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Sexy Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Pocket RockettZ

It is time to think of sexy stocking stuffers.
Santa can’t do it all.
Pocket RockettZ  shares some Sexy Stocking Stuffer Ideas.

As a lover of pocket rocket vibrators it is not only my deepest desire to spread the pocket rocket wonders to all women of the world, but it is also my duty.
That makes it obvious that I would therefore recommend a nice little pocket rocket vibe be put in every woman’s stocking by Santa this year.
Since not everyone on the planet is an expert on choosing a nice pocket rocket I shall however recomend a particular one.
It is the Jimmyjane Iconic Pocket Rocket.
It is cute, not crazy loud, has power to spare, and even comes with a one-year limited warranty.
Most importantly though is that it runs smoothly. There is nothing worse than having your little vibe sound like it will blow up at any moment. Many vibes of this style do sound like that. This one is SMOOTH!
That my friends is my one and only big recommend for a stocking stuffer.

If you want to go a bit farther though I can recommend an upgrade.
The Jimmyjane Usual Suspects Kit.
Not only do you get the Iconic Pocket Rocket in this kit, but you also get an Iconic Rabbit and an Iconic Ring. The Iconic Rabbit is a dual-action rabbit vibrator with fun beads, a bendable shaft, and a rabbit ears clitoral vibe. The Iconic Ring is a vibrating cock ring with touch-sensitive vibration.
This set of three is packaged nicely and all the items are classy and nice looking.
Jimmyjane is the Bomb!

Jimmyjane Iconic Usual Suspects Sex Toy Kit

Happy Holidays from Pocket.
Don’t drink and drive!

Sexy Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Nitebyrd

It is time to think of sexy stocking stuffers.
Santa can’t do it all.
Nitebyrd shares some Sexy Stocking Stuffer Ideas.

BABELAND is just about my favorite toy store. They have all sorts of vibrators, dildos, lotions and potions and giftie things perfect for everyone’s stocking!

I just love the PIRATES items from Digital Playground. Babeland carries a nice selection. My current favorite is the Pirates Hidden Pleasure Vibe. It’s a cute bullet vibe about 4” long with three straight forward vibration settings. It’s powerful for a 1 AA battery (not included) powered vibe and comes with it’s own “satin” lined little treasure chest! Too cute and very practical. $32.00, available in Pink, Pearl or Black/Gold. I have the Black/Gold one, it’s sexy!

BLOSSOM ORGANICS makes my favorite lube and now my favorite arousal gel. When you need a little extra stimulation or just want to go over the top, this gel is fabulous! PH balanced for women, latex friendly, water based and full of pure natural and/or organic ingredients. It has no real scent, maybe a wee bit minty, no taste and comes in a easy pump dispenser. $18.00, .75 fluid oz.

My last pick is for both men and women, the Babeland Massage Candles. I’ve got one of each fragrance – Pashmina, Rice Flower and MangoVanilla. I can’t pick a favorite. They all smell positively wonderful and are pretty much unisex. The candle oil is rich, silky and flows over the skin smoothly. LOVE them! You can get the 1 oz. For $6.00 or the 3 oz. For $14.00. My advice is buy all three 1 oz., then get your favorite in the 3 oz.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Babeland Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Sexy Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Inferno

It is time to think of sexy stocking stuffers.
Santa can’t do it all.
Inferno shares some stocking stuffer ideas.

I never fail to put a bit of spice in my darlings stocking, and I always plan ahead.
I can’t say what I got her because I am sure she will be reading this, but I can share with you a few things I stumbled across on the EdenFantasys website that would make for wonderful stocking stuffers.
For stocking stuffers I like simple little things usually. The fancy (and pricey) stuff gets wrapped.

The first thing I’d like to point out is this Reversible naughty or nice mask. This is a sleeping mask or blindfold (however you wish to use it) that is red with white fuzzies and can be worn with the words “naughty” or “nice” showing depending on your mood. It is VERY Christmas, and is just perfect as a stocking stuffer.

My next thing to recomend checking out would be the Naughty Secret Santa tingle gele. Think peppermint candy plus tingles. It comes in a tiny 2oz container so doesn’t even take up much stocking space.

