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Spoken Pandora – Certified Real

Spoken Pandora is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Spoken Pandora began reviewing sex toys this last June of 2011.
A writer of lesbian erotica, Spoken Pandora was talking with her publisher and the idea of reviewing sex toys was mentioned as a way to further her knowledge in regards to sexual toys and possible way to create new scenarios in her erotic writings. After a while however the reviewing of toys became a large part of her life.

In her words:
“When I started becoming heavily involved in reviewing toys, I realized just how many were out there. I also quickly became aware that there was more to sex toys than just buying and using them. When you start talking materials, lubricants, texture, function, cleaning and proper care, your head could explode. In the beginning it was even overwhelming for me. But now I have created a space for beginners, connoisseurs, or those just looking for something a little different.I write them to educate my readers and give a hands-on perspective of the adult toy world in a way that is easy to understand.”

Spoken Pandora describes herself as an eclectic girl in both her writing and reviews. She says that she writes about sexual encounters that few speak of, and she prefers to review toys that are different from the more common vibrators and bullets.
She also says that she is a lesbian who went through the “whole bi-curious, bisexual thing” before stepping out of the closet. She is a submissive and enjoys a variety of play that spans the spectrum of vanilla, kink, and edge-play.

On her site ‘The Erotic Den‘ Spoken Pandora provides sex toy reviews, sexual rants, news of adult toy sales and freebies. She also strives to provide insight into the world of sex through her eyes that will translate easily to the everyone, whether they are straight, bi sexual, lesbian, or gay, kinky, vanilla, or slightly freakish.

Blacksilk – Certified Real

Blacksilk is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Blacksilk originally got involved with sex toy reviewing back in 2009 after contacted her to see if she would like to review toys from their online store.
Since then Blacksilk has learned a lot and become much more knowledgeable about sex toys and the art of writing reviews.
Nowadays Blacksilk says she does toy reviews not only to try new toys, but to help people make decisions on what to buy for themselves as well as to try and encourage companies to make better quality toys.
As an example she states that she is highly against Jelly rubber toys.

Blacksilk’s blog ‘Blacksilk’s Boudoir‘ is not just sex toy reviews.
When she originally started her blog is was to be a place to talk about her sex life and the exploration of of her sexuality. Since then ‘Blacksilk’s Boudoir‘ has grown to not only encompasses those things, but also to includes erotic fiction, personal photos and drawings, some rants about sexuality and its representation in society and, of course, sex toy reviews.

Blacksilk describes herself as a mid-twenties graduate who is kinky, bisexual and geeky and fairly opinionated to boot. She says that she loves sex and all that goes with it, from the hot and sensual to the weird,  and sometimes even a little icky. She also says that she finds it a wonderfully interesting and an incredibly deep topic.
“I’d like the world to be a little bit more like me, sexually open, keen to explore and not afraid to show it.”

Besides her blog, you can also find Blacksilk on Facebook, check out her NSFW Tumblr, and follow her on Twitter.

Spiritual BDSM – Certified Real

Spiritual BDSM are Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewers.

Michael & Serafina Samadhi of Spiritual BDSM only recently began reviewing sexual enhancement products.
Michael along with his slave/wife Serafina decided to become reviewers because after accumulating a lot of gear related to BDSM and fetish play they wanted to help guide others interested in BDSM towards the good and great stuff while helping them avoid what they term as “rubbish.”
Michael says that another reason for getting into reviews is because they love sharing their sexuality, though they don’t share each other.

Michael & Serafina’s blog (Spiritual BDSM) blends a combination of Tantra and other spiritual sex practices with their BDSM lifestyle.
As Michael puts it:
“We are a 24/7 M/s couple. A lot of folks in the BDSM lifestyle are also poly, or at least they play with multiple partners even if they don’t have sex. We are monogamous at this time.”
Michael Samadhi also says that he has been playing bondage games since 1980, and recently decided to become a little more public by creating a blog. Serafina is his partner in all things.

Besides their main blog, Michael & Serafina also have a tumblr that includes primarily reblogged photos with added commentary which may be of interest to those who enjoy BDSM and fetish type imagery.

Sassy – Certified Real

Sassy is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Reviews of sex toys and aids to help spice up your sex life.

