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Expert recommendations for your very first vibrator

buying a first vibrator recommendations

If you are thinking about getting your first vibrator, but don’t know what kind to get, then maybe we can help you out.

We asked some experts (sex toy reviewers) if they were to recommend one vibrator to a woman who had never used a vibrator of any sort before… What would it be and why?

Teagan Shepard tells us about bullet vibrators and why she thinks they are a great choice for a first vibe.
Teagan Shepard on first time vibrator selection

Nitebyrd tells us why she would recommend The Rabbit to a woman who was seeking a first time vibrator.
Nitebyrd on first time vibrator selection

Pocket RockettZ thinks a pocket rocket is the way to start with vibrators.
Pocket RockettZ on first time vibrator selection

Mistress Kay tells us why the Intimate Basics Siena is what she would recommend to someone who wants their first vibrator.
Mistress Kay on first time vibrator selection

Miranda talks about classic style vibrators and the small, discrete, and versatile Rebel Toyfriend.
Miranda on first time vibrator selection

Domina Doll recommends Pocket Rockets for women who are buying a vibe for the first time for several reasons.
Domina Doll on first time vibrator selection

Vibrators are a very personal purchase. The reason so many different styles of vibrators exist is because we all find our pleasures in slightly different ways.
Read what reviewers say and take it to heart, but always keep in mind that what works for one person may not be exactly right for someone else.
If by chance you chose a first vibrator that just doean’t seem to do it for you… don’t get discouraged.
Your next one just may be the perfect fit.

Teagan Shepard on first time vibrator selection

Vibes for First-Timers
By Teagan Shepard

I remember being a first-time vibe shopper myself. I wanted something that wasn’t intimidating size-wise, wasn’t super-strong wasn‘t going to break the bank, and was very discreet. In other words, NOT a Hitachi Magic Wand (although those are lovely devices.)

My suggestion is to go for something like a bullet. They’re very small, generally quiet, easy on the wallet, and easy to throw into your underwear drawer for hiding. My personal preference is the High Intensity Bullet from California Exotics. It’s about three inches long (this makes it easy to stash, to use between yourself and your partner, or to use by yourself), it’s waterproof (yay for tub toys!), and it has three speeds so you can adjust it as your sensitivity changes. On top of that, it’s only $14.99 so you’re not going to be out much money; this also makes it a great gift for a first-timer.
A bonus is that you have your choice of colors: you can opt for classic silver, white, or black, or you can go for metallic fuchsia or hot pink plastic with a lime green o-ring.

Decisions, decisions.
Whatever you decide, make sure to take care of it so it will last. If it’s silicone, don’t use silicone lubricant. If it’s not waterproof, don’t put it in the tub. Simple vibrators are really that: quite simple. When you’re good to them, they’ll be good to you.

Nitebyrd on first time vibrator selection

Nitebyrd tells why when asked to recommend a first vibrator for women the  Rabbit is what comes to mind.

My very first vibrator was The Rabbit. Yes, it was because of “Sex and The City”. My knowledge of vibrators, dildos, bullets, etc. could fit in a thimble. When thinking about what I would recommend to someone who was looking for their first vibrator, I went through my now extensive collection but always came back to The Rabbit.

What I like about The Rabbit is that it’s basic. It’s not so large as to be intimidating but not so small that it’s not going to do the job. The controls are easy to operate and it gives you vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously or individually. The slide controls also allow a huge variety of vibrations. A newbie can experiment for a long time finding which combination works best for her. The Rabbit is also not terribly noisy and it has that cute little bunny to make it even more friendly! The circumference is 1.50” and the insertable length is 4.50”, so it’s a perfect size, in my opinion.

BABELAND sells The Rabbit which is latex and phthalate free. Definitely something to look for when buying a vibrator. Also remember to buy lubrication. Babeland has a large selection. I’d recommend BabeLube Natural. It’s water-based made with great botanicals and mostly organic ingredients. You’ll also want to get a good supply of AA batteries. The Rabbit uses three. Once you experience what The Rabbit can do, you’ll be very disappointed if you’re ready for some fun and your Rabbit isn’t!
LinkThe Rabbit

Pocket RockettZ on first time vibrator selection

Are you ready to get your buzz on?
By Pocket RockettZ

So you are ready to get your buzz on and don’t know what kind of vibe to get.
That is an easy one. Get a pocket rocket!
Most women orgasm through clitoral stimulation rather than penetration so it just makes sense to go for a clitty vibe.
In my opinion there is absolutely nothing that can compare to a good pocket rocket.
Most pocket rocket vibes are simple, small, one speed things with tons of power. You can get them in many color combinations and even with cool print patterns.
I’m into fun colors and cuteness, so pink is right up my alley. This Pocket Rocket Vibrator is my style.
The main reason I love pocket rockets besides their simplicity and power is that I can easily take them with me anyplace I like, and if they run low on batteries almost every pocket rocket made runs on a single AA battery. Small, powerful vibrators rule.
I have tried various bullet vibes, but they get to slick from lube and are not as easy to hold onto.
Also, they always take a friggin watch battery. Watch batteries are expensive, pain in the ass batteries that you can’t usually find at 2:30 am at a convenience store. Give me a vibe that runs on double A’s any day.
If you would like to know more about my love of pocket rockets you can read my post about  how I became addicted to pocket rockets on my blog.