If your sweety has made the naughty list this year you may want to consider the Kinky Kristmas Kit. It comes with a red blindfold, a one size fits most, strap style wrist cuffs, a mini rubber flogger, a small multi speed vibe, and some peppermint flavored lube. All these little things come in a box that says “Kinky Kristmas kit,” and the cost is just $17.99!

Lastly… If you wish to be a very Jolly Santa and really make a home run in the stocking department I would recommend checking out the Don Wands Glass Pleasure Candy Cane Wand. It is a big (just the right size) glass candy cane that you can actually leave out as a decoration if you want, but it is actually designed to help bring dreams of Sugar Plum fairies and other nice things. Yes… This candy cane is for getting naughty. Check it out!

That is about it. Hope you all have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year!
Oh… and remember that if ever you are in doubt for a tiny gift (like a stocking stuffer) a nice massage candle and the gift of a massage never fails.

sexy stocking stuffers ideas with  glass candy cane

The People’s Choice Awards Results

The results are in!
The People’s Choice Sex Toy Reviewers Award Winners For 2011

The People's Choice Sex Toy Reviewers Award Winners For 2011

See the full results here!

Hosting a sex toy reviewers awards has been both fun and educating for us here at Real Sex Toy Reviews.
The amount of votes that came in was a surprise and even a bit overwhelming,  but we got them sorted out.
The awards page is located here.

Here is a quick rundown of what the people said…

The Elucidator Award for 2011 was given to Bean Fiddler!
She is Beanfiddler, hear her roar.
Congratulations Bean Fiddler. The people have spoken.
Both the Sex Positive Award The Affinity For Jocosity Award for 2011 went to Kitty Stryker!
It may sound funny, but we hadn’t even considered a reviewer winning in two categories until the votes started piling up.
Kitty is a Domme, an escort, a Burner, a queer, and a bookworm. She is also obviously very sex positive and has a sense of humor in her writing to win these two awards.
Congratulations Kitty Stryker. The people have spoken.
The Sharing Is Caring Award is given to True Pleasures!
The sex toy reviewer that brings us Tentacle Tuesday is our Sharing is caring winner. True pleasures is also one of the most prolific reviewers we know of and never fails to pump out great reviews on a regular basis.
Congratulations True Pleasures. The people have spoken.
The Risque Reviewer Award is given to Karen Blue!
Karen is a swinger who blogs about her adventures besides reviewing sex toys on her site. If you are interested in a glimpse into the swinging lifestyle along with your reviews of adult products she is the one to see.
Congratulations Karen Blue. The people have spoken.
The Reader’s Write In Award is given to Alan and Michele!
Another thing we hadn’t considered was that a couple would win an award.
Alan & Michele review as a team, and only one of us here at RSTR even knew of their site before the votes started coming in for them.
Congratulations Alan and Michele. The people have spoken.

Thank you to everyone who helped promote our awards and to everyone who voted.

sex toy review award winner

View the awards page HERE!

The People’s choice awards idea came about because we here at RSTR thought giving out some web awards would be fun, but also wanted to remain impartial. We thought letting readers of the website, and readers of the reviewers themselves vote on it would be fun.
The criteria to be up for an award was based on the amount of participation/activity of the reviewer with our site. (exception being the Reader’s  Write In Award)
We chose that method because it allowed us to include all active reviewers without losing our position of remaining impartial.

Sex toys and chocolate bars

A special feature post from Miranda on body image and masturbation.

