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Wanton Women – llellsee

Wanton Women: When Girls Get It Together is a paperback book published by Xcite Books featuring multiple erotic stories of lesbian loving in many flavors and styles written by various authors.

Here is a small snippet from the llellsee review of Wanton Women:
“A couple of small things about the appearance of the models particularly appealed to me, one model has long hair and the other has short hair, one is pale and the other is more tanned. It is a nice show of variety and makes a change from the more male friendly ideal on some lesbian books where two equally beautiful but practically identical women are featured.”

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One Night Only – Karen Blue

One Night Only is a 209 page book of erotic stories focusing on the theme of one night only sexual adventures published by by Cleis Press and edited by Violet Blue. This book contains 19 tails by various writers.

Here is a short excerpt from Karen Blue’s review of One Night Only:
“I have to admit I didn’t love every single story. Chasing Fate: Exige about a guy in a stolen car who sees a girl he used to know, was a bit of a stretch. I think the lust for that story was too wrapped up in the type of car they were in and not enough about the sex. Hole in Your Pocket was another story I couldn’t quite get. To me it felt like the author assumed she knew my fantasy, about the one that got away.”

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Black Lace Quickies 6 – BashfulBabe

Black Lace Quickies 6 is a small collection of erotica from Hannah Brophy, Kimberly Dean, Portia Da Costa, Alison Tyler, Mae Nixon, and Cal Jago. This book was published by Virgin Black Lace in 2007 and is 128 pages in length.

Here is a small snippet from BashfulBabe’s review of Black Lace Quickies 6:
“At only six stories short, this is a lot slimmer than most erotic short stories collections, but then it is almost half the price of the average short story collection or novel (and half the weight!). This also means they didn’t bother with a contents page, which does make my form-stickler nerve twitch, but 124 pages total isn’t exactly all that much to flick through.”

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Yes, Ma’am – BashfulBabe

Yes, Ma’am – Erotic Tales of Male Submission is a collection of 18 stories with a focus on male submissiveness and female dominance. This book of erotica is published by Cleis Press and edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

Here is a bit of what BashfulBabe has to say in her review of the book Yes, Ma’am – Erotic Tales of Male Submission:
“I’m a switch who has had her dominant side sidelined for a long time, and given I’d not had a chance to unleash some of that delicious topping energy, I was eager for something that was free of the submissive, and at times borderline insipid, female characters who had so plagued the erotica I’d been reading.”

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Best Sex Writing 2012 – Karen Blue

Best Sex Writing 2012: The State of Today’s Sexual Culture is a 242 page book published by Cleis Press and edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel with writing selected by Susie Bright on varied current sex topics. Multiple essays from many authors are compiled in this volume.

Here is a tidbit from Karen Blue’s review of Best Sex Writing 2012:
“This book covers so many stories of sex in it’s 224 pages, I don’t even know where to start! From political scandals, to the Slutwalk, sex at age 66, to dating with an STI. This book includes eye opening statistics about the real average time before most men come from vaginal penetration, to why atheists have better sex.”

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Take Me There – Karen Blue

Take Me There from Tristan Taormino and Cleis Press Inc. is a collection of contributed stories by multiple authors with the focus being on Trans and Genderqueer Erotica.

Here is a small tidbit of what Karen Blue has to say about Take Me There in her review:
“I am bi-sexual by most definitions. This book makes me feel very tame in my sexual exploits. The stories are written without reguard to gender and yet every story is about that exactly. I don’t know how to explain it. In some of the stories I lost track of the characters actual born-with sexual identity and just went with the flow.”

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Erotic Pole Dancing – Karen Blue

Erotic Pole Dancing is an instructional DVD designed to teach erotic and sexy moves for pole dancing at home from LovingSex. This DVD features an introduction by sex educator Dr. Patti Britton.

Here is an excerpt from Karen Blue’s review of the Erotic Pole Dancing DVD:
“The same women are all featured throughout every chapter doing every move. It looks like it is all done on the same day, since they don’t change clothes until chapter 8. I really loved this aspect… Chapter 8 shows the women doing the routine for their men. Some of them look really good and they are just using the moves taught on the instructional part. It is a bit awkward for some and really inspirational at the same time.”

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