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Tantus Cush – Bean Fiddler

The Tantus Cush is a seven inch long, semi-realistic designed, dual density dildo made with a soft layer of silicone over a firm inner core. This dildo features a pronounced coronal ridge and a another angled ridge midway down on the shaft for added sensation. The Tantus Cush is compatible with most harness systems.

cush dildo

Here is an excerpt from Bean Fiddler’s review of the Tantus Cush dual density silicone dildo:
“I love how this dildo feels inside me. As I slowly thrust, I can feel the girth of the Tantus Cush gently spreading me and I really like this feeling. I feel the give of the top layer of squashy silicone and the firmness of the core beneath it. To me, sex toys always feel significantly different than a live penis but there is something more similar about the Tantus Cush. It doesn’t feel the same but it is definitely closer.”

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Sin Five Flow – Nymphomaniac Ness

The Sin Five Flow is a circle of flexible silicone around a wire core with a separate vibrating bullet to create a custom vibe that can be bent and twisted into endless shapes. The circle measures 6 inches in diameter and 11 inches in length when both sides are pushed together. Comes with a push button bullet vibrator made from ABS plastic measuring 3 inches in length.

Sin Five Flow

Here is a short excerpt from the Nymphomaniac Ness review of the Sin Five Flow:
“Twisted and curved as a customisable G-spot toy – this is one of the best advantages of using this toy; if you have a fussy G-spot and need a toy to curve a particular way, then the Flow might be perfect for you. I was able to curve the toy and use it in a prodding motion to get the desired stimulation. I did, however, find that if using the toy too fiercely it would sometimes lose its shape.”

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Icicles No24 – Sassy

The Icicles No24 is a hand-blown, highly textured Pyrex glass massage wand / dildo made by Pipedream Products featuring many bumps and ridges, and designed to look similar to an octopus tentacle.

Icicles No 24 Tentacle Glass Dildo Review

Here is an excerpt from Sassy’s review of the Icicles No24 Tentacle Glass Dildo:
“I think you’ll agree that this is an exquisite work of art which wouldn’t look out of place as a decorative ornament in your living room – I bet there wouldn’t be many people who would imagine the secret pleasures it can bring! The dildo has been uniquely designed to represent an octopus tentacle and I have to say, it’s pretty darn close.”

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Goodfella – Silverdrop

The Goodfella dildo from Vixen Creations is a seven inch long, dual density, realistically designed dildo featuring 3-dimensional realistic testicles, a veined shaft, and an O ring harness-ready base.

Goodfella dildo review

Here is a small snippet from Silverdrop’s
“The balls give that extra verisimilitude that my previous harness dildo lacked, and because they are pressed against my clit during vigorous activity, I get extra stimulation as well. It doesn’t feel like a toy. It feels like my missing dick finally turned up.”

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Icicles No.17 Violet Blossom – Mrs JoJo

The Icicles No. 17 Violet Blossom Glass Dildo from Pipedream Products is an eight and a half inch long glass dildo made of smooth blue Pyrex featuring a flat base and a clear, round, bulbous head with a flower design inside.

Here is a snippet from Mrs JoJo’s review of the
Icicles Violet Blossom Glass Dildo No 17:
“I first used this as a massager, which feels divine, especially when you let it rest in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. I would suggest you give this a try, at the end of a tired working day, get your partner to warm it up and then start by using the top round end, starting from the base of your neck, down the side of your spin, slightly pressured. Then use it in a rolling motion, it feels great!”

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Cosmos Orgasmic Dildo – A Couple of Wankers

The Cosmos Orgasmic Glass Dildo is a handmade, clear, Pyrex, double-ended dildo measuring just under eight inches in length, with swirl design inside. This glass dildo features a smooth shaft with tapered nobs on each end.

Here is a little bit of what A Couple of Wankers say in their review of the Cosmos Orgasmic Glass Dildo:
“I have tried this toy anally a couple of times, and found it quite easy to slip up there as a beginner. Probably this is due to the complete smoothness and lack of friction. I know Alex finds the hardness of glass difficult to take anally, but the times I have tried I have really enjoyed it.”

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Anniix – Nymphomaniac Ness

The Anniix Fusion is a seven and a half inch long silicone dildo with a partially hollowed core designed to allow two fingers inside and control this silicone dildo with ease. This product is ribbed for extra stimulation.

Here is a small excerpt from the Nymphomaniac Ness review of the Anniix Fusion dildo:
“Overall, I like the idea behind the Anniix, and the finger chambers do make the toy more comfortable to use than a lot of dildos, but I feel that the girth and textures need to be a little less. Normally I’m all for girth and textures, and rarely experience any problems, but with the Anniix I feel the combination work against the toy, making it uncomfortable to use at times.”

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