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Booty Call Booty Rocket – Miranda

The Booty Call Booty Rocket from California Exotic Novelties is four and three quarter inch long vibrator designed primarily for anal use. This product is made with pliable silicone and ABS plastic. The Booty Call Booty Rocket is tapered for easy penetration, features a push button control, and has both pulsation, and escalation functions.

Here is a short excerpt from Miranda’s review of the Booty Call Booty Rocket:
“In my opinion this toy is best used with a partner. Man behind doing it doggy style while the Booty Call Booty Rocket is used in the back door. It would also be very good for a guy who would like anal pleasures during intercourse if the woman sat reverse cowgirl and used the rocket on the guys anus.”

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10 Function pure skin Bendie – Midnight Boudoir

The 10 Function pure skin Bendie from Cal Exotics is a dual density, realistically shaped, vibrating dong made with thermoplastic rubber and ABS plastic. This product features an internal flexing vertebrae design allowing it to be bent in multiple directions and hold the shape.

pure skin bendie

Here is a short snippet from Midnight Boudoir’s review of the 10 Function pure skin Bendie:
“I had lost my faith in standard vibrators and turned my attentions to rabbits or vibrators that I can stimulate both my G-spot and clit. The skin colour reminded me of the vibrators I used to buy back in the early 80’s and of course they were never that good, but the Bendie has renewed my faith in these skin coloured vibrators.”

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Love diamond – Inferno

California Exotic Novelties Love Diamond is a multi-function, multi-speed, waterproof, rabbit styled vibrator made of thermoplastic rubber and ABS plastic. This product features eight levels of rotation, dual motors, controls with LED lights, and a simulated gem located in the shaft.

Here is a small snippet from Inferno’s review of the Love Diamond Vibrator:
“I didn’t review this thing myself, and because the shaft is made form thermoplastic rubber I won’t be using it on anybody (or helping anyone use it) except my wife. It isn’t really a play together toy anyway. I think it is more of a when I am not home type thing.”

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Diamond G – Kira

The Diamond G from Cal Exotics is a four and a quarter inch long multi-function vibrator made of ABS plastic featuring a waved shaft and angled tip designed for G-spot stimulation. The handle of this product is embellished with small clear crystals for visual appeal.

Here is a small snippet from Kira’s review of the Diamond G Vibrator:
“If your G spot is shallow it may work, but otherwise, this just won’t be enough length to work as an insertable toy. G spot aside, I don’t know too many people who are going to be satisfied with that length. I’ve seen reviews for 4″ insertable toys complaining about the length, so I have a sinking feeling that 2.5″ just won’t be pleasing a majority of women.”

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Pure Skin Bendie – Nymphomaniac Ness

The 10-Function Pure Skin Bendie from Cal Exotics is a soft, dual density, multi-function, multi-speed, waterproof vibrator with a flexible vertebrae that allows bending of the shaft. This vibrator features a semi realistic design, a button control with a memory chip that resumes last function used, and is made thermoplastic rubbers with a control made of ABS plastic.

Here is an excerpt from The Nymphomaniac Ness’s review of the 10-Function Pure Skin Bendie:
“When cleaning the Pure Skin Bendie, I found that it needed a little extra attention compared with most other toys. As it is waterproof I was able to use my standard antibacterial wash and water without any problems, but after washing the toy felt sticky. To solve the stickiness, apply a sprinkle of cornflour over the toy; this will also help keep the toy feeling realistically fleshy.”

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Lia Teaser 1 – Nymphomaniac Ness

The Lia Teaser 1 from Cal Exotics is a multi-function, multi-speed, waterproof vibrator with a partially ridged silicone shaft, a slightly angled bulbous head for G-spot stimulation, and a hard plastic handle.

Here is a sampling of what The Nymphomaniac Ness has to say in her review of the Lia Teaser 1 about using the toy:
“When using the toy I found that I needed a small amount of additional water-based lubrication, as the matte silicone soaks up moisture. The tapered tip easily entered my vagina, followed by the first raised ridge. I found that it took a while to insert more of the toy, and was only able to insert just past the third ridge, which is approximately 4 inches along the shaft. This was perfect, as the rounded tip was nestled just behind my G-spot.”

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Pure gold Remote Bullet – Midnight Boudior

The Extreme Pure Gold™ Super Slim Remote Bullet™ from Cal Exotics is a small (2.5”x .75”) bullet vibe made of ABS plastic with a metallic plating that comes with a ten function remote control that works up to a claimed sixteen and half foot range. The ten functions of the bullet include vibration, pulsation, and escalation settings and the controller has an LED connection indicator.

pure gold remote and bullet vibe

Here is an excerpt from Midnight Boudior’s review of the Cal Exotics Extreme Pure gold super slim Remote Control bullet:
“The reason I have wanted one of these like forever because its wireless and can be used very discreetly for fun between the two of us. Once the batteries are all in your ready to go, As soon as I pressed the remote the bullet went into action immediately, a little small red-light shows when its sending a signal to the bullet so you know its working. The product details say it has a brilliant range of 16.5 feet or 5 metres. I found it was a little less maybe 10 feet which for us was plenty, although we tried it in many ways.”

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