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RodeoH – DIY Orgasms

The RodeoH strap on harness is a unique set of underwear with an O ring and pocket in front which holds most flared base dildos. The RodeoH is machine washable, designed for extended wear, and to be more comfortable than standard harness systems.


Here is a short excerpt from the DIY Orgasms review of the RodeoH:
“The RodeoH might not the sexiest or skimpiest set of underwear in our drawers but they allow us to strap up hours before. Dildos fit as they should in this harness thanks to a strong O-Ring and a wide surface area material coverage.”

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Mr Right Packing Dildo – silverdrop

The Mr Right Packing Dildo from Vixen Creations, Inc is a four inch long, realistically designed, flaccid dildo with attached realistic scrotum. This product is made from silicone and weighs half a pound.

Packing dildo

Here is a snippet from Silverdrop’s review of the Mr. Right – packing dildo:
“I love to play out all the things he’ll do to make me hard before I switch out harnesses and cocks to simulate getting an erection. Gender fuck is mostly in the head, but having great props like Mr Right makes it even hotter.”

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Versatile mini dress – True Pleasures

The Versatile dress and thong clubwear set by DreamGirl (AKA DreamGirl Topsy Turvy Dress) is Microfiber dress and thong set that can be worn as a halter, or turned upside down for a strapless, tie hem dress. Made with Polyester / Spandex and one size fits most.

Here is a short snippet from True Pleasures review of the Versatile dress and thong clubwear set:
“The DreamGirl Topsy Turvy Dress is a slightly ruched mini dress with, what seems to me, three styles of fabric. The majority of the dress is made from a smooth, semi-matte finish, stretchy fabric, which is complimented by smooth, shiny strips down the middle. The straps that connect to those strips are the same shine, but they feel slightly smoother.”

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NippleCharms – BashfulBabe

NippleCharms are non-piercing nipple jewelry designed to stay attached to the nipple via tension.

Here is an excerpt from BashfulBabe’s NippleCharms review:
“I wore them for only twenty minutes the first time, as I was unsure how my nipples would take to them (my skin is a timorous beastie, and especially sensitive parts like my nipples are prone to kicking up a fuss over nothing), but when there was no cause for alarm, with the colouring of my nipples staying rosy, and there being neither an increase in pain nor a decrease in sensation, I started wearing them for longer periods, up to several hours with no problem.”

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RodeoH harness – Silverdrop

The RodeoH harness is designed with the idea of being significantly more comfortable than a standard strap-on harness system. Made of Cotton / Spandex the RodeoH wears like regular underwear with an added section on the front designed to secure a flare based dildo without the use of straps or buckles.


Here is a small excerpt from Silverdrop’s review of the RodeoH harness:
“You can wear it under your clothes, with or without a packing dildo, or pull it on spur of the moment when you decide you want to be wearing a dick. The cons that it has all stem from it not being an actual harness. It’s something new in the field of dildo-wearing-devices.”

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Babeland Body Massage Bar – True Pleasures

Babeland Body Massage Bars are a blend of Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter with added fragrance that when warmed turns to a buttery massage oil.

Here is an excerpt from True Pleasures review of the Babeland Body Massage Bar:
“This isn’t the first Babeland Body Massage Bar that I’ve had, and it won’t be the last. These lovely little disks melt easily with body heat and provide enough slip for a good 10-15 minute massage (how long I usually massage before my hands get tired). I’ve never had any issues with buildup, or any greasy/oily feeling. It just soaks right in, after a while, and leaves behind only the scent.”

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Jopen Intensity – Karen Blue

The Jopen Intensity is a rabbit styled g-spot and clitoral vibe with the unique addition of electro-stimulation. Besides being used for pleasure purposes this product is designed to strengthen women’s pelvic floor muscles via the stimulation.

Here is an excerpt from Karen Blue’s review of the Jopen Intensity:
“The problem I had with this product, and I might be totally unique in my experience, was that I automatically “tighten-up” my pelvic muscles with any stimulation. I noticed the electrodes at first, then I turned the vibrations on and forgot about the electrodes for a minute. I stopped feeling the electrodes working. I had to relax my muscles in order to feel it again. As you can imagine, this was a complete distraction and I was unable to orgasm with this product.”

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This review also includes a short video showing the features of the Jopen Intensity.