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Love diamond – Inferno

California Exotic Novelties Love Diamond is a multi-function, multi-speed, waterproof, rabbit styled vibrator made of thermoplastic rubber and ABS plastic. This product features eight levels of rotation, dual motors, controls with LED lights, and a simulated gem located in the shaft.

Here is a small snippet from Inferno’s review of the Love Diamond Vibrator:
“I didn’t review this thing myself, and because the shaft is made form thermoplastic rubber I won’t be using it on anybody (or helping anyone use it) except my wife. It isn’t really a play together toy anyway. I think it is more of a when I am not home type thing.”

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Hearts Wand – Inferno

The Hearts Wand is a seven and a half inch long clear Pyrex glass dildo with a with a four and a half inch circumference that features red heart designed and the words “I love you” on the shaft for visual affect and added texture.

Here is a short snippet from Inferno’s review of the Heart Wand:
“Being of a medium girth for a glass wand this thing is good for those who already enjoy glass and for newcomers to the world of glass. The texture from the red design work and text is smooth, and not extreme. It is pretty light as a matter of fact. That makes it O.K. for someone who needs a bit of texture and also rock’n for those who don’t dig lots of bumps.”

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Tingle Me – Inferno

The Tingle Me is a small single use silicone vibrator from Silky Vibration designed to be worn within a woman’s panties. This product features a butterfly / heart design and has a sticky backing intended to allow the user to secure placement of the Tingle Me within the panties.

tingle me panty vibe sex toy review

Here is a short excerpt from Inferno’s review of the Silky Vibration Tingle Me single use butterfly panty massager:
“My only complaints about this product is that it doesn’t last as long as I would have wished and it is disposable. My disposable complaint is simply an environmental one. If your not a recycling weirdo like me however then this should not be a concern for you as the product is low cost.”

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Original Accommodator – Inferno

The Original Accommodator from California Exotic Novelties is a latex chin harness with an attached dong designed for penetrative use during cunnilingus.

Here is a short snippet from Inferno’s review of the Original Accommodator Latex Dong:
“The idea is kinda a good one and maybe a fancy product made with red and pink leather with stretchy stuff in the back to make it snug… plus a fancy silicone dildo with pretty colors swirled through might make for a good lesbian toy, but… this is not only ugly, it is made from nasty latex. I only tried it for a short period because my face is very sensitive.”

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Tenga Sleeve 3D – Inferno

The Tenga Sleeve 3D is a realistic feel male masturbation sleeve or stroker from Tenga. This masturbation sleeve is reusable, includes a lube packet, and comes with a storage case that doubles as a drying rack. Available in a Spiral style for those who like a lightly ribbed or textured feel, and in a Polygon style for those who enjoy a smoother feel and more suction.

Here is a small snippet from Inferno’s review of the Spiral Tenga Sleeve 3D:
“The Tenga Sleeve 3D is very pliable and though it is only four and a half inches long when just sitting there it will stretch to fit most any cock. The texture you see in the picture above is the texture you get. You pull this thing off it’s stand and turn it inside out for use. It feels very realistic and gives more of a good blowjob feel than one of sticking it in a girls vagina.”

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Sexy Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Inferno

It is time to think of sexy stocking stuffers.
Santa can’t do it all.
Inferno shares some stocking stuffer ideas.

I never fail to put a bit of spice in my darlings stocking, and I always plan ahead.
I can’t say what I got her because I am sure she will be reading this, but I can share with you a few things I stumbled across on the EdenFantasys website that would make for wonderful stocking stuffers.
For stocking stuffers I like simple little things usually. The fancy (and pricey) stuff gets wrapped.

The first thing I’d like to point out is this Reversible naughty or nice mask. This is a sleeping mask or blindfold (however you wish to use it) that is red with white fuzzies and can be worn with the words “naughty” or “nice” showing depending on your mood. It is VERY Christmas, and is just perfect as a stocking stuffer.

My next thing to recomend checking out would be the Naughty Secret Santa tingle gele. Think peppermint candy plus tingles. It comes in a tiny 2oz container so doesn’t even take up much stocking space.

If your sweety has made the naughty list this year you may want to consider the Kinky Kristmas Kit. It comes with a red blindfold, a one size fits most, strap style wrist cuffs, a mini rubber flogger, a small multi speed vibe, and some peppermint flavored lube. All these little things come in a box that says “Kinky Kristmas kit,” and the cost is just $17.99!

Lastly… If you wish to be a very Jolly Santa and really make a home run in the stocking department I would recommend checking out the Don Wands Glass Pleasure Candy Cane Wand. It is a big (just the right size) glass candy cane that you can actually leave out as a decoration if you want, but it is actually designed to help bring dreams of Sugar Plum fairies and other nice things. Yes… This candy cane is for getting naughty. Check it out!

That is about it. Hope you all have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year!
Oh… and remember that if ever you are in doubt for a tiny gift (like a stocking stuffer) a nice massage candle and the gift of a massage never fails.

sexy stocking stuffers ideas with  glass candy cane

Sex Toy Art – Cheeky

Sex toys as art objects.
Sex Toy Art – Title = Cheeky

Cheeky Sex Toy Art

Photo and digital manipulation featuring The Cheeky Toyfriend Silicone Waterproof Vibrator.
View it here.