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UFO – True Pleasures

The UFO is a multifunction, multispeed, waterproof, rechargeable vibrator from Fun Factory made of silicone and hard plastic. This product features a built in control pad with LED indicators and is designed for external use.

UFO vibe

Here is a short excerpt form True Pleasures review of the Fun Factory UFO:
“The best general use we’ve found for the UFO is for back massage. The blunt, firm bulb is good for kneading, and the vibrations seem to transfer a little below the surface. Since the rim does a better job of carrying the vibrations, they feel as if they go deeper when using the rim to massage.”

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FOU – True Pleasures

The FOU from Fun Factory is a small, waterproof, rechargeable, multi-fuction, multi-speed, vibrator made with body safe silicone and hard plastic. This product is designed primarily for clitoral stimulation, but the shape makes it viable as a multipurpose massager.


Here is a short snippet from True Pleasures review of the FOU clitoral vibrator:
“FOU is small enough to be suitable for travel, and comes with two bags for storing the toy and charger. It’s fairly discreet, but I won’t guarantee you’ll get past security with it. If you’re traveling outside the U.S., you’ll need to get an adapter for the charger.”

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Big Boss G4 Vibrator – Spoken Pandora

The Big Boss G4 Vibrator from Fun Factory is a nine and three quarter inch long, rechargeable, waterproof, vibrating dong made of silicone with a loop style handle. This product features a curved shaft, 5 speeds and 4 vibration modes.

Big Boss G4

Here is a short excerpt from Spoken pandora’s review of the Big Boss G4 Vibrator:
“The motor sits at the end of the shaft right above the handle. But don’t fret. Although the vibes are stronger towards the end, they still deliver a punch throughout the entire length of the insertable portion. The shaft is made of 100% silicone. The supple material is fairly pliable without being flimsy and also aids to the realistic feel of the toy.”

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G-Twist – Karen Blue

The G-Twist from FunFactory is a nine inch long heavily ridged vibrator with a semi realistic head and curved shaft. This vibrator is made of silicone and ABS plastic, has a dial control, runs on 2 AA batteries, is suitable for both internal and external stimulation.

G-Twist Silicone Vibrator

Here is a small excerpt from Karen Blue’s review of the FunFactory G-Twist Vibrator:
“The G-Twist is water-resistant. It is silicone mostly, so very easy to clean with soap and water. Just be sure to keep the battery compartment from being submerged in water. You could also use a sex toy cleaner or wipe to clean this toy. The silicone is a bit tacky, attracting dust and lint so keep this toy away from ….well..everything.”

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G4 Elegance – BashfulBabe

The G4 Elegance from Fun Factory is an eight and a quarter inch long, slightly curved, rechargeable, multi-speed, multi-function, waterproof vibrator made with medical grade silicone that features built in push controls and a loop styled base.


Here is a short snippet from the BashfulBabe review of the G4 Elegance vibrator:
“Between the odd angularity of the shape, the vivid colouring, the fancy “Loop of Love” handle and “Magic Touch” controls, and the almost coarse texturing, it is a thing of modernistic beauty. The word “funky” would not be far off the mark.”

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Bootie – Willow Wand

The Bootie from Fun Factory is a small, soft, silicone anal plug featuring a tapered tip on a slightly bulbous and angled head, followed by a pliable neck leading to a curved and tapered base.

Here is a short excerpt from the Willow Wand review of the Fun Factory Bootie:
“I enjoyed this toy as a regular anytime plug, for walking around or for intercourse. It was small enough for me to want to wear it outside of the bedroom for that little sexy secret, yet large enough to fill me so that I could feel it well during sex. Unlike most people, my anus tends to expel things, rather than suck them in (which is what a flared base is there to prevent), but I was able to keep this in without any effort.”

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G4Tiger and Isla comparison – Woman

Comparison review of Fun Factory’s G4Tiger and Lelo’s Isla.
The LELO Isla from LELO’s Insignia line is a waterproof, eight and a half inch long rechargeable vibrator made with silicone and ABS plastic designed for both external and internal use with a curve suited for g-spot stimulation. Five and a half inches of the Isla is insertable.
The G4 tiger from Fun Factory is eight and three quarters inches long with six inches insertable, also waterproof and rechargeable. It is made with silicone and has an ABS plasic handle.


Here is a snippet from Woman’s comparison review of Fun Factory’s G4Tiger and Lelo’s Isla:
“If I am asked which toy would I suggest to a reader, hands down I would suggest the Fun Factory G4 Tiger. I can start and finish with this toy and be left laying there satisfied, gasping for breath, and grinning like an idiot. When I do come from the Isla, the orgasm is never that deep as it just doesn’t seem to reach that one spot past my g-spot that I like to have hit to really reach that deep orgasm I strive for.”

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