I’m the perfect example of a women who yo yo’s.
With that term comes yo yoing weight, moods, eating habits, self image and sex.
I’ve always felt as if I’ve needed to be a certain weight and so when I gain 15 lbs, my sex drive goes from good to non existent. I find myself hiding while I change not only from my husband but from myself so I can’t see my reflection in the mirror and after a couple months of this, I become emotionally drained, grumpy and completely irrational.
My husband for the past 8 years basically gets the drift and soon begins to withdraw from me. He’s become patient and waits for me to begin exercising and begin eating well again because with that comes sex for him. I find myself using MORE sex toys during these hard up times because a sex toy isn’t going to look at me and find flaw or imperfection. I masturbate more often when I’m lacking positive self image and have sex less often.
Attached to my self image is my weight, always haunting and never consistent. I know that if I continued to have sex through these twinky eating spells I’d…
1. wouldn’t gain as much weight and
2.would be more confident in the bedroom whether I’m 130lbs or 200lbs (and yes to all out there I have hit 200 at one point in my life).
I masturbate with sex toys during these times also to release the pent up stress that not having sex causes, and then it becomes a crazy cycle of sex toy, junk food, sex toy junk food, until my waist becomes larger and my clothes stay on at night time when I crawl into bed.
Finding love only through sex toy masturbation and whatever sweet treats tempts me at the time. My husband just knows better and just lets me be. He knows that if he speaks it’ll only cause a worse problem and I potentially could drag my binge fest out for another 3 months.
I know for some women their self images are attached to their huband’s lack of response to their sexual advances, or not achieving the grades they want in college. For some it stems deeper and darker, but for me it’s the simple battle of self control with food. Some women stop even masturbating when they have these periods of low self worth, but not me. I find comfort and satisfaction in the act. I have recently came off a binge and lost 12 lbs which makes me feel sexy and worth looking at again.
I’m training for my second half marathon and eating better, but at any point I KNOW I could have a relapse and find myself with a sex toy in one hand and chocolate bar in the other, oh the joys of being a women.

Mirror Mirror and freedom in masturbation

A special feature post from Nitebyrd on body image and masturbation.

Before getting in the shower each morning, I look at myself in the mirror. “My boobs could use a lift,” I say. I suck in my stomach and wish that it would be tight and flat instead of poochy. “Ugh! I’ve got cellulite on my ass,” I whine. I wonder if I’ll ever get enough money for laser surgery for the spider veins on my legs. Exasperated, I step away from the mirror into the shower.
The next critical review takes place after I’m dressed. “Gods! My butt looks huge in this skirt,” I wail. Even with support pantyhose, my thighs still touch. “Even my earlobes are fat,” I’ll bitch as I put on earrings. Sighing, I’ll leave for work. Briefly, I’ll wonder do I look all right, what will my co-workers think? I don’t much care about them but I’ll definitely agonize about my body if I’m attending a function or out with friends. It’s not something that I’ll obsess about because I’m old enough to realize that I’m never going to have perky (real) tits again. I’m not ever going to have Tina Turner’s legs. You’ve gotta be born with them. Washboard belly? Not after two children, no matter how much CrossFit I do. But feeling inferior because I don’t look like what society dictates I should look like, yeah – I deal with it daily. The only time I never think about the deficits of my body is when I masturbate.
The times I enjoy pleasuring myself is all about ME! It’s supposed to be, isn’t it? I can feel that my breasts are heavy and full. Know that although they are not as firm as a 20 year-old, they nourished two children and fill a 38D very nicely. My nipples become erect, sensitive under my ministrations. I feel the curves of my body knowing that it’s soft and welcoming. My fingers may be chubby but they are agile. I can enjoy the wetness of my vagina, the full folds of my labia as I place a vibrator against my clit. Thinking that my sex birthed children which is why it may not be as tight as pre-birth. I also know that my cunt has made several men cry out in ecstasy. That makes me smile as I work the toy exactly the way I know will bring me the most satisfying orgasm. I also know that by masturbating and knowing my body – with all its faults and with all its wonders – has made me more accepting of those faults and more thrilled by it’s wonders. It also allows me the freedom to love my body/myself, totally without any guilt or shame.
In case you’d like to know my current favorite toy it’s the Lelo Nea. Delicious!
Link for LELO NEA ~ Nea

Written by Nitebyrd – A dust Bunny In The Wind

Enhancement products that didn’t make the grade

When you buy a sex toy you want it to do the job it was made for.
When you buy some lube you want it to perform the way it was advertised.
Sadly, it doesn’t always work out that way.

