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Icicles No 08 – llellsee

The Icicles No. 8 from Pipedream Products is a smooth double ended dildo made of Pyrex glass that features a straight shaft with three very slightly graduated smooth bumps and a bulbous end on one side.

Here is a bit of what llellsee has to say in her review of The Icicles No. 8:
“I find my favourite use for this is to first warm it up in hands and apply a small amount of lube before inserting the smaller end using the ball as a handle, the sensations from slowly inserting the ripples can be surprisingly intense. This being a smooth textured toy I also found it great for lubing up and using to rub my clit, and being made of glass it can be heated up or cooled down before play.”

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Breast Wonder Pump – llellsee

The Loving Joy Breast Wonder Pump is a cup and manual pump system mad with ABS plastic designed to draw blood to the surface and create a fuller size and add sensitivity to the breast.

Here is a short snippet from the llellsee review of the Loving Joy Breast Wonder Pump:
“I was impressed that the Loving Joy Breast Wonder Pump came with such helpful instructions, I have memories of my first clitoral and pussy pumps and discovering that no tips were given or instructions included. I personally know that when exploring pumping for the first time a little advice can save alot of over-sensitivity the next day!”

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Eroscillator finger tip attachment – llellsee

The Eroscillator ultra soft finger tip attachment is a soft silicone pad attached to a hard plastic arm that fits on the end of the Swiss Eroscillator™ oscillating massager.

Here is a short snippet from the llellsee review of the Eroscillator ultra soft finger tip attachment:
“I definitely think that this is a toy worth having if you already own an eroscillator and want to try something different, It is an expensive enough toy for the size of it and I do wish that it could just be included in the kit with the eroscillator itself as it allows for more variety when using it.”

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Fetish Fantasy Elite – llellsee

The Fetish Fantasy Elite 4.5″ dildo set from Pipedream Products is a five and a quarter inch long, smooth, curved, 100% silicone dildo with a harness compatible suction cup base that comes with a matte silicone blindfold, lube, and toy cleaner.

Here is a short excerpt from llellsee’s review of the Fetish Fantasy Elite 4.5″ dildo:
“In use the thinner head allows for easy insertion and the gradual thickening of the toy creates a pleasant stretching sensation. The head of the toy does not create any poking sensation like I had feared. The flared base of the toy is convenient for holding onto while playing but also works extremely well as a suction cup.”

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Jelly Willies – llellsee

Jelly Willies are gummy candies shaped to look like small testicles and a penis. Jelly Willies are available pre-packaged with assorted flavors, and like most jelly type candy are unsuitable for vegetarians.

Here is a taste of what llellsee has to say about the Jelly Willies in her review:
“When the plastic bag within the box is initially opened the smell of the jellies is pleasant and fruity and not as artificial as most jellies. Taste wise these are delicious. Seriously, its no exaggeration to say these are the best jellies myself or my partner have ever tasted. There is a real fruit like taste to these, and similar to the smell of them it is not too artificial. The taste is strong but not to sugar-ey.”

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Wanton Women – llellsee

Wanton Women: When Girls Get It Together is a paperback book published by Xcite Books featuring multiple erotic stories of lesbian loving in many flavors and styles written by various authors.

Here is a small snippet from the llellsee review of Wanton Women:
“A couple of small things about the appearance of the models particularly appealed to me, one model has long hair and the other has short hair, one is pale and the other is more tanned. It is a nice show of variety and makes a change from the more male friendly ideal on some lesbian books where two equally beautiful but practically identical women are featured.”

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Pearl passion tease – llellsee

The Pearl passion tease from Cal Exotics is a six inch long, multi speed, waterproof vibrator made of thermoplastic rubber and hard plastic. This battery powered product features a curved tip designed for G-spot stimulation and a ridged shaft for added sensations during use.

Here is a short excerpt from the llellsee review of the Pearl Passion Tease Vibrator:
“One of my favourite things about this toy is the cap, not only does it give you over two inches to hold to while using the toy but the twisting on and off of the cap is simple and leaves a secure seal. Being a water proof toy, there is a small rubber ring within to help create that water tight seal.”

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