Mistress Kay on first time vibrator selection

Mistress Kay tells why the Intimate Basics Siena would be her top recommendation as a first time vibrator for a woman.

If I was going to recommend only one vibrator to a first-time user, I would
highly recommend the Intimate Basics Siena. It takes C batteries which is a
bit untraditional, but it’s a very affordable vibrator that is extremely
strong. However, the lower settings will work for those who don’t want
stronger vibrations. It’s plastic, so it’s body-safe, and we’ve had no
issues with the vibrator being glitchy or having problems. It has lasted us
a long time, is pretty quiet, and it’s very easy to control and use. It’s a
little too large and hard to be meant for insertion, but it does its
vibrating job wonderfully.
It’s definitely exactly what I would recommend to
someone who wants their first vibrator.
Intimate basics siena– traditional vibrator

Miranda on first time vibrator selection

Miranda tells us why she considers simple and classic the way to go when it comes to first time vibrator selection.

When considering a first vibrator my advice is to go with simple.
If you have no idea at all what type of vibrator you may be wanting the best choice in my opinion is to get the tried and true classic style vibrator (AKA the Slimline Vibe) that has been around since the beginning.
They are not to big, not to small, carry vibrations well, clean up easy, don’t cost a fortune, and get the job done. You will get no fancy bells and whistles with these types of vibrators, but they will help you see stars by giving you some wonderful pleasure.
When it comes to the classic styled vibrator the old saying of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” is so true.
There is a reason they have been making these things for ever, and they will continue to do so.
My favorite are the sleek silver ones just because I like the chrome look, but visual appeal is of course going to be different for everyone.
Slimline Vibrator at Babeland.

For those of you who are wishing a bit of a smaller vibrator for reasons of being able to hide it easily, storage reasons, or maybe even for travel, my recommendation is very different than the traditional styled Slimline vibrator.
It is the Rebel Toyfriend. This vibrator is small, quite, made with easy to clean silicone, and designed in a way to work as both an amazing clitoral vibrator, and also a G-spotter. Simple push button controls, velvety soft, and just downright wonderful, the Rebel Toyfriend is a perfect first time vibrator for those who wish something small that can do it all.
Toyfriend Mini collection at Babeland.

Domina Doll on first time vibrator selection

Pocket Rockets: The Best Vibrator for Beginners
By Domina Doll

I have owned at least ten pocket rockets over the years.  I recommend
Pocket Rockets for women who are buying a vibe for the first time for several
reasons.  The Original Pocket Rocket by Doc Johnson is the best selling mini vibrator in the world. It looks like a mini pocket flashlight and is very discrete, affordable (most under $10) and simple to use.  The “original” is such an amazing vibrator that every manufacturer that makes vibrators has come out with their own style (nearly identical to the first) in some form or fashion, including Jimmyjane who creates luxury designer sex toys, which they have called the “Iconic Pocket” that retails for $28-$40 USD.  Unless you can afford to
splurge, or are looking for a more novelty type Rocket, like the cute Hello
Kitty, I recommend buying a Doc Johnson type Pocket Rocket as they made them first and still make them the best.

Basic pocket rockets are one speed only, which is usually enough power for a
younger woman.  Older women may need a bit more ooomph, so they might want
to choose a multi-speed rocket like the Pocket Rocket Plus that is 3 speed and
a sure bet for a great clitoral vibe, or the Pocket Rocket Booster which has a
plug-in control box and has 10 speeds.  I recommend the Pocket Rocket Plus
for everyone as they are both a great starter vibes and one you can grow with
as well.  They are a bit more expensive (about $30) but worth the
investment IMHO, because sometimes you just want/need that extra bit of power.

All Pocket Rockets feature a nubbed head with 3 metal nubs spread out around
a circular head.  These three nubs are perfectly positioned to fit around
the clitoris at three various angles, giving you amazing clitoral stimulation
from the sides/top rather than direct stimulation.  Also, I should mention
that the vibrations on this great little toy are targeted to the tip, which is
where you want them (obviously) not on your hand.

There are probably 100’s of Pocket Rockets
on the market, one for every style, power preference and design.  So, if
you are buying your first vibe (or 2nd) I highly recommend getting yourself a
Pocket Rocket.  You can’t go wrong.