Not all products designed for sexual enhancement are created equal.
Some fall short of doing what they are designed to do while others are total failures.
We asked some sex toy reviewers to share a review of a theirs that was of a product that didn’t make the grade…
This is what we got.

sex toy fail product fail

First we have the review True Pleasures sent to us of the Lavender System JO glide massage oil.
True Pleasures reviewed this product last October, and though she found it slick and thought the idea of a massage oil that you can use as a lube was great, it still fell short.
Among other things, a lack of a proper ingredients list on the product made her leery.
Find out the other reasons the Lavender scented – System JO glide massage oil didn’t make the grade for True Pleasures by reading her review here.

Next we have our very own Miranda’s contribution (she is a moderator here on Real Sex Toy Reviews) of the Oralicious Banana Split oral sex cream.
According to Miranda an icky taste and a dead feeling tongue just are not conducive to a good time. She even titled her review “ORALICIOUS MY ASS!”
You can read Miranda’s review of the Oralicious Banana Split oral sex cream here to find out what else she thought of the product.

Teagan Shepard shared with us her review of the “waterproof” Screaming O Ling-O Vibrating Tongue Ring that she says kept slipping off her tongue and included a bullet vibe that had a lifespan of a full 10 minutes.
Read Teagan’s full review of the Screaming O Ling-O and check out the picture of the “waterproof” bullet vibe she includes here.

From Pocket RockettZ we received her review of the Divine Inspiration Rotating Massager that she says not only failed at doing the job it was designed to do, but it actually caused pain. Or to quote her: “Hurt My Kitty.”
Read Pocket RockettZ review of the Divine Inspiration here and what she has to say about the product.

Inferno sent a note along with his submission saying that although he didn’t mention it in his review, he was doubly disappointed in the Double Hole Sleeve he reviewed because he is a big fan of Tenga (the manufacturer of the product) and expected more from them.
If you would like to know why Inferno didn’t like the Double Hole Sleeve, you can read his review here.

Buzzvibe originally reviewed the Grrl Toyz Silk Touch Egg Vibe MAY of 2010 and found there was room for improvement, but thought it would be an o.k. product for anyone wanting to try a multi-function egg. Read Buzzvibe’s original review of the Grrl Toyz Silk Touch Egg here.
This year Buzzvibe re-reviewed the Grrl Toyz Silk Touch Egg Vibe and was less lenient with it’s shortcomings.
Here is a small excerpt from from the Buzzvibe 2011 review of the Grrl Toyz Silk Touch Egg Vibe that expresses her feelings about the product:
“I would visibly sneer at my Silk Touch Egg whenever I caught a glimpse of it in my toy drawer. I resented it for taking up space. It didn’t deserve to hang out with my LaysSpot and Hitachi, so I soon stashed it in the far corner of my junk drawer. And that’s where it has stayed, along with a few other toys I’ve retired because I got bored with them or found better replacements, so it’s not alone, but it’s definitely my least favorite vibe so far.”
Read Buzzvibe’s more current review of the Grrl Toyz Silk Touch Egg Vibe here and see why.

Nymphomaniac Ness shared with us her review of the Super BoyZ Swirl Girth Ring.
The Nymphomaniac Ness included a little note when she sent us this review of the Super BoyZ Swirl Girth Ring saying that she thinks couples sex toys and enhancers can go wrong more often than solo play toys because they have to please and work for both partners rather than an individual. She says:
“I’ve found that when a couples toy lets me down it has also let my partner down just through the experience of it not pleasing both of us.”
You can read the full review on the Super BoyZ Swirl Girth Ring from The Nymphomaniac Ness here.

So there we have it.
As you can see, not all sexual enhancement products are going to get a rave review every time.
In some cases a product may be of low quality. Sometimes it may just be a personal taste issue of the reviewer.
Sex toy reviewers see a lot of enhancement products and if they are honest reviewers you will sometimes see reviews like those included above because that is what reviewing is about. Sorting the good from the bad, and sharing the pros and cons of the majority of products that fall right in the middle.
For the most part you will see average and above type sex toy reviews. The reason for that is because retailers and manufacturers of sexual aids are usually smart enough not to send the really bad stuff off to be reviewed.
The really bad stuff is still out there though. Toxic chemicals, known allergens, and even lead paints are sometimes used.
Always look for safe toys, and when you read a review that points out the not so good points of a product you may have been considering maybe even drop the reviewer a comment of thanks for helping you not waste your money and an evening of fun.