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Tantus Cush – Bean Fiddler

The Tantus Cush is a seven inch long, semi-realistic designed, dual density dildo made with a soft layer of silicone over a firm inner core. This dildo features a pronounced coronal ridge and a another angled ridge midway down on the shaft for added sensation. The Tantus Cush is compatible with most harness systems.

cush dildo

Here is an excerpt from Bean Fiddler’s review of the Tantus Cush dual density silicone dildo:
“I love how this dildo feels inside me. As I slowly thrust, I can feel the girth of the Tantus Cush gently spreading me and I really like this feeling. I feel the give of the top layer of squashy silicone and the firmness of the core beneath it. To me, sex toys always feel significantly different than a live penis but there is something more similar about the Tantus Cush. It doesn’t feel the same but it is definitely closer.”

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TOR II – Bean Fiddler

The TOR II is a waterproof and rechargeable cock ring which the manufacturer (LELO) bills as a “couples’ ring.” The TOR II is made of smooth silicone, is fully-waterproof, runs for up to one and a half hours on a charge, and offers 6 vibrating stimulation modes.

LELO TOR II shown on Drac Dildo

Here is a short excerpt from Bean Fiddler’s review of the TOR II:
“This is the first cock ring I have reviewed as My Man and I don’t really use them. In fact, this is the first time we have used one together and I have been dying to do so. Like most cock rings, the LELO TOR II is quite snug fitting in order to keep him hard longer. However, My Man finds this tightness uncomfortable rather than a turn on. In fact, every time we have used the LELO TOR II it has been a bit difficult to get on even with lubricant.”

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Uma – Bean Fiddler

Uma from Je Joue is a seven inch long rechargeable silicone vibrator featuring a built in control pad, multiple vibration patterns, and a waterproof design. This vibrator is concave in shape with a slight curve making it suitable for g-spot stimulation.

Here is a short excerpt from Bean Fiddler’s review of the Je Joue Uma:
“One thing I really love about the Je Joue Uma is that it is great for using during penetrative sex, especially during doggy style and anal. The longer handle makes it easy to hold against my clit while my partner enters me from behind. It is much easier to do this with the Je Joue Uma than a smaller clit vibrator because of the length of the handle.”

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The Twister – Bean Fiddler

The Twister is a short, clear, glass dildo with a bulbous head and ribbed with a black swirl pattern on it’s shaft. This dildo features a flared base with small glass bumps for added sensation and a handle on the base that can be used for thrusting or spinning the object.

The Twister

Here is a short excerpt from Bean Fiddler’s review of the Twister:
“As it has a flared base, the Twister can also be used anally. The short length makes it good to use as a plug but it will probably be to short to stimulate a man’s prostate if you were to want to use it that way. You can sterilize your Twister with the previously mentioned 10% bleach solution which make switching between anal and vaginal use easy as pie.”

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Tenga Egg – Bean Fiddler

Tenga Eggs are single use, disposable, male masturbation sleeves made from a soft stretchy thermoplastic elastomer that come packaged in a plastic egg and include a lubricant packet.
Tenga Eggs are a versatile product and in Bean Fiddler’s review it is used as a cover for a Hitachi Magic Wand instead of the manufacturers intended use as a male masturbation device.

Here is a short excerpt from Bean Fiddler’s review of the Tenga Egg:
“The TPE used for the Tenga Egg is just awesome. It is the squashiest material ever and is so much fun to play with I wish I had a penis of my own. I just love squishing it around in my hands. It feels good against my body as well, especially as it has a small protrusion that appears on the very tip of my Hitachi Magic Wand. This feels great against my nipples and clit. I don’t notice the Spider texture as much as I feel the cushiness of the TPE, but I think that’s to be expected.”

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Vanity Vr10 – Bean Fiddler

The Vanity Vr10 by Jopen™ is an eight and a half inch long, rechargeable, water resistant, silicone, rabbit styled vibrator that features dual motors with independent incremental speed controls, a flickering clitoral bunny with independent rotation, and an LED charging and power light. This product comes with a one year warranty.

Vanity Vr 10 Vibrator

Here is an excerpt from Bean Fiddler’s review of the Vanity Vr10 vibrator:
“I find the motors impressively powerful and the shaft has a good range of motion. I really need to grip the base hard when the shaft is rotating to make sure it’s the shaft that rotates inside me and not the base rotating outside my body. When I do this I can really feel the shaft moving inside, especially at the higher levels. The clit stimulator is also very strong. The vibrations are not exactly deep side nor are they very buzzy but more mid-range. However, they do get buzzier the higher they go.”

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Drac Dildo – Bean Fiddler

The Drac Dildo from Fleshlight’s Fleshlight Freaks line is a seven and a half inch long vampire themed dildo made of platinum cured silicone and featuring a a semi-realistically shaped shaft and testicles with added stylized ribbing for appearance and texture.

The Drac

Here is a short excerpt from Bean Fiddler’s review of the Fleshlight Freaks Drac Dildo:
“While how well this dildo performs is obviously one of the most important factors, I simply cannot stress enough how amazingly cool looking I find the Drac. The paint job and details are just incredible. The Drac really is a must have for collectors and people who would display a vampire cock on a shelf. The craftsmanship is truly impressive.”

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