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Pop Plug – Bean Fiddler

Pop lugs are 100% silicone anal plugs that feature a tapered tip for easy insertion that graduates into a bulbous middle, and then back down to a narrow neck. Pop Plugs are available in three sizes.

Here is an excerpt from Bean Fiddler’s review of the Pop Plug anal plug:
“The shape of the Pop Plug allows it to slide inside my butt smoothly and easily and stay put. It fits snugly and does not slip out even with vigorous activity. This is a huge thing for me as I do tend to have issues with many of my plugs slipping out. Thanks to the little handle, it is easy to remove. I simply slip my finger through the circle, tug gently, and out slides the Pop Plug.”

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Love Bump – Kitty Stryker

The Love Bump is a uniquely shaped dildo designed to be used for either simultaneous G-spot/clitoral or prostate/perineum stimulation. This product features angled and bulbous bumps along with a textured handle. The Love Bump is made of silicone.

Here is an excerpt from Kitty Stryker’s review of the Love Bump:
“The weird tail on the end is odd, but not personally off-putting. I kind of liked flicking it when the toy was in to make it vibrate. So did my demo bottom, who did not want to give this one up! I really like the handle on it, too, as it meant lube-y fingers could still easily manipulate the toy. There’s some texture on the handle too that can add some extra stimulation.”

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Vibrating Waves – Kitty Stryker

The Vibrating Waves silicone probe is an anal toy with three prongs making it very versatile. It comes with a removable vibrating bullet vibrator.

Vibrating Waves

Here are a couple short excerpts from Kitty Stryker’s review of the Vibrating Waves silicone probe:
1)”The black silicone is really beautiful if somewhat alien with, again, those weird extra prongs. Those prongs make this a really good anal toy, however, easy to manipulate on yourself or a partner. That second prong will either press against your perineum or, if using as a g-spot vibe, your clit.”
2)”While the Love Bump was the perfect warmup for an eager boybutt, the Vibrating Waves broke my demo bottom into a drooling brain dead happy pile of boy. I think they’re both excellent choices for different reasons and depending on your experience level!”

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Bendy Beads – Karen Blue

The Bendy Beads Silicone Anal Toy  from Fun Factory features a swirl pattern and graduated beads that start off smaller and grow gradually larger in diameter until reaching the finger loop at the end.

bendy beads anal beads

Here is a snippet from Karen Blue’s review of the Bendy Beads Silicone Anal Toy:
“This toy has some variety in play, and should work for most beginners to even intermediate users. What does that mean? I don’t have anal sex all the time, so I would consider myself an intermediate user okay? I wouldn’t call myself a beginner. This toy is smaller than a cock, so if you are new, this would be a nice way to start to explore anal play. This toy is designed to look like some peas in a pod.”

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Emerald Explorer – Nymphomaniac Ness

The Emerald Explorer is a smooth, six and a half inch long, Pyrex glass, anal probe designed so that it gets larger from the tip to the base. This product features five round balls each slightly increasing in size and ending with a round handle.

emerald explorer

Here is an excerpt from the Nymphomaniac Ness review of the Emerald Explorer:
“When using the toy I found it was best to apply lubrication beforehand. The tip is tapered and I found the first three bumps easy to insert. When inserting the anal probe you can feel each bump softly pop into the anal canal. Once fully inserted and relaxed the toy produces less of a popping sensation and more of a rippling.”

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Tosu Two – True Pleasures

The Tosu Two is a polished aluminum butt plug with balls inside designed to collide with one another and transmit their energy creating a pleasurable sensation.

From the manufactures site:
“The TOSU dildo is a type of butt plug based on the principle of physics known to nerds and non-nerds as Newton’s Cradle. This pendulum consists of hanging balls of equal size arranged in a line. When one of the outer balls is lifted and let to bounce back, the ball on the opposite end of the line gets bumped while the remaining balls remain undisturbed. This process then continues on its own until all kinetic energy has been used up.”

tosu two

Here is an excerpt from True Pleasures review of the 100 % FUCK ENERGY – TOSU TWO:
“He said it felt like a sort of pop, when he got it in all the way. That was probably due to the difference in size between the body of the plug and the neck that connects it to the base. A bit more of a taper would have helped. Due to the abrupt edge before the neck that connects it to the base, this may shock the sphincter muscles. He said it was a bit of a pain getting it out the first time. I think he’s learned to relax and take his time more after that first time.”

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Daffadildo – Joanna Cake

The Daffadildo is a small multi speed novelty vibrator designed to resemble a daffodil. This toy may be for vaginal or anal use.

Here is an excerpt from Joanna Cake’s review of the Daffadildo Vibrator:
“When I pulled the Daffadildo out of the latest package of goodies from the lovely people at Ann Summers, I was almost hysterical with laughter. Both the concept and the name were a triumph of tacky play on words that bordered on the brilliant.”
Joanna Cake also says this in her review of the Daffadildo:
“I believe that it is also aimed at vaginal games but my first glance put it firmly in the bottom camp. I love the whole idea, with the splayed petals of the drooping daffodil acting as a stopper for anal play whilst revealing the rigid central stamen as a butt plug.”

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