Real Sex Toy Reviews FAQ
These are our most frequently asked questions. They are in no particular order.
Please feel free to write us and ask if you have a question or need clarification about something.

Q- How long until I will see my review posted after I have submitted it?
A- Usually you will see your review posted within 3 to 5 days, but depending on how many reviews come in and how busy we are with other things it could take up to 10 days. If it doesn’t show within 10 days and fits the criteria please send us an email about it.

Q- Do I have to link to your site to submit my reviews?
A- No link to us is required to submit your reviews for the monthly list, but if your wish to have your review posted as a stand alone post then you must be a participant or a certified real reviewer.

Q- Can I write my own basic product descriptions for my reviews?
A- No. We use a word count system that balances against the excerpts we take from reviews to comply with current google algorithms.

Q- Do reviews by certified reviewers get listed before non certified reviewers?
A- Not necessarily, but the reviews submitted by certified reviewers get bumped up in the submitted reviews box so sometimes get seen a bit sooner.

Q- Can you review a product for us?
A- No. We don’t do reviews on this site. We would recommend you contact the participating reviewers listed on the left hand side of the site and ask them.

Q- Do you accept advertising?
A- We currently do not accept advertising.

Q- What’s the difference between a certified reviewer and a participating reviewer?
A- (1-general) Participating reviewers are reviewers who have shown through photo/video in reviews that they do in fact posses the products they review.
Certified reviewers have shown photo evidence that they are in fact the person who is creating the reviews and posting the reviews on their sites.
(2-level of participation) Reviews from participating and certified reviewers are both listed in the same way. Certified real reviewers are given a special post page with a small bio and listing of any other sites/social networks they are involved with and wish listed. Certified reviewers may write sex toy education articles for inclusion on Real Sex Toy Reviews and are also able to submit articles on their sites related to the use of sex toys and other sexual aids. (Refer to site guidelines)

Q- If I become certified will you post the reviews I haven’t taken pictures to go along with?
A- No. All reviews posted on this site must have original images or video included showing that you actually have possessed the product.

Q- Do I need to re-post the monthly list if my reviews are on it?
A- No. We would of course like it it if you re-posted the monthly list and helped promote our site and the real reviewers listed on it, but it is not required.

Q- How many visitors will I get if I participate?
A- (1-general) We have no idea. Our site is brand new as of March 2011 so traffic is low. The way we are indexing posts is for targeted traffic. Most of the visitors you get from us will be item specific via search so is not random. In other words expect about 50% of visitors to your review via our postings to be looking specifically for that product or one closely related instead of just being a random hit. (the exception being the monthly list)
(2-activity) Because our site is set up search friendly the more posts you have the more you will receive visitors from us, and because each post is a separate entity you should continue to receive traffic specific to each review indefinitely. Instead of a blast of non useful traffic you will receive better and more specific traffic the longer the review has been listed.

Q- Are my links google friendly?
A- Yes, they way we link your site and reviews in the individual posts is friendly to all bots and may be followed.

Q- How are you making money on this if you don’t accept advertising?
A- We don’t make any money from this and don’t have any plans to monetize the site in the near future. We started this project mostly because of frustration over seeing more sales pitch type fakes reviews than real reviews. This site is a hobby based on personal interest for us.

Q- Can I just email my reviews to you guys?
A- If you have problems with the submit form or simply don’t like forms you may certainly send your information via email.

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