Lovers Tenga Egg – True Pleasures

Tenga Eggs are textured, male masturbation sleeves made of stretchy thermoplastic rubber designed for single use that come packaged in a plastic egg and include a packet of lubrication.
The Lovers Tenga Egg is a special edition Tenga egg featuring heart shaped ridges on the masturbation sleeve and a decorated wrapping on the egg shaped packaging.

lovers tenga egg

Here is an excerpt from True Pleasures review of the Lovers Tenga Egg:
“They’re designed to be small and discreet. Who would assume something that looks like an Easter egg would house a masturbation sleeve? Still, people might wonder why you have a plastic egg in your pocket (if they don’t assume the bulge is something else *ahem*), laying around somewhere (after Easter time, with or without the heart wrapper on it), in the fridge, etc… Of course, I suppose you could just pretend you’re eccentric…”

Read the full review here.

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