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Liquid Silk – BashfulBabe

Liquid Silk is a water based, non-tacky personal lube designed for all types of uses. This product is also billed as being “Bio-Static,” which means that it will prevent the spreading of Bacteria. Liquid Silk is compatible with latex and silicone.

Here is an excerpt from the BashfulBabe review of Liquid Silk water-based personal lube:
“The lube itself really does feel a lot different to most others I’ve tried. It’s almost like a face cream and feels kind of greasy-oily when you first squeeze it out, although it doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve dropped a bat of butter between your thighs, which was my first concern. A little really does go a long way and it takes quite a while to dry up so avoid the temptation to think it’s thinner than it is, go nuts, and wind up having to take a mop to your nether regions!”

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Earthly Body Waterslide Lubricant – Buzzvibe

Earthly Body Waterslide Lubricant is a water-based personal lube designed with simple ingredients and featuring natural carrageenan extract. This product has no silicones, petroleums, parabens, glycerins or preservatives and is vegan friendly.

Buzzvibe review of the Earthly Body Waterslide Lubricant:
“There’s no antimicrobial or preservative ingredient listed. In fact, the packaging quite proudly points out that WaterSlide doesn’t contain any “silicones, petroleums, parabens, sticky glycerins or preservatives” so maybe none is really necessary? I’m certainly not about to keep my lube in the refrigerator, and I haven’t noticed any deterioration or spoilage in the many weeks that this bottle has been opened and in use. Also, the ingredients are vegan friendly, and this lube is made in the USA.”

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J&D’s Baconlube – BashfulBabe

J&D’s Baconlube is a water based personal lubricant designed to taste of cooked bacon. This product may not be used with latex condoms.

Here is a short excerpt from BashfulBabe’s review of J&D’s Baconlube:
“Smell is second only to taste in all things bacon and here again I was surprised how mild it was. It was a lot sweeter than I’d imagined it would be. The main thought that came to mind was unsmoked bacon slathered in syrup: meaty and piggy but with that maple-sweetness instead of crackly saltiness. Despite a mild oily texture on the tongue, if a lot was applied it was less offensive to my palate than most un-flavoured lubes and certainly an improvement over the standard berries and cherries saccharine-fests.”

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J&D’s Baconlube – Blacksilk

J&D’s Baconlube is a water based, flavoured personal lubricant designed to simulate the taste of cooked bacon.

Here is a taste of what Blacksilk has to say in her review of J&D’s Baconlube Bacon Flavoured Lubricant:
“There’s good news and bad: it tastes and smells broadly of bacon. The problem is that word “broadly”. Could I be confused into thinking I was licking liquid bacon (get on it, Science)? No. Is it at least bacony? Yes. Straight from the bottle it smells a little over-sweet and not particularly bacon-like. During and after use, however, the meatiness of the bacon comes through.”

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Oral Sex Candy – Buzzvibe

Oral Sex Candy from Zero Tolerance Toys is a liquefied flavored water based lube that comes in a small spray container. It is available in watermelon, cherry, raspberry and strawberry flavors.

Here is a short snippet from the Buzzvibe review of the watermelon flavor Oral Sex Candy:
“Oral Sex Candy Spray is a thin liquid, like water, and dispenses in a fine mist when you push the pump top. It reminds me of sore throat spray, only with out the nasty medicine taste. I love watermelon itself, but oddly enough I don’t like watermelon-flavored stuff. Still, while I’d probably prefer one of the other flavors, this tastes okay.”

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A short descriptive video is included with this review:

Boob Lube – Karen Blue

Zero Tolerance Boob Lube is a personal lubricant from Evolved Novelties marketed as a lube for “titty fucking.” This product is water based and suitable for multiple types of use.

Here is a short snippet from Karen Blue’s review of the Zero Tolerance Boob Lube:
“I received the 2 oz. container which has a slide pop-top and is great for travel. It feels smooth and silky, almost like oil but it does not contain oil. It is easy to clean this with soap and water. I didn’t need to really clean up after this lube, as it absorbed really nicely into the skin. This lube is safe to use with condoms and for use on sensitive skin. It is tasteless and odorless.”

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Natural Intimate Lubricant – Spoken Pandora

Natural Intimate Lubricant from Bedroom Kandi is a water based personal lubricant that is glycerine free, vegan, safe for use with latex, rubber, and silicone sex toys, and produced in the USA.

 Natural Intimate Lubricant Review

Here is a short excerpt from Spoken Pandora’s review of Bedroom Kandi Natural Intimate Lubricant:
“So for all of my head-giving and kitty-licking deviants; great news! The Natural Intimate Lubricant doesn’t have a taste or awkward smell. So when your fingers, hands, toes, and dildos get tired; go ahead and feast. Because it is pretty much tasteless, you can enjoy your partner as if he or she had nothing on.”

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