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Faux Leather Corset – Karen Blue

The Allure faux leather corset features rivet detailing, plastic boning, a front zipper opening and a lace-up back. This product is lined with red satin, and includes detachable garters and a matching G-string.

Faux Leather Zip and Rivet Corset

Here is an excerpt from Karen Blue’s review of the Faux Leather Zip and Rivet Corset:
“My opinion of this corset is that it is very well made and will flatter most body types. I am a bit small on top however I ordered this corset in large and it fit very well. If I did have a bit more on top it would look even better. The boning in this corset is plastic but gives firm support. I could have made my waist much smaller and this corset would be great for corset training.”

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LELO Mia – Karen Blue

The Lelo Mia Vibrator is small rechargeable vibrator made of ABS and body safe silicone. This vibrator features a discrete lipstick like look and charges via a USB port.


Here is a short excerpt from Karen Blue’s review of the LELO Mia Vibrator:
“I was very impressed with this little lipstick vibe. It has become one of my favorite vibes. It is quiet and discreet. The design is so discreet it could easily be mistaken for an over-sized flash drive. I love that it charges on my computer, since I am on it so much. This vibe is great for pin-point clitoral stimulation or it can be used on other erogenous zones with the labia, external anus, nipples, perineum, and scrotum.”

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Jopen Intensity – Karen Blue

The Jopen Intensity is a rabbit styled g-spot and clitoral vibe with the unique addition of electro-stimulation. Besides being used for pleasure purposes this product is designed to strengthen women’s pelvic floor muscles via the stimulation.

Here is an excerpt from Karen Blue’s review of the Jopen Intensity:
“The problem I had with this product, and I might be totally unique in my experience, was that I automatically “tighten-up” my pelvic muscles with any stimulation. I noticed the electrodes at first, then I turned the vibrations on and forgot about the electrodes for a minute. I stopped feeling the electrodes working. I had to relax my muscles in order to feel it again. As you can imagine, this was a complete distraction and I was unable to orgasm with this product.”

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This review also includes a short video showing the features of the Jopen Intensity.

Leaf Fresh – Karen Blue

Leaf Fresh from Swan Vibes  is a small, waterproof, rechargeable, multi-speed, triangular shaped vibrator made of silicone and featuring a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery, and a built in control pad.

Here is a short excerpt from Karen Blue’s review of the Leaf Fresh Vibrator:
“Besides the awesome color, the Fresh has smooth feel to it with a slight drag. (Sorry this vibe only comes in green) It is covered with body safe-silicone which is phthalate-free and latex free. It will pick up lint and hair so I recommend washing it before and after using it. The Fresh delivers a steady vibe and delivers strong rumbly vibrations.”

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This review includes a short video showcasing the design and features of the Leaf Fresh Vibrator.

Vr2 – Karen Blue

The Vr2 vibrator from the Jopen Vanity line is a rechargeable, waterproof, silicone vibrator featuring dual motors with separate controls, a sleek curving design with different sized heads on each end, LED lights, and a security travel lock.

Jopen Vr2

Here is a short excerpt from Karen Blue’s review of the Jopen Vr2 vibrator:
“I found this vibe to be completely seamless. Since it is covered in silicone it has a slight bit of drag. I would recommend not using anything but water-based lubricant on this toy. A little bit of water-based lubricant and this toy gets nice and slick. The length makes this toy ideal for thrusting.”

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Black Clamps – Karen Blue

Black Clamp Broad Tip Nipple Clamps from Spartacus are standard style screw adjustment nipple clamps attached with a twelve inch long black metal chain.

Here is a snippet from Karen Blue’s review of the Spartacus Broad Tip Nipple Clamps:
“So these clamps don’t come out too far, and they don’t open very wide. I found myself forcing my nipples into the clamps. I could wear them, but it took a bit of negotiating. If my nipples were just a bit bigger, these clamps would be ideal. Now that I understand the mechanics behind it, I will get smaller or narrow tip clamps for my next purchase.”

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Irresistible – Karen Blue

Irresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples is a 232 page book of erotic stories for couples published by Cleis Press and edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. This book features 16 stories by various authors.

Here is an excerpt from Karen Blue’s review of Irresistible – Erotic Romance for Couples:
“I thoroughly enjoyed the stories in this book. With the exception of two stories, all of them were about established couples. I think this book will appeal to people that are already part of a couple and also serve as inspiration for singles that there is a great sex life to be had beyond the vows. Some of these couple’s find the fire needs kindling.”

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