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Sliquid Swirls Strawberry Pomegranate – Dr. Ruthie

From Sliquid’s ‘Naturals Swirl’ line of personal lubes the Sliquid Swirl Strawberry and  Pomegranate flavor is glycerin-free, sugar-free , and water based.

From Dr. Ruthie’s review of Strawberry Pomegranate Swirl:
“Those familiar with Sliquid products won’t be surprised to hear that their Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate is a lube that works great and is body-happy.”

Dr. Ruthie also says this concerning the taste of the product:
“Its taste is sweet without being syrupy, and it blends well with the natural intimate taste of a woman, which makes it an excellent lube to use if oral sex is on the menu.”

Read the full review and hear Dr. Ruthie talk about this product here.

Thigh Harness – Dr. Ruthie

The SportSheets Thigh Strap-on harness is a soft, adjustable (from fourteen to twenty one inches) neoprene sleeve with Velcro closures designed to be worn on the thigh and hold a flared-base dildo up to one inch in diameter.

Dr. Ruthie says this about the use of the harness when worn on the thigh:
“Used on the thigh, the Sport Sheets harness opens up a lot of seriously hot positions. You can get the sexiest lap dance ever from your partner as they ride the dildo on your toy, or you can use the harness to make face-to-face grinding intercourse easier by avoiding the back strain of grinding your hips for a long period of time. Furthermore, a creative mind can find other places to put the harness, either on a person, or on objects such as a pillow or stuffed animal to allow for fun solo play. People with limited mobility may also find the thigh harness useful for allowing penetration with less full-body movement required.”

Read the full review and watch the included video here.

Je Joue MiMi – Dr. Ruthie

The Je Joue MiMi is a compact, rechargeable, waterproof, silicone vibe. It is designed for external use and features five vibration speeds and five pulsation patterns.

Dr. Ruthie says this about the buzz of the MiMi:
“Some small travel-sized toys don’t seem to have the punch necessary for people who like a good buzz, but thankfully, the MiMi averts this trend. It has a very, very strong motor and its settings range from a decent rumble to a serious buzz that is surprising for an outtie of this size. Through all the settings, it’s still very quiet.”

Read the full review and watch the video here.

The Tantus Mark – Dr. Ruthie

The Tantus Mark is realistic, average-sized, silicone dildo designed with a firm inner core and softer outer layer featuring a harness-able base and availability in three skin-tone shades.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Ruthie’s review of the Tantus Mark:
“The Mark is made from two layers of silicone: a hard silicone inside, and softer, more flexible silicone outside. This gives it a surprisingly realistic feel, and the carefully detailed outside (complete with veins and faux urethral opening) match the texture with lifelike visuals.”

Dr. Ruthie also mentions in her review of the Mark:
“The only downside that you might find with the Mark is if you’re looking for a realistic harness-compatible dildo that also has a realistic scrotum and testicles, since Mark lacks these attributes.”

Read the full review (with video) here.

Dr. Ruthie – Certified Real

Dr. Ruth Neustifter (Dr. Ruthie) is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Dr. Ruthie started doing sex toy reviews 3 years ago when she was a doctoral student and has continued with them as part of her work as a sex educator.

Dr. Ruthie says she is dedicated to spreading sex-positive information, advocacy and community building to all adults. Her site ‘Exploring Intimacy’ covers all aspects of of sexuality, intimacy, education, and offers great relationship advice.

Dr. Ruth Neustifter is a recognized relationship expert specializing in sexual communication and education as well as recovery from intimate partner violence. She works with a diverse range of individuals and relationships, conducts original research, offers workshops, and is available for professional consultation.
She holds a doctoral degree in Child & Family Development with specializations in Couples and Family Therapy and Qualitative Research.

Besides Dr. Ruthie’s main site, you can subscribe to ExploringIntimacy’s YouTube Channel Dr. Ruthie’s Sex Info, follow her tweets via Twitter &  find her on Facebook.

Liberator Heart Wedge – Dr. Ruthie

Liberator Heart Wedge is a sexual positioning aid that doubles as a decorative pillow. The manufacturer  ( Liberator® ) claims the  incline allows for deeper penetration and G-spot positioning during lovemaking.

Dr. Ruthie says this about the Liberator Heart Wedge in her review:
“For most people, the Liberator brand name brings to mind big sex-positioning cushions on which a person can fit most or all of their body. But they’ve begun branching into smaller, more travel-friendly positioning pillows, of which their Heart Wedge is an excellent example. The Heart Wedge is, unsurprisingly, a cute heart shape, with the point end lower to the ground and the rounded ends about 7″ high. It’s 13″ x 19″ at its widest points, so it’s just big enough to fit under someone’s butt and hips, and wouldn’t look out of place on a couch or a bed as an accent pillow.”

Read the full review and watch the video here.