Sassy is relatively new to reviewing sex toys as is her blog (Sassys’ Sex Toy Reviews) new to the Internet.
Sassy says that she began reviewing sex toys because she realized that there weren’t that many blogs dedicated to sex toy reviews and that many of the blogs she found seemed somewhat unreliable.
In her own words…
“Most of the reviews I found were somewhat unreliable so the blog was a good way to put across honest opinions from an everyday housewife rather than a company trying to sell you the product.”

Sassy says that she enjoys doing sex toy reviews because she believes there are others just like herself who like to research a product before buying it and value the ‘real’ opinions of others.

Sassys’ Sex Toy Reviews is strictly a sex toy reviews site without fluff.

Sassy is a mother of two children, straight, and calls herself a “regular housewife.” She has had the same partner for over 18 years and says that they are extremely comfortable with each other and more than willing to explore.

About her reviews Sassy says:
“My reviews are based on personal, honest opinions after having tried the products for myself. I love sex, love toys and love to shout about it…what more can I say!”

Ivy Wilde – Certified Real

Ivy Wilde is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Sharing old memories and new experiences…

Ivy Wilde began doing sex toy reviews after she became interested in the EdenFantasys website, store and community.
Suffering from an as yet undiagnosed health disorder along with severe depression, anxiety and a sleep disorder Ivy’s reviews are sporadic depending on her current state of health.

Ivy says she keeps doing reviews (when not sick) because she enjoys doing them, and that because her medical issues prevent from having a “real” job, and sex toy reviewing is something she can do.
She also says that it gives her a reason to get out of bed in the morning — and then get back into it to do some “research.”

Her blog which is aptly titled Ivy Wilde’s Sex Blog centers around her sex toy reviews and involvement with Edenfantasys, but also covers much more.
On Ivy Wilde’s Sex Blog you will also find, personal thoughts, dreams, hopes, and information about sexuality.

Besides following Ivy’s blog you may also keep up with her via her Twitter.

Nuts4Belle – Certified Real

Nuts4belle and Key4belle are Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewers.

Sex toy reviews from a couple exploring male chastity.

Nuts4belle and Key4belle (aka Jnuts and Belle) began doing sex toy reviews this year because they already spent a good amount of time talking about their sex toys on their blog (Nuts 4 Belle), but wanted to get a bit more in depth about the toys themselves.
The solution was to create a dedicated site (Nuts 4 Toys) just to talk about and review the sex toys they try out.
Where Nuts 4 Belle documents their journey of introducing male chastity into their relationship. Nuts 4 Toys keeps the focus on the sex toys.

The bulk of the reviews are written from the perspective of Jnuts with Belle’s opinions of the products giving a nice female perspective to compliment the male viewpoint.

About the primary subject of their blogs (male chastity) Jnuts says this:
“My wife and I practice Male Chastity. A lot of what you will see
online about male chastity is pretty extreme. Hardcore bondage,
Domme/Sub relationships, sissy-maids. We don’t do any of that. We were
pretty vanilla when we started male chastity, and the reason we
started it was because my sex drive was a lot higher than hers and we
figured this would harness my sexual energy and help me focus on the
times that we have sex instead of masturbating all the time. Chastity
has given us that and so much more. We have become a lot closer and
have been able to explore each other sexually.”

Besides checking out their blogs, you may also follow Jnuts & Belle’s newly created twitter account.

Silverdrop – Certified Real

Silverdrop is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Silverdrop began doing sex toy reviews in January 2011 for , and says she was delighted when she first started getting test products to review.
Since then she has branched out and now does reviews for other online sex toy retailers as well.
Silverdrop’s primary reason for becoming a reviewer of sex toys in the first place was to get get the free products, and that still remains her primary motivation.
The reviews she writes on her blog Silverdrop’s Toybox, and on the the various sites she reviews for reflect Silverdrop’s ideas of a what a good sex toy review should be.
Silverdrop says she tries to be as thorough and honest as possible withe every review.
She says it is very important to her to both provide valuable content to the sex positive retailers that she works with, and to assist shoppers in making the best decision they can for their toy purchases.

When asked about herself Silverdrop says that she is a forty something, straight-ish woman with a live in boyfriend.
She is into BDSM, gender play, and finds transsexuals “hot as hell,” and loves to masturbate.
Silverdrop also says that she believes the world would be a better place if everyone could masturbate as often as they liked and feel no shame.

Besides sex toy reviews you will also find articles and personal thoughts related to sexuality on Silverdrop’s site.

Silverdrop is also on Twitter.