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All submitted reviews from February 2012

All submitted reviews from February 2012 (The Big List)

Sex toy reviews by real reviewers who take the time to include photos or video along with actual opinions of the products they are reviewing.

Big List Of Real Sex Toy Reviews By Real sex Toy Reviewers
This months Big List Image features Orange colored Smartballs Teneo Silicone Kegel Balls.
Smartballs are easy to use, effective Kegel exercisers designed to keep the pelvic floor muscles healthy and strong.
These Smartballs came from Good Vibrations.

On with the reviews…


Vanity Vr10 – Bean Fiddler

Nocturnal Emission – Buzzvibe

Tingle Me – Midnight Boudoir

Bswish Bgood Deluxe – Kira

kiki – Pocket RockettZ

Lia Teaser 1 – Nymphomaniac Ness

Butterfly Kiss – Spoken Pandora

Chester Cheeky – Mistress Kay

Onye Galerie Petite – Karen Blue

LeReve Slimline G – Mistress Kay

Bgee deluxe – Alan & Michele

Wild Orchid – Mistress Kay

Diamond G – Kira

Pure Skin Bendie – Nymphomaniac Ness

Silky G – Buzzvibe

LeReve – Mistress Kay

Big Boss G4 Vibrator – Spoken Pandora

Vida Urja Remote Vibrator – Spiritual BDSM

Twilite Dual Ball massager – Midnight Boudoir

Vanity Vr6 – Mistress Kay

Minna Ola – BashfulBabe

10 Function pure skin Bendie – Midnight Boudoir

Power Blossom 7 function wand – Toxycat

FOU – True Pleasures

Mahana Duo – Spoken Pandora

LELO Oden – Miranda

Onye Galerie Petite – Spoken Pandora

Make Me Over – Karen Blue

Love diamond – Inferno


Drac Dildo – Bean Fiddler

Fetish Fantasy Elite – llellsee

Hearts Wand – Inferno

Whirly Girly 6 – Mistress Kay

Luke 02 – True Pleasures

Tantus Throb – Blacksilk

Icicles 8 – Karen Blue

Dichroic G-Spot Dildo – Mistress Kay

Boxie the fox – Mimi

Happy Valley Delight – Mistress Kay

T-Rex – True Pleasures

Hoss – Woman

Wave dildo – Mistress Kay

Fleshjack Pierre Fitch Dildo – Incendiaire

The Twister – Bean Fiddler


Earthly Body Waterslide Lubricant – Buzzvibe

Oral Sex Candy – Buzzvibe

Oral Sex Candy – Mistress Kay

Books and Movies

Ultimate Guide to Orgasm – Buzzvibe

One Night Only – Karen Blue

Wanton Women – llellsee

Lust – Karen Blue

Teasing The Devil – BashfulBabe

Sweet Confessions – Alan and Michele

Tickle My Tush – Blacksilk

Best Bondage Erotica 2012 – Karen Blue

Irresistible – Karen Blue


Heeldo – True Pleasures

Eroscillator finger tip attachment – llellsee

Honey & Chocolate Wig -True Pleasures


Duckie Sweetheart – Karen Blue

Jelly Willies – llellsee

Sex A-Peel Vibrator – Mistress Kay

L’Intimate Lint Roller Vibe – Mistress Kay

J&D’s Baconlube – BashfulBabe

J&D’s Baconlube – Blacksilk

Anal Toys

Crystal Twist Mini Plug – True Pleasures

Cock Toys

Tor II – Karen Blue

Hand solo – Alan & Michele

Tenga 3d Module – Karen Blue

LELO Oden – Miranda

Tenga Egg – Bean Fiddler

Tenga Sleeve 3D – Mistress Kay

Lovers Tenga Egg – True Pleasures

Lotions and Oils

Body Mousse – Buzzvibe

Lingerie & Fancy Dress

Black corset dress – True Pleasures

Bound by Diamonds teddy – Buzzvibe

Kink & BDSM

Wartenberg Pinwheel – Willow Wand

Curve Chastity Device – Mistress Kay

Incoqnito Blade II – True Pleasures

Babeland Satin Bondage Kit – Karen Blue

That’s all folks

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Real Sex Toy Reviews


All submitted reviews from January 2012

All submitted reviews from January 2012 (The Big List)

Sex toy reviews by real reviewers who take the time to include photos or video along with actual opinions of the products they are reviewing.

