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Midnight Boudoir – Certified Real

Midnight Boudoir is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Sex Toy reviews from a Bi-sexual sadomasochist Rock Chick!

Midnight Boudoir (aka Midnight Blondi)has been collecting and using sex toys for over 20 years and claims that through the use of sex toys she has learned much about her own body. Her desire to share knowledge, and a passion for writing since her teens lead her towards sex toy reviewing, and her blog Midnight Boudoir.

She tells us that along with her boyfriend of close to 25 years, she enjoys experimenting with new toys, and since they are very playful the toys are always pushed to their limits.
Besides just playing with the toys she reviews, Midnight also tries to keep up to date with the ever changing world of products.
She says she is always researching to keep herself updated on the latest sex toys and materials so she can give the best advice possible, and back up her reviews in a fun, educational, and honest way.

About the toys and reviews on her site she says this:
“I genuinely get excited when I get a new toy and cant wait to share any information about it and I always add my own photos detailing the products to help with my explanations; plus add comparisons between similar products to help you choose. The primary purpose of my site is to guide people in the right direction for the right product to suit them.”

She also says:
“Sex toys can be a world of confusion so I write my reviews as though you were relaxing, feet up on my sofa having a coffee and cake and having a girly laugh about the latest toys; and how and why they may work for you.”

To her readers she would like to say:
“I hope my reviews will help you choose the correct toys or lingerie,
books, lotions and potions, games and DVD’s for you to improve your
sex-life like it has improved mine. I feel a new woman and I would
love to make others feel that confidence that I feel!”

You can also follow Midnight via her Twitter

Toxycat – Certified Real

Toxycat is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Toxycat has been a sex toy reviewer for quite some time and has become a trusted reviewer for many companies.
She is also an active member of several sex-toy online forums, and is a moderator on two of them.

Her blog ‘Toxylicious XXX‘ which is dedicated to reviews and updates regarding adults toys, lingerie and sexual health products came about last year as a follow on to her reviews on company sites and her involvement in the forums.

Toxycat says she strives to provide honest reviews on her blog that are both detailed and informative.
She also says:
“I’m happy and open to talk about most things, and most of all enjoy reviewing!!”

Besides her blog, you can get in touch with Toxycat on flup, and you can follow her via her Twitter.

Karen Blue – Certified Real

Karen Blue is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Karen Blue began doing sex toy reviews when she was approached by EdenFantasys to do reviews for them on her popular sex blog KissinBlueKaren.
Karen says that she was immediately hooked on doing reviews and sought out Good Vibrations and Babeland to review products for them. Karen also does reviews for shevibe, and was recently accepted into the California Exotics SexPert program as well.
Karen Blue says she primarily does reviews to help the consumer learn about new products and how they can enhance their sex life. She also says that she doesn’t mind trying out a product that isn’t so hot, just so she can warn someone about it. Luckily though she claims that she has not found too many products that she didn’t love.
Karen has her own branded online sex toy store called BlueSwing Store in partnership with EdenFantasys.

Besides sex toy reviews you will find a lot of personal information and sexual adventures on Karen’s blog.
Karen Blue is a swinger in a long term committed relationship, and has a very
open lifestyle. She started her website as a way to have a place to talk
about her experiences and she says that over time it has evolved into something she is very proud of.
Karen says that she is a professional nurse in her vanilla life (NOTE: Vanilla is a term swingers use for non swingers and non swinging related situations or activities) and has 4 children.
She is also the founder of BlueSwing group on a swinger dating site and has over 200 members that she coordinates events for. Karen says she loves hosting swingers parties, and that she is very out-going and enjoys meeting new people.

Teagan Shepard – Certified Real

Teagan Shepard is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Teagan Shepard started doing sex toy reviews as part of her mission to be pro-long-term monogamous relationships and to help provide encouragement to work through issues on my blog. Teagan finds that her readers enjoy the products as much as the advice.
On her site ( #UpL8 w/ @TeaganShepard ) Teagan says she enjoys being of assistance or amusement any way she can, and welcomes your questions.

