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Nocturnal Emission – Buzzvibe

The Nocturnal Emission Rabbit styled vibrator from Evolved Novelties Dream Maker line of vibrators is a ten inch long, multi-function, multi-speed, dual motor vibrator that features rotating discs in the shaft and a single rabbit tickler.

Here is an excerpt from the Buzzvibe review of the Dream Maker Nocturnal Emission Rabbit Style Vibrator concerning the many functions of the product:
“As it turns out, there aren’t over 600 functions, which is actually a relief because how in the world would I list them all? But there are over 600 possible combinations of speeds and settings. Like most rabbit-style vibes, this one has 2 motors which are independently controlled. Both the clit bullet and shaft motor have 5 speeds within 5 vibration modes. This means that the user can adjust the vibration intensity of each function, which is awesome, and each motor in and of itself has 25 different settings. Considering that you can mix and match what each motor is doing, that makes over 600 variations total.”

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This review includes a video showcasing the features of the Nocturnal Emission vibrator.

Silky G – Buzzvibe

The Silky G from Evolved Novelties Fleur De Lis™ line of toys is a battery operated, three speed, waterproof vibrator with a velvety surface, a rippled shaft that ends with a curved tip, and has a single button control at the base.

Here is a short snippet from the Buzzvibe review of the Silky G Vibrator:
“I love the simple, single-button control. Located on the battery compartment cap, it’s easy to find and press. Just push it to turn the vibe on, then keep pressing to cycle through the 3 vibration speeds and turn it off. The vibrations can be felt all over, but they are strongest at the top half of the shaft.”

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This review includes a short video showing the features of the Silky G vibrator.

Boob Lube – Karen Blue

Zero Tolerance Boob Lube is a personal lubricant from Evolved Novelties marketed as a lube for “titty fucking.” This product is water based and suitable for multiple types of use.

Here is a short snippet from Karen Blue’s review of the Zero Tolerance Boob Lube:
“I received the 2 oz. container which has a slide pop-top and is great for travel. It feels smooth and silky, almost like oil but it does not contain oil. It is easy to clean this with soap and water. I didn’t need to really clean up after this lube, as it absorbed really nicely into the skin. This lube is safe to use with condoms and for use on sensitive skin. It is tasteless and odorless.”

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Bendable Touch – Karen Blue

Evolved Novelties Bendable Flexems Touch is an eight and a half inch long multi-speed, waterproof, rabbit styled vibrator made with thermoplastic rubber and ABS plastic that features a ridged and bendable mid shaft designed extra stimulation and to allow for variety.


Here is an excerpt from Karen Blue’s review of the Bendable Touch:
“I did not expect much from the rabbit, to be honest. I am a bit spoiled by high-end rabbits. I was completely taken off guard by the Bendable Touch. Evolved Novelties has released 2 models in their Flexem line. The Flame is the other model and does not have the clitoral arm. I think this product is genius. It bends and actually stays where you bend it. The clitoral shaft vibrations were not quite enough to stimulate me to orgasm, but before I knew it the g-spot got me good!”

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Lovers Rendezvous Kit – Miranda

The Lovers Rendezvous Kit from Evolved Novelties is an all in one romance/sexual enhancement kit that includes a waterproof multi-speed massager, 1oz container of System Jo water based lubricant, a stretchy vibrating cock ring, a condom, one set of romance dice, some artificial rose petals, and an electric candle.

Evolved Lovers Rendezvous Kit via swingers attic

Here is an excerpt from Miranda’s review in regards to the romance dice that are included in the Evolved Lovers Rendezvous Kit:
“One example in my own past was an evening that ended in a hotel room with a new and nervous soft swing couple. (or I guess I should say they were want to be soft swingers)
A set of sexy dice along with our mutual buzzes made it a night of fun laughter rather than the awkward situation that it almost became.
We didn’t get very naughty, but we had fun and the experience made the people relaxed and more comfortable with the idea of swingers.”

Miranda also mentions this in her review:
“I love that this kit comes with a condom. I wish it came with two condoms because that would make more since to me considering that one round isn’t enough for everyone, but still it is great they thought to include one.”

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Fleur De Lis silicone seduction – N’jaila Rhee

The Fleur De Lis silicone seduction from Evolved Novelties is a 7 1/2″ long traditional styled vibrator made with body safe silicone and plastics. This vibrator is multi-speed,low noise, and waterproof. Fleur De Lis silicone seduction comes with a clear plastic case and features a push button control.

Here is a short excerpt from N’jaila Rhee’s review of the Fleur De Lis silicone seduction:
“What I liked the most about this toy is its soft silicone body and simple construction. The silicone is flexible and squeezable which makes for super comfortable insertion. It also helps if your partner isn’t used to toys and tries to stab your ‘gina to death with it.”
N’jaila also mentions this about the packaging of the toy:
“Another thing I really loved is the packaging. It double as a case for the toy, which makes it travel friendly. There’s nothing worst than when silicone toys get luggage dust all over them.”

Read the full review here.
Also includes a short video showing the firmness and flexibility of the silicone seduction.