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Kinklab Padded Leather Blindfold – Dusk

The Kinklab Padded Leather Blindfold is a padded latigo leather blindfold featuring contoured padding and an elastic band so it fits a range of sizes.

Dusk says of the Kinklab Padded Leather Blindfold:
“Everything about this blindfold is simple, but effective.”
She then goes on to say:
“I was genuinely excited by the great construction of the Kinklab blindfold, but wearing it was the real test. I couldn’t believe how comfortable it is! The padding feels like it’s in all the right places and I don’t feel any weird pressure on my face. The stretchy band also works great to make this a one-size-fits-all product.”

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Sliquid Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate – Dusk

Sliquid Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate is one of the six glycerin-free, sugar-free flavors of water based, sugar free flavored lubricants available in the ‘Naturals Swirl’ lineup of flavored lubes from Sliquid.

Dusk says in her review:
While other reviewers complained about the flip-cap and longed for a pump dispenser, I was quite pleased with the set-up. Yes, it was annoying to try and open the cap while my hands were covered in lube, but it also meant I could throw the bottle in my backpack without worrying about it leaking.

Dusk also says about this flavored lube from Sliquid:
“The lube itself is pretty thick for a water-based formula, and takes a bit of squeezing to get out of the bottle (especially if it’s not full). Because it’s water-based you can use it with your silicone toys, as well. This one of the few flavoured lubes you can use for oral and then move straight to penetrative sex. Because it’s glycerine and paraben free, it’s unlikely to cause irritation.”

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Dusk (in chains) – Certified Real

Dusk  is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Dusk started doing reviews a little under a year ago because she thought it
would be fun! She loves being able to learn more about her body and
share her stories and experiences with others via her blog Dusk (in chains)
One of her dreams  is to someday incorporate sexual health education into her career.

Dusk says about herself:
“I’m a student, a sex blogger, a kinkster, and a serial monogamist. I’m
not the most sexual person in the world, but I’m exploring and
learning more about myself. I also can’t wait for my fairy tale

Little secret spoon – Dusk

From Tantus Toys – The Little Secret Spoon is a 100% silicone orange colored sleeve and removable bullet vibe combination set designed for g-spot stimulation.

Dusk says in her review:
“The bullets in the Little Secret line are one-speed only; this can be controlled using a purple rubber on/off switch on the bottom of the bullet. Be warned, this switch is extremely hard to use when your hands are slippery with lube.”

Also mentioned by Dusk about the Little secret spoon:
“Because the vibrations were buzzy but not terribly strong, I found the Spoon moderately quiet. I could barely hear it at all under the covers; it certainly wouldn’t be heard through a closed door.”

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