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Retro Pocket Rocket – DIY Orgasms

The Retro Pocket Rocket Waterproof Vibrator from Big Teaze Toys is a five inch long, single speed vibrator that runs on a single AA battery, and is designed to look like a toy rocket.


Here is a small excerpt from the DIY Orgasms review of the Big Teaze Toys Retro Pocket Rocket:
“The Retro Pocket Rocket has an extremely good seal for the battery compartment which is actually half way up the shaft. This seal allows the rocket to be waterproof so the rocket can go places no standard rocket has been before… the bathroom.”

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RodeoH – DIY Orgasms

The RodeoH strap on harness is a unique set of underwear with an O ring and pocket in front which holds most flared base dildos. The RodeoH is machine washable, designed for extended wear, and to be more comfortable than standard harness systems.


Here is a short excerpt from the DIY Orgasms review of the RodeoH:
“The RodeoH might not the sexiest or skimpiest set of underwear in our drawers but they allow us to strap up hours before. Dildos fit as they should in this harness thanks to a strong O-Ring and a wide surface area material coverage.”

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Wirly Girly 2 – DIY Orgasms

The Wirly Girly 2 is a five and a quarter inch long, slim, silicone dildo with a ribbed swirling pattern down the shaft and a heart shaped base. This dildo is compatible with most O ring harness systems.

Here is a short excerpt from the DIY Orgasms video review of the Wirly Girly 2 dildo:
“The shaft of the dildo is slightly ribbed. The ribs are not overly expressed, it’s very subtle. It is a big plus for me because I like a bit of texture with dildos, but I’ve had dildos in the past that are to extreme and all you can feel is these ribs going in and out and it can be quite uncomfortable.”

Watch the full video review here.