Big List Of Real Sex Toy Reviews
The product shown in this months banner is a borosilicate glass dildo with the words “I Love You” wrapping around it. This one came from EdenFantasys.

On with the reviews!

Vibrator Reviews

Bendable Touch – Karen Blue

Uma – Blacksilk

Micro Magic Wand – Midnight Boudoir

G4Tiger and Isla comparison – Woman

Form 4 – Mistress Kay

Intimate Basics Vesta – Sassy

Leaf Touch – Mistress Kay

Leaf Vitality – Mistress Kay

Silly Rabbit – Jennifer

Better Than Chocolate – Bean Fiddler

Tuyo – Mistress Kay

Make Me Over – Spoken Pandora

Love Handle – Karen Blue

Tingle Me – Inferno

Wahl Mini Wand – Mistress Kay

Leaf Touch – Buzzvibe

Tiani – Karen Blue

Intensity – Mistress Kay

Ipo Finger Vibe – Willow Wand

Pearl passion tease – llellsee

Mini Mistress Massager – Mistress Kay

Tingle Me – Sassy

Spirit – True Pleasures

Mahana Duo, Tano Plug & Koa – Toxycat

Entice – Mistress Kay

Deluxe Magic wand Vibrator – Midnight Boudoir

Bossy – Bean Fiddler

Lyla – Nymphomaniac Ness

Happiness & Joy – Spoken Pandora

G4 Elegance – BashfulBabe

Luv Your Body – Mistress Kay

Fresh – Bean Fiddler

Pink Inspire – N’jaila Rhee

Pink Inspire – Karen Blue

Pink Inspire – Jennifer

Kandi Kisses – Spoken Pandora

G-Twist – Karen Blue

Minna Ola – Nymphomaniac Ness

Pure gold Remote Bullet – Midnight Boudior

Dildo Reviews

Tantus Echo – Karen Blue

Icicles No. 8 – Kitty Stryker

Wilde G1 – Kitty Stryker

Feeldoe Slim – Jennifer

NobEssence Intrigue – Mistress Kay

Twice as Nice – Sassy

NobEssence Seduction – Kira

Tantus Compact – Nymphomaniac Ness

Toys For Cocks

Vibrating C-Ring – Karen Blue

FleshWrap – Buzzvibe

Tenga 3D Spiral – True Pleasures

Tri-O Vibrating Cock Ring – Jennifer

Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal – Mistress Kay

RingO – True Pleasures

Tenga 3D Polygon – Kitty Stryker

Rocks Off 4US – Midnight Boudoir

Anal Toys

Ryder – Karen Blue

Bootie – Willow Wand

Books, Games & Movie Reviews

Crazy Little Thing – Karen Blue

Take Me There – Karen Blue

Yes, Ma’am – BashfulBabe

Bondage Seductions game – Mistress Kay

Erotic Pole Dancing – Karen Blue

Male Playing Cards – Mistress Kay

Best Sex Writing 2012 – Karen Blue

Sinner’s Wheel – Mistress Kay

Black Lace Quickies 6 – BashfulBabe

Sweet Confessions – Karen Blue

Miscellaneous Reviews

Sweet Heart Strawberry Box – Miranda

Betty Harness – Kitty Stryker

Stallion Vibrating Thigh Harness – True Pleasures

Chocolate weekend lovers kit – Toxycat

Butt Plug Harness – Mistress Kay

Original Accommodator – Inferno

Nipple Charms – Buzzvibe

Original Accommodator – Karen Blue

Blow Job Expert Kit – True Pleasures

FixSation couples vibe – llellsee


Retro Pocket Rocket – Midnight Boudoir

Love Bunnies – Alan & Michele

Bedroom Eyes Mascara Vibrator – Kitty Stryker

Safer Sex Products

Trustex Multiflavored Condoms – True Pleasures

Lingerie & Fancy Dress

Baby Blue Blossom Corset – Sassy

Midnight zip-front corset – True Pleasures

Starburst Underwire Babydoll – Silverdrop

Lube Reviews

Natural Intimate Lubricant – Spoken Pandora

Boob Lube – Karen Blue

Lotions, Gels & Oils

Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel – Karen Blue

Earthly Body Skinny Minis – Mistress Kay

Mini Heart Pheromone Candle – Karen Blue

Kink / BDSM Reviews

Kitty blindfold – Midnight Boudoir

Satin ties pleasure whip – Willow Wand

Pink Candy Collar n Cuffs – Kitty Stryker

Easy eyes blindfold – Willow Wand

That’s all folks

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Real Sex Toy Reviews


All submitted reviews from December 2011

All submitted reviews from December 2011 (The Big List)

Sex toy reviews by real reviewers who take the time to include photos or video along with actual opinions of the products they are reviewing.

Happy New Year!

Big Monthly List Of Sex Toy Reviews from December 2011

Shown in festive party hats above are the Cheeky ToyFriend and the The Rebel ToyFriend which is part of the Toyfriend Mini collection. You can check out these and other 100% silicone vibrators at Babeland. (Toyfriend Minis) – (Toyfriends) – (Toyfriend Doubles) – (Toyfriend Rockets)
Make a new friend this year!

On with the reviews!


