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Icicles No 08 – llellsee

The Icicles No. 8 from Pipedream Products is a smooth double ended dildo made of Pyrex glass that features a straight shaft with three very slightly graduated smooth bumps and a bulbous end on one side.

Here is a bit of what llellsee has to say in her review of The Icicles No. 8:
“I find my favourite use for this is to first warm it up in hands and apply a small amount of lube before inserting the smaller end using the ball as a handle, the sensations from slowly inserting the ripples can be surprisingly intense. This being a smooth textured toy I also found it great for lubing up and using to rub my clit, and being made of glass it can be heated up or cooled down before play.”

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Crystal Jellies Royal – Woman

The Crystal Jellies Royal is a nine inch long, flexible, realistically shaped dildo made of PVC featuring a sculpted ball sack and a suction cup base.

Crystal Jellies Royal

Here is a short excerpt from Woman’s review of the Crystal Jellies Royal Dildo:
“With his suction cup base he can stick to any shiny surface. He spent the night horizontally in my bathroom and was still there when I woke in the morning. He’s got a fair bit of give because of his squishy nature.”

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Boxie – Mimi

Boxie the fox is a five and a half inch long Zeta paws dildo made of silicone designed to simulate the penis appearance and shape of a fox or other small canine. This product is available with three firmness options.

Boxie the Fox

Here is an excerpt from Mimi’s review of the Boxie the fox Anthro Dildo:
“Boxie’s suction cup works great. I have used him in the shower and he stick to wall and floor of the shower hard. Sadly my shower is too small for me to move around in for masturbation this way. If you have a bigger shower though, I encourage you to try it out.”

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Wirly Girly 2 – DIY Orgasms

The Wirly Girly 2 is a five and a quarter inch long, slim, silicone dildo with a ribbed swirling pattern down the shaft and a heart shaped base. This dildo is compatible with most O ring harness systems.

Here is a short excerpt from the DIY Orgasms video review of the Wirly Girly 2 dildo:
“The shaft of the dildo is slightly ribbed. The ribs are not overly expressed, it’s very subtle. It is a big plus for me because I like a bit of texture with dildos, but I’ve had dildos in the past that are to extreme and all you can feel is these ribs going in and out and it can be quite uncomfortable.”

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The Twister – Bean Fiddler

The Twister is a short, clear, glass dildo with a bulbous head and ribbed with a black swirl pattern on it’s shaft. This dildo features a flared base with small glass bumps for added sensation and a handle on the base that can be used for thrusting or spinning the object.

The Twister

Here is a short excerpt from Bean Fiddler’s review of the Twister:
“As it has a flared base, the Twister can also be used anally. The short length makes it good to use as a plug but it will probably be to short to stimulate a man’s prostate if you were to want to use it that way. You can sterilize your Twister with the previously mentioned 10% bleach solution which make switching between anal and vaginal use easy as pie.”

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Fleshjack Pierre Fitch Dildo – Incendiaire

The FleshJack Pierre Fitch Dildo from Fleshlight is an eight and three quarter inch long realistically designed dildo made of medical grade silicone. This product is modeled after gay porn star Pierre Fitch’s penis.

Here is a small excerpt from Incendiaire’s review of the Fleshjack Pierre Fitch Dildo:
“Across the surface of the product every minute crease and wrinkle of the skin can be seen, every hair follicle on the scrotum is accounted for, and every vein which twists and branches across the shaft has been captured in full. There’s even a slight indentation at the point of the urinary meatus, and a ridge marking the remnants of the frenulum.”

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T-Rex – True Pleasures

The T-Rex dildo from Tantus is a thick silicone dildo featuring a semi realistic design with a veined shaft and an exaggerated corona. This dildo is compatible with most harness systems.

Tantus T-Rex Dildo

Here is a bit of what True Pleasures has to say about the Tantus T-Rex Dildo in her review:
“Even lubed and warmed up really well, the lip is just too much pressure for my g-spot. Plus, since it has those edges instead of being smooth curves, that also detract from my comfort level. I think it’s mostly the top edge. Keep in mind that I’m very petite (5’1” and about 98lbs). Those of a larger build may not have this problem.”

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