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Wilde G1 – Kitty Stryker

The WILDE G1 from Chicago based Vamp Silicone, Inc. is a six and a half inch long, curved silicone dildo featuring smooth undulations on the upper side of the shaft and a hollow at the wide base suitable for a bullet vibe. This product is designed for both vaginal and anal play, and is compatible with most harness systems.

Here is a short snippet from Kitty Stryker’s review of the Wilde G1 Dildo:
“One thing I really liked about the Wilde G1 was the beautiful colour- this grayish dark lavender swirly pearlized pattern looks really unique and sexy. It’s not super feminine, but not black or boring, either. There’s also a chamber in the base for you to slip a vibrating bullet inside.”

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Icicles No. 8 – Kitty Stryker

The Icicles No. 8 Glass Wand from Pipedream Products is a seven inch long, clear, pyrex glass dildo with a blue swirling inner design. The No. 8 features a a repeating wave design in which the circumference increases and decreases down the shaft a bulbous tip on one end.

Here is an excerpt from Kitty Stryker’s review of the Icicles No. 8 glass wand:
“The thing that first really struck me about this toy is the weight of it- not too heavy, but just enough to give it some substance. The Icicle #8 has one bigger, bulb-like side that you can hold onto, and the other side is smaller. There’s no reason you couldn’t use the arger bulb internally, of course! It’s 7″ long, with about 6″ insertable length, and is ideal for vaginal play”

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Bedroom Eyes Mascara Vibrator – Kitty Stryker

The Bedroom Eyes Mascara Vibrator from screaming O’s studio collection is a small waterproof vibrator designed to look like a mascara applicator. This product features three speeds of vibration and a push button control.

Here is a short snippet from Kitty Stryker’s review of the Bedroom Eyes Mascara Vibrator:
“Of course this makes for the perfect femme purse item- it’ll discreetly nestle among all your other toys and can make any bathroom touchup into a little more touching… I can’t wait to give it a try. It’s quiet enough that you can get up to no good without other people hearing you. Unless you giggle.”

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Betty Harness – Kitty Stryker

The Betty Harness is a fabric harness that features a unique Velcro™ docking system that holds a flare based dildo in place without o-rings. This product is made of red and white striped cotton with nickel-plated D-rings at the adjustment points.

Here is a short snippet from Kitty Stryker’s review of the Betty Harness:
“The straps are easy to adjust, and you can slide the harness on and off with ease thanks to the buckles. The back strap is just a solid but wide piece of fabric offering some great back support. The whole design is also ideal for wearing under clothing without anyone guessing.”

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Tenga 3D Polygon – Kitty Stryker

The 3D Polygon is a soft, smooth, slightly textured male masturbation sleeve made with thermo-plastic elastomer from Tenga. This reusable masturbation sleeve/stroker comes with a small packet of lube and a drying rack/storage stand.

Here is a small snippet from what “the boy” has to say while reviewing the Tenga 3D Polygon in a guest post on Kitty Stryker’s PurrVersatility blog:
“The soft, almost sponge-y material (Antibacterial Elastomer!) quickly won me over as it provides a much softer sensation than a hand can provide. The sleeve as a whole also neatly covers the whole of the shaft, creating equal sensation all over, which again is something a hand on its own cannot do.”

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Pink Candy Collar n Cuffs – Kitty Stryker

The Pink Candy Collar n Cuffs set consists of two cuffs and one collar featuring a pink leather base accented with a heavy white leather strap. The cuffs are two inches wide with a buckle closure, and the collar features a nickel-plated steel D ring.

Here is a snippet from Kitty Stryker’s review of the Pink Candy Collar n Cuffs set:
“I really got off on seeing Penny cuffed and collared at my feet as she massaged me through my stockings! I can imagine they’ll come out for other playtimes. Maybe I’ll pull them out to help my boyfriend get more in touch with his femme side when he comes to visit. And personally, I like the idea of using these for ageplay bondage- the colours make them look innocent and cute. They also come in a pretty light blue if that’s more your style.”

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Remote Vibrating Panty Brief – Kitty Stryker

The Remote Vibrating Pleasure Panty Brief is a black lace brief with a hidden pocket sewn into the inner lining specially designed to hold the accompanying multi-function, multi-speed bullet vibe. The vibe comes with an included wireless remote that allows operation of the vibe from up to 20 feet away.

Here is an excerpt from Kitty Stryker’s review of the Remote Vibrating Pleasure Panty Brief:
“The vibrator part is contoured to fit along your body comfortably, and it succeeds in that. The vibration is milder than I like- a little more on the buzzy side than on the deeper side I prefer, but if you enjoy bullet vibrators or the clitoral bit on a rabbit this is probably just right for you. The panties themselves are really subtle, but you may wanna find a safe place for the vibe and the remote away from prying eyes!”

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