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Sex Shakers – Bean Fiddler

Sex Shakers is a dice game from Kheper Games, Inc. and consists of two plastic shakers with plastic dice in them. One shaker has a die with different body parts on it while the other has actions.

Here is a short excerpt from Bean Fiddler’s review of the Sex Shakers Dice Game:
“My Man and I spent some time playing Sex Shakers and was actually much more fun than I anticipated. We had a ton of laughs and found it great for fun, silly foreplay. Of course, he kept saying, “Come on, loin??” every time it came up. “Loin” cracked me up too, but then I realized that is terribly politically correct and good no matter who is playing, so I can support that.”

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52 Sex Positions Flash Cards – True Pleasures

The 52 Sex Positions Flash Cards set includes 52 reference cards illustrations of sex positions designed with the idea of giving couples ideas for variety in their sex lives. Each card also includes simple he/she instructions and helpful tips on the position shown.

Here is a short excerpt from True Pleasures the 52 Sex Positions Flash Cards set:
“Each card has a tasteful illustration, instructions on how to get into position for each partner, and a general summary of how to go about setting the plan into motion. The instructions are very easy to follow, even if your brain is clouded with carnal desire.”

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Risque Rollers Dice – Pocket RockettZ

The Risque Rollers Dice are a set of sex play dice with commands to tickle, kiss, lick, suck, stroke or blow on the face, lips, back, chest, inner thighs and penis or clitoris.

Her is a snippet from Pocket RockettZ review of the Risque Rollers Dice:
“These dice I think are made for up to 4 people.
Basically you have 4 colored dice with body parts on them and one dice with an action.
Since we had 8 people we double up as teams and took turns rolling.
I think having teams made us braver , but in the beginning I was the biggest wussy.
That didn’t last long though because we had a rule that if you wussed you had to shoot a duck fart.”

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