Icicles No.17 Violet Blossom – Mrs JoJo

The Icicles No. 17 Violet Blossom Glass Dildo from Pipedream Products is an eight and a half inch long glass dildo made of smooth blue Pyrex featuring a flat base and a clear, round, bulbous head with a flower design inside.

Here is a snippet from Mrs JoJo’s review of the
Icicles Violet Blossom Glass Dildo No 17:
“I first used this as a massager, which feels divine, especially when you let it rest in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. I would suggest you give this a try, at the end of a tired working day, get your partner to warm it up and then start by using the top round end, starting from the base of your neck, down the side of your spin, slightly pressured. Then use it in a rolling motion, it feels great!”

Read the full review here.

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