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Pink Inspire – Jennifer

The Pink Inspire With Attachments set from Cal Exotics consists of the Couture Collection™ Inspire compact personal wand massager in a new (for that model) pink color along with three 100% body safe silicone attachments allowing the user multiple options.
The Inspire wand massager is a seven and a half inch long, corded, mini massager made of ABS plastic featuring a spring mounted, flexible head and an incremental speed control.

Here is a short excerpt from Jennifer’s review of the Pink Inspire Wand Massager With Attachments Set:
“The first thing (and possibly one of my favorite things about the Inspire) you should know about the Inspire is that it gets power straight from the wall socket: no fussing with battery enclosures or the disappointment of dead batteries. It’s not rechargeable, but as long as you have electricity in your house, you’re free to use the Inspire.”

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Tri-O Vibrating Cock Ring – Jennifer

Tri-O Waterproof Vibrating Couple’s Cock Ring from Screaming-O is a dual ring made pliable rubber. This product is waterproof and features two connected rings and two battery-powered push button bullet vibrators.

Here is a tidbit from Jennifer’s review of the Tri-O Waterproof Vibrating Couple’s Cock Ring:
“I had an assumption that the texture was more for decoration than anything, but from my side of the cock ring fence, that’s my favorite part about this toy. The vibrations didn’t do a lot for me since they’re not very strong, but my partner did really enjoy them because they were so subtle, particularly with the vibe resting between the base of his cock and his balls.”

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Feeldoe Slim – Jennifer

The Feeldoe Slim is a double ended silicone dildo designed to be used in place of a strap-on dildo and harness. This 100% silicone dildo features a short end with a bulbous knob designed to keep it in place and a longer phallic end designed for the receiver set at a forty five degree angle. This product also features ridges at the base of the longer phallic shaped end and a small hole to allow for the addition of a bullet vibrator.

Here is a short excerpt from Jennifer’s review of the Feeldoe Slim:
“Overall, the Feeldoe Slim isn’t very large, much like it’s name suggests, but the overall size of the toy was a bit of a surprise. At first glance, it seemed like I’d be able to wield it with no issues, but only shortly after I’d inserted the bulb, I encountered my first problem”

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Silly Rabbit – Jennifer

The Silly Rabbit is a rabbit styled vibrator from California Exotic Novelties made with silicone and an ABS plastic handle. This vibrator features a slightly curved tip for G-spot stimulation, vibration, pulsation, and escalation settings, rotating beads in the shaft with 3 speeds of shaft rotation plus a reverse, illuminated LED lights for the controls, and rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation.

Here is an excerpt from Jennifer’s review of the Silly Rabbit Vibrator:
“The first thing I noticed about the Silly Rabbit is the size. This is NOT a toy to take in your purse when you go out…unless you have an unusually large purse. Then again, it’s not OMGHUGE either. You don’t need to be experienced with large toys to enjoy this bunny. It’s hefty for a vibrator, but with all the bells and whistles and the fact that it runs on three AA batteries, I’m not surprised.”

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The Varka – Jennifer

The Varka is a unique and heavily textured silicone dildo from Bad Dragon. This dildo is designed in to emulate the creators image of what the penis of a feral black dragon would have. The Varka is available in 3 different firmness levels, an option for a cumtube, and with many custom color options.
As described on the manufacturers site:
“The Varka toy is modeled after the thick cock of a feral black dragon, of the kind native to Scotland. With a wide flare at the head, a massive knot at the base, and thick, deep wrinkles along its length, the Varka is the perfect toy for anyone who is up for a challenge.”

Here is an excerpt from Jennifer’s review of the Bad Dragon Varka:
“As you can see, the head is slightly flared and with the exception of the tip, is fairly blunt. It took some time and patience with such a blunt-shaped head on this toy, but working the Varka into myself was a unique experience worthy of the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ that occurred once the head popped in. Or rather, the “OH MY GOD” quickly followed by “Hnnnnnnngh that feels good~” once my body relaxed from the shock. And I tell ya, even on a taking it easy sort of day with this toy, the head itself feels amazing when thrusting.”

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Kinklab Blindfold – Jennifer

The Kinklab Blindfold is a one size fits most blindfold made with polyurethane that features a countoured shape, light padding, and an elastic band to secure the mask portion.

Here is a small excerpt from Jennifer’s review of the Kinklab Blindfold:
“Despite what it may look like, this blindfold is not made of genuine leather, which makes the price point much easier to manage for those who want to experiment. The Kinklab Blindfold available through Babeland is made of polyurethane fabric, which is basically fabric that’s been laminated. It also means that it’s conveniently machine washable, so be as messy as you like when wearing it!”

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Pure Skin Stud – Jennifer

The Pure Skin Stud is a vibrator from Cal Exotics featuring a realistic feel dual density dong made of TPR, vibration, pulsation, and escalation patterns, and a memory chip that resumes last function used when the vibrator is turned on.

Here is an excerpt from Jennifer’s review of the Pure Skin Stud Vibrator:
“It’s about the average size of a human penis and it’s made of soft TPR (which is porous, so use a condom to help prevent bacteria!) that gives it a fleshy feel that’s amusing to just squish in your hands (you can also change the pitch of the vibration noise by squishing it, which led to a lot of giggling). I’ve never had a toy that was covered in “Pure Skin” or anything that is supposed to mimic actual human skin, so to say that I was intrigued was an understatement. When pulling it out of the package, however, I was far from impressed.”

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