Liquid Silk – BashfulBabe

Liquid Silk is a water based, non-tacky personal lube designed for all types of uses. This product is also billed as being “Bio-Static,” which means that it will prevent the spreading of Bacteria. Liquid Silk is compatible with latex and silicone.

Here is an excerpt from the BashfulBabe review of Liquid Silk water-based personal lube:
“The lube itself really does feel a lot different to most others I’ve tried. It’s almost like a face cream and feels kind of greasy-oily when you first squeeze it out, although it doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve dropped a bat of butter between your thighs, which was my first concern. A little really does go a long way and it takes quite a while to dry up so avoid the temptation to think it’s thinner than it is, go nuts, and wind up having to take a mop to your nether regions!”

Read the full review here.

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