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NippleCharms – BashfulBabe

NippleCharms are non-piercing nipple jewelry designed to stay attached to the nipple via tension.

Here is an excerpt from BashfulBabe’s NippleCharms review:
“I wore them for only twenty minutes the first time, as I was unsure how my nipples would take to them (my skin is a timorous beastie, and especially sensitive parts like my nipples are prone to kicking up a fuss over nothing), but when there was no cause for alarm, with the colouring of my nipples staying rosy, and there being neither an increase in pain nor a decrease in sensation, I started wearing them for longer periods, up to several hours with no problem.”

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Liquid Silk – BashfulBabe

Liquid Silk is a water based, non-tacky personal lube designed for all types of uses. This product is also billed as being “Bio-Static,” which means that it will prevent the spreading of Bacteria. Liquid Silk is compatible with latex and silicone.

Here is an excerpt from the BashfulBabe review of Liquid Silk water-based personal lube:
“The lube itself really does feel a lot different to most others I’ve tried. It’s almost like a face cream and feels kind of greasy-oily when you first squeeze it out, although it doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve dropped a bat of butter between your thighs, which was my first concern. A little really does go a long way and it takes quite a while to dry up so avoid the temptation to think it’s thinner than it is, go nuts, and wind up having to take a mop to your nether regions!”

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Minna Ola – BashfulBabe

The Minna Ola is a seven and a half inch long rechargeable, waterproof vibrator made of silicone that features a two button pressure-sensitive pad which allows you to create and record your own custom vibration modes.The Minna Ola vibe has an ‘S’ shape and is usable for both external and internal stimulation and may be used for G-spot stimulation as well.

Here is an excerpt from BashfulBabe’s of the Minna Ola Programmable Vibe:
“The shape is a very gentle curve, with a gradual change in size. It can be inserted back-to-front-to-back-again, whatever you like, so that either the main ‘bump’ of the curve or the uppermost tip is pressing forward. Personally, I found that the curve completely missed my G-spot whichever way it was inserted, so while the vibrations carried well enough that it felt quite pleasurable, it wasn’t enough to actually bring me to orgasm.”

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J&D’s Baconlube – BashfulBabe

J&D’s Baconlube is a water based personal lubricant designed to taste of cooked bacon. This product may not be used with latex condoms.

Here is a short excerpt from BashfulBabe’s review of J&D’s Baconlube:
“Smell is second only to taste in all things bacon and here again I was surprised how mild it was. It was a lot sweeter than I’d imagined it would be. The main thought that came to mind was unsmoked bacon slathered in syrup: meaty and piggy but with that maple-sweetness instead of crackly saltiness. Despite a mild oily texture on the tongue, if a lot was applied it was less offensive to my palate than most un-flavoured lubes and certainly an improvement over the standard berries and cherries saccharine-fests.”

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Teasing The Devil – BashfulBabe

Teasing The Devil is a book of dark, erotic, romantic fiction written by Monica Belle and published by Xcite Books.

Here is an excerpt from BashfulBabe’s review of Teasing The Devil:
“I don’t think it’s the best book ever written, and it does have some flaws which could be ironed out, but once it gets going it’s a thrilling story with some exceptionally erotic scenes, fully developed characters, and quite unexpected twists and revelations. Definitely worth a read: towards the end, I couldn’t put it down!”

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Black Lace Quickies 6 – BashfulBabe

Black Lace Quickies 6 is a small collection of erotica from Hannah Brophy, Kimberly Dean, Portia Da Costa, Alison Tyler, Mae Nixon, and Cal Jago. This book was published by Virgin Black Lace in 2007 and is 128 pages in length.

Here is a small snippet from BashfulBabe’s review of Black Lace Quickies 6:
“At only six stories short, this is a lot slimmer than most erotic short stories collections, but then it is almost half the price of the average short story collection or novel (and half the weight!). This also means they didn’t bother with a contents page, which does make my form-stickler nerve twitch, but 124 pages total isn’t exactly all that much to flick through.”

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G4 Elegance – BashfulBabe

The G4 Elegance from Fun Factory is an eight and a quarter inch long, slightly curved, rechargeable, multi-speed, multi-function, waterproof vibrator made with medical grade silicone that features built in push controls and a loop styled base.


Here is a short snippet from the BashfulBabe review of the G4 Elegance vibrator:
“Between the odd angularity of the shape, the vivid colouring, the fancy “Loop of Love” handle and “Magic Touch” controls, and the almost coarse texturing, it is a thing of modernistic beauty. The word “funky” would not be far off the mark.”

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