Earthly Body Waterslide Lubricant – Buzzvibe

Earthly Body Waterslide Lubricant is a water-based personal lube designed with simple ingredients and featuring natural carrageenan extract. This product has no silicones, petroleums, parabens, glycerins or preservatives and is vegan friendly.

Buzzvibe review of the Earthly Body Waterslide Lubricant:
“There’s no antimicrobial or preservative ingredient listed. In fact, the packaging quite proudly points out that WaterSlide doesn’t contain any “silicones, petroleums, parabens, sticky glycerins or preservatives” so maybe none is really necessary? I’m certainly not about to keep my lube in the refrigerator, and I haven’t noticed any deterioration or spoilage in the many weeks that this bottle has been opened and in use. Also, the ingredients are vegan friendly, and this lube is made in the USA.”

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