Fun Factory DeLight – True Pleasures

Hitachi Magic Wand – Bean Fiddler

Reflections Glass Candy Cane – Miranda

LUV – Midnight Boudoir

Love Bear – Nymphomaniac Ness

Bottle rockets Apollo – Silverdrop

Kiki – Karen Blue

We-Vibe Tango – Mistress Kay

7 Function Classic Chic – Sassy

Lyla – Bean Fiddler

G-Ki – Karen Blue

Pocket Mini Massage Wand – Nymphomaniac Ness

Triple Tease – Karen Blue

10 Function Remote Bullet – Blacksilk

Candy Bullet – Karen Blue

ImpulseTriple Tease – Nymphomaniac Ness

Mystic Wand & G-Spot Attachment – Bean Fiddler

10-Function Pure Skin Stud – Mistress Kay

Form 6 – Buzzvibe

We-Vibe 3 – Mistress Kay

We-Vibe 3 – True Pleasures

Cone vibrator – Mistress Kay

Soraya – Karen Blue

Lia Teaser 1 – N’jaila Rhee

Picobong Ipo – Mistress Kay

We-Vibe 3 – Karen Blue


Bent graduate – Buzzvibe

Squildo – True Pleasures

The Varka – Jennifer

Flurry O2 – Mistress Kay

TheTemp – Midnight Boudoir

Futurotic flexi dong – Oasis

Reflections Allure Glass Wand – Blacksilk

Metal Worx Slim Fave – Bean Fiddler

Tapered Teaser – Midnight Boudoir


Lubetube premium aqua gel – Nymphomaniac Ness

Lotions and Oils

Smashing Pumpkin Body Candle – Bean Fiddler

Babeland Body Massage Candles – Karen Blue

Mango Vanilla massage candle – Kitty Stryker

Cock Toys

Beginner C-Sling – Karen Blue

Tenga Sleeve 3D – Inferno


Danger Bustier – True Pleasures

Reversible Blue Corset – Buzzvibe

Sweet streak corset – Midnight Boudoir

You’re on fire Tee – True Pleasures

Bullet Proof Tie-Release Teddy – Silverdrop

Lycra and lace dress – Silverdrop


Kitty Crop – Midnight Boudoir

Bound to Please Nipple Clamps – Buzzvibe

Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps – Bean Fiddler

Kinklab Blindfold – Jennifer


TAOI Pure Vibes – Toxycat

I Rub My Duckie – Spoken Pandora


Sex Shakers – Bean Fiddler

Anal Toys

Icicles Glass Plug – Nuts4Belle

Nexus Titus – Mistress Kay

Crystal Twist Mini – Mistress Kay

Books and Movies

Expert Guide to Female Orgasms – Buzzvibe

The Power of Wow – Karen Blues

Merry XXXMas Book of Erotica – Mistress Kay

Male Chastity – Mistress Kay


Babeland Bare Necessities Kit – Karen Blue

Rodeoh Harness – Kitty Stryker

Realdoe – True Pleasures

Bath Kitten Kit – Mistress Kay

Remote Vibrating Panty Brief – Kitty Stryker

Ride On extender – Mistress Kay

Pin-Up Vibe + Bombshell Balm – Spoken Pandora

Hearts of Love Diamond Harness – Midnight Boudoir

Fleshlight Fleshwash – Mistress Kay

Tango – Karen Blue

Blackhawk Weight Set – True Pleasures

Romantic Pleasures Kit – Karen Blue

MiPole Dance Pole – Karen Blue

Liberator Ramp – Bean Fiddler

certified real sex toy reviewers december 2011

Spoken Pandora – Certified Real

Blacksilk – Certified Real

Make sure to check out their sites!

Sexy Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Pocket RockettZ
Sexy Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Nitebyrd
Sexy Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Inferno

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Real Sex Toy Reviews

All submitted reviews from November 2011

All submitted reviews from November 2011 (The Big List)

Sex toy reviews by real reviewers who take the time to include photos or video along with actual opinions of the products they are reviewing.

monthly big list of sex toy reviews for november 2011
The product shown in this months banner is the Don Wands Glass Pleasure Candy Cane Wand. This fabulously festive and sexy toy is came from Edenfantasys.

On with the reviews!


