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Bgee deluxe – Alan & Michele

The Bgee deluxe from B Swish is a six inch long, battery powered,  multi-function, waterproof, massager made of silicone and ABS plastic designed for external use.

Here is a short excerpt from Alan & Michele’s review of the Bgee deluxe:
“Deluxe cannot be faulted for its materials. It’s made of strong plastic coated with a thin layer of silicone everywhere except the control panel. It feels velvety smooth and doesn’t have any odor, nor does it attract lint and such. The design, however, leaves something to be desired.”

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Hand solo – Alan & Michele

The Hand Solo from Rocks Off Ltd. is a four and a half inch long, open sleeve, textured, male masturbator/stroker made of body safe silicone that features and easy grip design and a hollow designed for use with an included bullet vibrator.

Here is an excerpt from the Alan & Michele review of the Hand Solo Male Masturbator:
On the inside of the taco shape (where the “meat” goes) there’s a series of bumps and ridges. Now I’ll admit, when I first ran my fingers across those textures I thought they’d have a cheese grater effect on my dick due to how firm they were, but they don’t. I can feel them very distinctly, but in a very good way with no irritation.

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Sweet Confessions – Alan and Michele

Sweet Confessions: Erotic Fantasies for Couples is a book of erotic fiction with contributed stories by Heidi Champa, Devyn Christopher, Kayar Silkenvoice, Portia Da Costa, Jacqueline Applebee, Sophie Mouette, Alison Tyler, Angela Caperton, K.D. Grace, Piper Morgan, Anika Ray, Kay Jaybee, Liv Olson, Andrea Dale, Regina Kammer, Alexander Liboiron, Jeremy Edwards, and Rachel Kramer Bussel. This book was edited by Violet Blue and published by Cleis Press

Here is an excerpt from Alan & Michele’s review of Sweet Confessions:
“Editor Violet Blue’s forward to the book mentions that couples might try some of these fantasies these at home, and there really were several that would be feasible for most people to try. One that we really enjoyed was Internet Cafe Au Lay, by Kayar Silkenvoice, which involved a hot bit of foreplay in a cafe, followed by a round of semi-public sex. The story was inspiring enough to us that we agreed that its less-than-savory ending could be forgiven.”

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Love Bunnies – Alan & Michele

Love Bunnies are small rabbit shaped silicone sleeves available in three different colors that come with a 1-speed color matching insertable bullet vibrator to make them vibrate.

Here is an excerpt from Alan & Michele’s review of the Love Bunnies:
“Neither of us are all that sensitive, and the vibrations are too buzzy to be suitable for massages, so we just accepted that this would be a teaser toy for us. The vibrations travel through the whole toy but are the strongest in the head and ears. Depending on which part we used where, in some areas of the body it aroused and in others it tickled, both of which were fun to discover. It was also fairly quiet as sex toys go.”

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PicoBong Koa Ring – Alan & Michele

The PicoBong Koa Ring is a small Silicone and ABS plastic vibrator that features a unique ring shape on the end. Intended for solo and couples use as well, the PicoBong Koa Ring vibrator has 12 different patterns of vibration, is multi-speed, waterproof, and comes with a one year warranty.

Here are a couple snippets from Alan & Michele’s review of the PicoBong Koa Ring concerning its use as a cock ring:
Quote from Alan-
“Ladies you know I love you, so this isn’t a bash toward your gender, but whoever decided that it was a good idea to attach a plastic clip to a penis obviously doesn’t have one. It pinched if I wasn’t very very careful putting it on, and we bumped it to either side once it’s on, it pinched again.”
Quote from Michele-
“This “cock ring” makes me want to write a letter to the manufacturer that goes something like this:
Dear PicoBong,
When a man is inside of a woman, her clit is located directly ABOVE the top of his cock and is not embedded in either of her outer labia, nor in her thigh.

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