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Ivy Wilde – Certified Real

Ivy Wilde is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Sharing old memories and new experiences…

Ivy Wilde began doing sex toy reviews after she became interested in the EdenFantasys website, store and community.
Suffering from an as yet undiagnosed health disorder along with severe depression, anxiety and a sleep disorder Ivy’s reviews are sporadic depending on her current state of health.

Ivy says she keeps doing reviews (when not sick) because she enjoys doing them, and that because her medical issues prevent from having a “real” job, and sex toy reviewing is something she can do.
She also says that it gives her a reason to get out of bed in the morning — and then get back into it to do some “research.”

Her blog which is aptly titled Ivy Wilde’s Sex Blog centers around her sex toy reviews and involvement with Edenfantasys, but also covers much more.
On Ivy Wilde’s Sex Blog you will also find, personal thoughts, dreams, hopes, and information about sexuality.

Besides following Ivy’s blog you may also keep up with her via her Twitter.

Flores – Ivy Wilde

From Close 2 You, the Flores dual stimulation vibrator is a rabbit styled vibrator designed for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation. This vibrator is waterproof, multi function, multi speed, and made with body safe silicone.

Here is a short excerpt from Ivy Wilde’s review of the Flores dual stimulation vibrator:
“The Flores vibrator is certainly decorative, but it is also a very functional dual stimulation vibrator. The Flores is designed to be inserted vaginally so that the head of the shaft stimulates your G-spot while the “Clef”, the name they’ve given to the Flores’ clitoral attachment, stimulates your clitoris. Because the Flores has a large head at the end of a narrower shaft, you could also conceivably use this toy as a sort of vibrating vaginal exerciser.”

Read the full review here.