Lyla – True Pleasures

Vampire Bride Bullet Vibe – Nymphomaniac Ness

Seduction – Nymphomaniac Ness

Reflections Glass Candy Cane – Inferno

Koa Ring – Karen Blue

Kiki – Bean Fiddler

Bullet Bunny – Midnight Boudoir

Decadence G-spot vibrator – Nymphomaniac Ness

PicoBong Kiki – Buzzvibe

One-Touch Mini Bullet – Sassy

Cheeky Toyfriend – Kitty Stryker

Warm N Glow – Midnight Boudoir

Nirvana – Karen Blue

PicoBong Koa Ring – Alan & Michele

The Diamond Affairs Rabbit – Midnight Boudoir

Honi – Mistress Kay

LYLA – Kitty Stryker

Forbidden Fruit – Mistress Kay

Wild Orchid – Karen Blue

LELO Tiani – Mistress Kay

FixSation – Buzzvibe

FixSation – True Pleasures

Xtassie Aurora – Mistress Kay

Pure Skin Stud – Jennifer

PicoBong Vibrators Comparisons – Mistress Kay

Funky Massager – Sassy

Gigi – Buzzvibe

Pure Skin Stud – N’jaila Rhee


Cyborg Dildo – Nymphomaniac Ness

Bruiser Fusion – True Pleasures

e-glass Screamer – Mistress Kay

Cush – Nymphomaniac Ness

Flurry 02 – Nymphomaniac Ness


Pink Water – Karen Blue

Lotions and Oils

ON Arousal Oil – Karen Blue

Chocolate Body Cream – Bean Fiddler

KY Yours and mine – Toxycat


Stockings with satin bows – Midnight Boudoir

Glam rock seduction tunic – True Pleasures

Strappy romper – True Pleasures

Satin Peephole Camisole – Joanna Cake


Lelo Clean Spray – Karen Blue

Hot Heart Massager Kit – Nymphomaniac Ness

L’Intimate vibe and lint roller – Kitty Stryker

Double Digits Silicone Double Dildo – Nuts4Belle

Pegasus Equine Sheath – True Pleasures

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo – Kitty Stryker


Clauss Titanium Safety Shears – Spiritual BDSM

Pink Candy Jaguar Cuffs – Mistress Kay

Young Forceps – Mistress Kay

Babeland Bondage Tape – Nuts4Belle

Safer Sex Products

Sir Richard’s Condoms – Pocket RockettZ

Books, Games, and Movies

The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio – True Pleasures

Who is the Biggest Slut? – Mistress Kay

Sex Invitations – Mistress Kay

So You Wanna Be a Sexy Bitch – Mistress Kay

Sex Pot – Mistress Kay

Rachel Rabbit is Rarin’ to Go – Buzzvibe

Fantasy Affairs game – Mistress Kay


Penis Cupcake Pan – Buzzvibe

Anal Toys

Pop Plug – Bean Fiddler

Prostate Health toy – Mistress Kay

Nexus Vibro – Mistress Kay

Intermediate Anal Kit – Mistress Kay

Metal Worx Luv Plug – Nymphomaniac Ness

The People’s Choice Sex Toy Reviewers Award Winners For 2011
You may also read more about the awards results here.
The People's Choice Sex Toy Reviewers Award Winners For 2011

Sex Toy Art – Cheeky from Inferno


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Real Sex Toy Reviews


All submitted reviews from October 2011

All submitted reviews from October 2011 (The Big List)

Sex toy reviews by real reviewers who take the time to include photos or video along with actual opinions of the products they are reviewing.

Real Sex Toy Reviews all submitted review from Oct 2011
The product shown in this months banner is the Picobong Koa Ring Vibe. Koa is a versatile vibrator designed for both solo and couples play. This one came from Babeland.

On with the reviews!


