabbits or vibrators that I can stimulate both my G-spot and clit. The skin colour reminded me of the vibrators I used to buy back in the early 80’s and of course they were never that good, but the Bendie has renewed my faith in these skin coloured vibrators.”

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Twilite Dual Ball massager – Midnight Boudoir

The Twilite Dual Ball massager is a nine inch long, multi-use, three speed, push button controlled massager made of hard ABS plastic. This product features an ergonomically curved handle with two massage balls and is powered by 4 AAA Batteries.


Here is an excerpt from Midnight Boudoir’s review of the Twilite Dual Ball massager:
“The first vibration is very low and rumbly and at first I didn’t think it would do much for me, but as I played with it in my hands and I ran it up and down my thigh pressing it quite firmly into my muscles even the first vibe felt great, I then scrolled through the next 2 vibrations to full speed and it felt amazing. having 2 balls vibrating deeply into your muscles really relieves any tension, stress or aches and pains quickly. The gap between them makes a huge difference too as it presses either side of the muscles supporting them.”

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Tingle Me – Midnight Boudoir

The Tingle Me vibe is a small pink silicon heart with an enclosed single speed bullet vibrator inside designed for discrete use inside of a woman’s panties.
This product is waterproof, designed as disposable and made of silicone.

Tingle Me vibe

Here is a tidbit of what Midnight Boudoir has to say about the Tingle Me Panty Vibe in her review:
“The vibes are quite buzzy, this drove me wild while wearing this while walking around the house as I couldnt quite get there, as Im a power queen when it comes to vibes normally; but once I sat down I was able to grind a little against it and I finally had a most intense orgasm. It really heats things up giving amazing foreplay , Im so surprised they have been able to make this so quiet.”

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Pure gold Remote Bullet – Midnight Boudior

The Extreme Pure Gold™ Super Slim Remote Bullet™ from Cal Exotics is a small (2.5”x .75”) bullet vibe made of ABS plastic with a metallic plating that comes with a ten function remote control that works up to a claimed sixteen and half foot range. The ten functions of the bullet include vibration, pulsation, and escalation settings and the controller has an LED connection indicator.

pure gold remote and bullet vibe

Here is an excerpt from Midnight Boudior’s review of the Cal Exotics Extreme Pure gold super slim Remote Control bullet:
“The reason I have wanted one of these like forever because its wireless and can be used very discreetly for fun between the two of us. Once the batteries are all in your ready to go, As soon as I pressed the remote the bullet went into action immediately, a little small red-light shows when its sending a signal to the bullet so you know its working. The product details say it has a brilliant range of 16.5 feet or 5 metres. I found it was a little less maybe 10 feet which for us was plenty, although we tried it in many ways.”

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