TOR II – Bean Fiddler

The TOR II is a waterproof and rechargeable cock ring which the manufacturer (LELO) bills as a “couples’ ring.” The TOR II is made of smooth silicone, is fully-waterproof, runs for up to one and a half hours on a charge, and offers 6 vibrating stimulation modes.

LELO TOR II shown on Drac Dildo

Here is a short excerpt from Bean Fiddler’s review of the TOR II:
“This is the first cock ring I have reviewed as My Man and I don’t really use them. In fact, this is the first time we have used one together and I have been dying to do so. Like most cock rings, the LELO TOR II is quite snug fitting in order to keep him hard longer. However, My Man finds this tightness uncomfortable rather than a turn on. In fact, every time we have used the LELO TOR II it has been a bit difficult to get on even with lubricant.”

Read the full review here.

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