Ramsey Rabbit – Midnight Boudoir

Lyla – Karen Blue

Aries – Buzzvibe

Transcend Massager – Jennifer

Pocket Rocket – Pocket RockettZ

Chippendales Diva – Bean Fiddler

Vanity Vr8 – Mistress Kay

Rimba Ilusting – Nymphomaniac Ness

LELO Insignia Sensemotion – Mistress Kay

Lyla – Buzzvibe

Lyla – Mistress Kay

FixSation – Jennifer

Oden – Mistress Kay

IPO Finger Vibe – Karen Blue

Cherry Blossom Stimulator – Midnight Boudoir

Lelo Nea – Nymphomaniac Ness

Meany – Buzzvibe

Intense Vibrating USB Bullet – Midnight Boudoir

Honi – Nymphomaniac Ness

Transcend Flexing Massager – Karen Blue

Nanovibe Finger Vibe – True Pleasures

Extra Thick Vibrating 8 Inch – Midnight Boudoir

Mini Rabbit Vibrator – Sassy


Captain Dildo – Bean Fiddler

Tantus Vamp – Nymphomaniac Ness

Ophoria Beyond 3 – Buzzvibe

Tantus VIP Super Soft – Mistress Kay

The Rippler – Kitty Stryker

Devil Tongue – Nymphomaniac Ness

Flurry O2 – True Pleasures

G Spot Gemstone – Nymphomaniac Ness

Metal Worx Curve – Nymphomaniac Ness

Cush O2 – True Pleasures

Icicles No. 12 – Spiritual BDSM

Galaxy G – Buzzvibe

Anal Toys

Love Bump – Kitty Stryker

Emerald Explorer – Nymphomaniac Ness

Bendy Beads – Karen Blue

Vibrating Waves – Kitty Stryker

Tosu Two – True Pleasures

Cock Toys

Duet Cock Ring – Karen Blue

Stroker XL – True Pleasures

Kink & BDSM

Magnetic Nipple Clamps – Bean Fiddler

Wraith Band Collar – Spiritual BDSM

Twisted jute rope – Spiritual BDSM


Sliquid Organics Natural – Midnight Boudoir

BabeLicious – True Pleasures

Lotions and Oils

Madonna Intimate Desire Oral gel – Toxycat


Lovers Rendezvous Kit – Miranda

Vac-U-Lock Harness System – Inferno

Stallion Vibrating Thigh Harness – Key4Belle

Clitoral Pussy Pump – Midnight Boudoir

iMale – True Pleasures

Honeymoon in a Box ( Lesbian Version ) – Inferno

Babeland Eco-Tote Bag – True Pleasures

Clone-A-Willy – Mistress Kay

Sliquid Smooth Shave Creme – Nymphomaniac Ness

Nexus iSTIM Electro Tens Machine – Mistress Kay

Nexus iSTIM Attachments – Mistress Kay

Babeland Hand Tee – True Pleasures

Babeland Swag – Karen Blue

Little Black Panty vibrator – Mistress Kay

Babeland Fresh Wipe – True Pleasures


Daffadildo – Joanna Cake

Horny Devil Headband – Inferno

Rocks-Off RO-Val – Nymphomaniac Ness

Jim O. ArtToy – Mistress Kay

Games & Books

How Well Do You Know the Bride – Mistress Kay

Sex card game – Mistress Kay

Sexy Rendez Vous game – Mistress Kay

Sex for Dummies and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex
Combo review from Mistress Kay

Sex Coupons – Mistress Kay


Saintly Sinner Costume – True Pleasures

Bullet proof assymetrical babydoll – True Pleasures

October certified real sex toy reviewers

Sassy – Certified Real

Spiritual BDSM – Certified Real

Ivy Wilde – Certified Real

Make sure to check out their sites!

feature posts on Real sex toy Reviews

Mirror Mirror and freedom in masturbation – Nitebyrd

Sex toys and chocolate bars – Miranda

Sex Toy Art – Fried Teneo

Special Promotion:
Babeland says You Play, We Pay!

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Real Sex Toy Reviews

All submitted reviews from September 2011

All submitted reviews from September 2011 (The Big List)

Sex toy reviews by real reviewers who take the time to include photos or video along with actual opinions of the products they are reviewing.

Big list of real sex toy reviews for Sept on Real Sex Toy Reviews
The product shown in this months banner is a set of Classic Erotica Dirty Dice®. A fun novelty set of dice almost everyone has come across at least a few times. This set came from Babeland.

On with the reviews!


