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Retro Pocket Rocket – Midnight Boudoir

Retro Pocket Rocket from Big Teaze Toys is a five inch long, waterproof, single speed vibrator designed to look like a retro toy rocket. This product is powered by a single AA battery and comes with a plastic stand designed to look like the moon.

retro rocket vibe

Here is a short excerpt from the Midnight Boudoir review of the Retro Pocket Rocket Massager:
“I’m sooo very impressed with this little vibe and being a rumbly rather than a buzzy vibe its brilliant for massage too. The motor is built right in the nose of the rocket making this perfect for pinpoint pressure sensation or massage. All the main vibrations are concentrated at the tip, I have never had a toy that does this, most vibes travel down the shaft making your hand numb or tingly.”

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Trustex Multiflavored Condoms – True Pleasures

Trustex Multiflavored Condoms are FDA approved lubricated latex condoms designed to provide a safe-sex alternative for those who dislike the taste of latex or wish to add some novelty to sex while using condoms.

Here is a small excerpt from True Pleasures review of Trustex Multiflavored Condoms:
“The taste isn’t bad, once you get past the initial taste of artificial sweeteners, it’s a lot like those banana-shaped Runts from Willy Wonka.”

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Bedroom Eyes Mascara Vibrator – Kitty Stryker

The Bedroom Eyes Mascara Vibrator from screaming O’s studio collection is a small waterproof vibrator designed to look like a mascara applicator. This product features three speeds of vibration and a push button control.

Here is a short snippet from Kitty Stryker’s review of the Bedroom Eyes Mascara Vibrator:
“Of course this makes for the perfect femme purse item- it’ll discreetly nestle among all your other toys and can make any bathroom touchup into a little more touching… I can’t wait to give it a try. It’s quiet enough that you can get up to no good without other people hearing you. Unless you giggle.”

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Love Bunnies – Alan & Michele

Love Bunnies are small rabbit shaped silicone sleeves available in three different colors that come with a 1-speed color matching insertable bullet vibrator to make them vibrate.

Here is an excerpt from Alan & Michele’s review of the Love Bunnies:
“Neither of us are all that sensitive, and the vibrations are too buzzy to be suitable for massages, so we just accepted that this would be a teaser toy for us. The vibrations travel through the whole toy but are the strongest in the head and ears. Depending on which part we used where, in some areas of the body it aroused and in others it tickled, both of which were fun to discover. It was also fairly quiet as sex toys go.”

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TAOI Pure Vibes – Toxycat

The TAOI Pure Vibes Intimate Massager is a small novelty vibrator measuring just three inches across designed to look like a small stylized orchid. This product is made with body safe silicone and has a built in single use, multi-speed vibrator with a forty five minute lifespan.

TAOI Pure Vibes Intimate Massager

Here is an excerpt from Toxycat’s review of the TAOI Pure Vibes Intimate Massager:
The petals on it are incredibly soft and flexible with a raised nodule in the middle. The stem is actually the on/off bit…..simply turn the stem to switch on ..then keep turning to increase the intensity. Now i just assumed because it was disposable it wouldn’t be that powerful….how wrong was I……this thing switched up to full power…..even though it sounded like an angry wasp….was incredibly powerful…and the vibrations travelled well across the petals.

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I Rub My Duckie – Spoken Pandora

I Rub My Duckie® from Big Teaze Toys is a five inch long x three and half inch wide yellow rubber duck that is also a three speed waterproof vibrator.

Here is an excerpt from the Spoken Pandora review of I Rub My Duckie:
“So lets get down to what everyone really wants to know. How do you use it? Simple. The flat part of the ducks body is where you press to turn it on and off. You do have to go through all three vibes to turn it off. The strongest parts of the duck, where the vibrations are felt the most, are the tail and head. You can use these one at a time or simultaneously to massage your mate.”

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Penis Cupcake Pan – Buzzvibe

The Penis Cupcake Pan is an aluminum pan measuring 9-1/2″ x 7-1/2″ with six penis shaped compartments designed for baking penis shaped cakes.

Here is a small snippet from the Buzzvibe review of the Penis Cupcake Pan:
“Often bakeware doesn’t come in any sort of packaging, but this cake pan arrived in a clear plastic bag that was stapled to a large hang tag. The pan is made from aluminum and has six penis-shaped cavities, each measuring 4 3/8” by 2 3/4 inches.”

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This review contains demonstrations of use in making cupcakes, creating a chocolate penis, and rice cereal treats.