Teagan is a happily married woman with a toddler. She says that she has been through her share of marriage troubles, and she feels like her experiences are worth sharing:
As Teagan says it… “we took the hard road not the ‘easy way out’ and it’s so worth it.”

Teagan identifies herself as a sex-positive Christian.

The Nymphomaniac Ness – Certified Real

The Nymphomaniac Ness is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

The Nymphomaniac Ness started writing reviews May 2010 on Lovehoney.
She says she has always been interested in sex and since a young age wanted to help others have a better understanding of sex.
The desire to help others have a better understanding of sex has also led her to working part time on getting a psychology degree. Once finished with her degree she hopes to continue into the world of sex therapy, sexology, or something similar.
The Nymphomaniac Ness likes to give people reviews to read that are honest, and she says she doesn’t write about anything that she hasn’t tried out herself unless otherwise stated. The Nymphomaniac Ness feels that sometimes trial and error is a big element within choosing sex toys and she hopes that her opinions and experiences will assist other when choosing toys.

About the content of her blog ‘Note’s From the Nymphomaniac Ness‘ she says:
“Not only do I study sex within psychology I dive into its history and science; at times I may write small little blogs about this information. ”
She also says:
“My blog is also somewhere I am able to write about my current sexual habits whether things are going slow and boring or fast and exciting, I like to write about what’s going on in real life.”

Besides her blog, you can also keep up to date with The Nymphomaniac Ness via her Facebook page.

Jennifer – Certified Real

Jennifer is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Jennifer began doing sex toy reviews earlier this year, shortly after having her son.
As she puts it:
“After having my son, my partner and I’s schedules were hectic and time for intimacy between us has been rare. I’ve since started a mass interest in sex
toys for both him and I, and because of that, we’ve had loads of fun
spicing up our sex life with them as well as enjoying them on our own!”

Jennifer says she enjoys sharing things and started doing reviews with the goals of educating herself more, helping others, and showing off the really great products.

This is how Jennifer describes her review style:
“My reviews are to the point and I don’t make an effort to be flowery,
only as straight-forward as possible. If I don’t like something, then
I’ll say so (without being rude, of course). If I do like something, I
make sure to explain why I like it so much, and make suggestions based
on my experiences with any product. As a bi-sexual female (with an
open-minded partner), we explore with a wide range of products and
always make the effort to give the most informative reviews we can.”

Besides reviews, Jennifer likes to promote sites from her blog Fantasy Treasures which she feels give good information about toys, sex, and sexual health.

True Pleasures – Certified Real

True Pleasures is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

True Pleasures began her reviewing  after  getting fed up searching for sex toys.
She felt  that sleazy packaging and questionable materials dominated the market, and she  didn’t really have any idea what she was was getting herself into.
She found that very few companies had the amount of information she was looking for.
As she educated herself she thought she should share the wealth of knowledge. Surely there were others who were in the same boat as she had been when she started looking for sex toys.

True Pleasures says she is a natural born nympho and has been messing with her naughty bits since really early childhood.
With a  high libido, concern for health, and knack for writing she supposes  it’s only natural that she ended up as a sex toy reviewer/sex blogger.

Aside from hosting her reviews, True Pleasures Blog is her journal. She likes to keep detailed accounts of sex escapades and even tries to work out her relationship problems.

She says:
“You’ll have to pardon the drama, but writing out my problems is the only way I can get my thoughts organized enough to work them out in real life. It’s also furry/tentacle geek central. I’m weird and I love to share.”

As for describing her review style she says:
“My reviews are primarily to educate. My main goal with writing reviews is to keep the public informed and to keep the manufacturers in line. However, with my strange sense of humor and the antics with my husband, they can turn out to be another form of entertainment. I spare no details, which makes the reviews quite long sometimes.”

If you are wishing to keep updated on True Pleasures you can do so with tweets via  True Pleasures on Twitter, connecting with True Pleasures via Facebook, and following True Pleasures on Tumblr.