Amuse-G Amorous Trifun – Nymphomaniac Ness

L’Amour Seduction – Jennifer

Feeldoe Slim – Karen Blue

Thalia Massager – Bean Fiddler

Angelo – Karen Blue

SinFive Eve – Nymphomaniac Ness

Triple Bliss II Multi Massager – Sassy

Loving Joy Remote Wireless Egg – Toxycat

Tattoo – Mistress Kay

Wand Essentials 7 Function Wand – Karen Blue

BSoft – Mistress Kay

Bodywand Mini Massager – Mistress Kay

Berman Venus G – Pocket RockettZ

Bully Boy Vibe – Toxycat

Bodywand Rechargeable Wand – Silverdrop

G2 Stranger – Nymphomaniac Ness

Flores – Ivy Wilde

Mini Massager Pleasure Kit – Mistress Kay

Icicles G-Spot Vibrating Wand – Blacksilk

Jopen Vanity Vr7 – Mistress Kay

Angelo Mini – Buzzvibe

EZ-bend bounding bunny – Karen Blue

Toyfriend Starlet – Mistress Kay

Birthstones – Mistress Kay

Icicles Rabbit – Toxycat

Ripples – Miranda

L’Amour Seduction – Nymphomaniac Ness


Pecker Cookie Cutter set – True Pleasures

Boob Dice – Mistress Kay

Mini Pirate Hat – Nymphomaniac Ness

Why I Love You coupon book – Mistress Kay

Bathtime Buddies Octopussy – Sassy

Toys For Cocks

TENGA Egg Silky – Inferno

Lotions, Gels and Oils

Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil – Buzzvibe

Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel – Bean Fiddler

On Arousal Oil – True Pleasures

Rocket Balm – Woman

Embrace Tightening Gel – True Pleasures


SpankSticks – Kitty Stryker

Jail Bird male chastity device – Nuts4Belle

Alligator Chained Nipple Clamps – Nuts4Belle

Fetish Fantasy Series Door Swing – Inferno

Spade / Heart Shaped Crop – Nymphomaniac Ness

Kinklab Candy Jawbreaker Gag – Inferno


Petite Plush Pillow – Bean Fiddler

Dazzlerz Mystique Nipple Jewellery – Silverdrop

Bend Over Beginner – Miranda

Black & Electric Blue Wig – True Pleasures

LELO Toy Cleaner – Mistress Kay

Mr Limpy – Silverdrop

Soft Pack – True Pleasures

Things that go VROOM T-shirt – True Pleasures

SINsual Shot – True Pleasures

Two – Kitty Stryker

Safer Sex Products

Mates Skyn Condoms – Nymphomaniac Ness


System JO Premium – Nuts4Belle


China doll chiffon babydoll – Buzzvibe

Satin Elbow Length Gloves – Mistress Kay

Pink Corset Style Fishnets – Mistress Kay

Books, Movies, and Games

The Kinky Girl’s Guide to Dating – True Pleasures

Rose Petals Seduction game – Mistress Kay

Expert Guide to Advanced Anal Sex DVD – Mistress Kay

Tricks to please a woman – True Pleasures

Anal Toys

Pop Plugs – Pocket RockettZ


Athena – Nymphomaniac Ness

Randy – True Pleasures

Icicles No.6 – Nymphomaniac Ness

Winston’s Tail – True Pleasures

Lovemoiselle Aveline – Nymphomaniac Ness

TheTemp – Mistress Kay

Midnight twist – Nymphomaniac Ness

Handmaiden Dong – Bean Fiddler

Rippler Silicone Dildo – Jennifer

Certified real for the month of September on real sex toy reviews

Midnight Boudoir – Certified Real

Nuts4Belle – Certified Real

Silverdrop – Certified Real

Make sure to check out their sites!

September feature posts on RSTR
Sex Toy Art – Drinking Glass

That’s it for September folks!

Creating great sex toy reviews takes a lot of time and energy.
In recognition of that, we at Real Sex Toy Reviews have decided to give out some awards and some snazzy prizes to a few of those reviewers who work so hard to educate, entertain, enlighten, and share the sex toy love.
We have also decided to leave it all up to you as to who those reviewers shall be.
Vote for your favorite reviewers HERE!
vote for your favorite sex toy reviewers

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Real Sex Toy Reviews

All submitted reviews from August 2011

All submitted reviews from August 2011 (The Big List)

Sex toy reviews by real reviewers who take the time to include photos or video along with actual opinions of the products they are reviewing.

August Big List Of Real Sex Toy Reviews 2011
Shown above as a featured product for our August Big List of real sex toy reviews is the Orchid G from Babeland. Your G spot will love it.

Summer is almost gone, but you can still wake up feeling like sunshine with the help of a special little friend. Need a new friend?
We have a huge list of sex toy reviews this month to help you decide.

On with the reviews.

Vibrator Reviews
Twenty one vibe reviews this month.

Je Joue MiMi – Karen Blue

Papaya Tattoo Strawberry – Buzzvibe

Babeland Nubby G – Jennifer

Solar Bullet – Nymphomaniac Ness

Minna Ola – True Pleasures

LELO Elise – Bean Fiddler

Bang Bang Bullet – Mistress Kay

Hitachi Magic Wand – Nymphomaniac Ness

Angelo – Mistress Kay

Bzzz Buddies Paws – Inferno

Roulette Lucky 13 – Mistress Kay

Pinnacle 7 Function Rabbit – Naked in High Heels

Twizzle Trigger – Nymphomaniac Ness

Lelo Siri – Buzzvibe

Mr Big Rabbit Vibrator – Midnight Boudoir

Vibe Therapy Dive – Nymphomaniac Ness

Pirates Pendant Vibrator – Jennifer

Rebel Toyfriend Mini – Pocket Rockettz

Inked Vibes Royal – Mistress Kay

Fleur De Lis silicone seduction – N’jaila Rhee

Groovy Chick G Spot Vibe – Toxycat

Dildo Reviews
Seventeen dildo reviews. All kinds this month.

Fun Factory Curve – Nymphomaniac Ness

Red Sweetheart Mushroom Tip Dildo – Bean Fiddler

Lelo Ella – Karen Blue

Tantus Charmer – Nymphomaniac Ness

Alumina Revolve – Bean Fiddler

Fun Factory Curve – Mistress Kay

Glow Stick Dildo – Nymphomaniac Ness

Tantus Echo – Mistress Kay

Lovemoiselle Noemie – Nymphomaniac Ness

Crackers the Cockatrice – True Pleasures

SinFive Burgono – Mistress Kay

Adam – Nymphomaniac Ness

Icicles No. 24 – Nymphomaniac Ness

Rippler Silicone Dildo – True Pleasures

Laid Stone D.1 Dildo – Nymphomaniac Ness

Leo dildo – True Pleasures

Dai-Dö no. 4 – Nymphomaniac Ness

Anal Toy Reviews
Five reviews here, but three are on the same product.
It is interesting to read reviews from different people on the same products because it shows how personal toy selection and tastes can be.

njoy Pure Plug – Bean Fiddler

Mini Vibrating Butt Plug – Midnight Boudoir

Flexi Risque Anal Probe – Mistress Kay

Flexi Risque Anal Probe – Nymphomaniac Ness

Flexi Risque Anal Probe – Miranda

Just 4 lube reviews submitted to us in the month of August.

Defense and Hydra – Bean Fiddler

Almost Naked Lubricant – Nymphomaniac Ness

Sliquid Sassy Booty – Mistress Kay

Frolic – Nymphomaniac Ness

Who doesn’t love to dress up sexy?

Exotic Breakaway Thong – True Pleasures

Sweet Streak Ruffle Corset and Skirt – Joanna Cake

Slinky tube dress – True Pleasures

Les Petites Culottes Panties – True Pleasures

Harness Reviews

RodeoH Harness – True Pleasures

Glow-in-the-Dark Harness Set – Karen Blue

Kink-BDSM Reviews

Nipple Pump Kit – Midnight Boudoir

Electro-Sex Clamps – Mistress Kay

Deluxe Digital Power Box – Mistress Kay

La Petite Lecon Ruler – Nymphomaniac Ness

Divinity Collar – Mistress Kay

Dungeon Delights Metal Wrist Shackles – Mistress Kay

Sensual Hot Wax Candle Kit – Midnight Boudoir

Cock Toys

Ona pit sucker – True Pleasures

Tenga Double Hole Sleeve – Jennifer

Lotions & Oils

Shunga Massage Candle – Buzzvibe

On 4 Her arousal oil – Buzzvibe

ID Stimulating Gel – Toxycat

Books & Movies

Love Me Like You Hate Me – Nymphomaniac Ness

Redbook’s Love Your Sex – LifeMistress Kay

The Best of Lucy Felthouse – Mistress Kay

269 Amazing Sex Tips and Tricks for Her – Mistress Kay

Family Jewels – Mistress Kay

Playing With Fire – Buzzvibe

Just a couple reviews in the novelties category this month, but they are both interesting products.

Horn on the Cob Vibrator – Joanna Cake

Jawbreaker Gag – True Pleasures

Miscellaneous Products
Who would have thought the catch-all/didn’t fit in another category section could swell so much? We have a lot of variety in this section for August.

Hypnosis for a Sensual Kegel – True Pleasures

Gee Whiz attachment for Hitachi – Buzzvibe

ClimaxBursts Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner – Mistress Kay

Swipes Lovin Wipes – True Pleasures

Pop Top Wand Attachment – Mistress Kay

Two – finger extension – True Pleasures

Pete Packer Underwear Brief – Mistress Kay

Ophoria K-Balls – Mistress Kay

Pineapple Express Pills – True Pleasures

Body Frosting – True Pleasures

Doc Johnson Pussy Pump – Midnight Boudoir

Toxycat – Certified Real
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RSTR Feature posts

Sexual enhancement products that didn’t make the grade.
Reviewers share a few of their less than favorite product reviews.
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