Jelly Willies – llellsee

Jelly Willies are gummy candies shaped to look like small testicles and a penis. Jelly Willies are available pre-packaged with assorted flavors, and like most jelly type candy are unsuitable for vegetarians.

Here is a taste of what llellsee has to say about the Jelly Willies in her review:
“When the plastic bag within the box is initially opened the smell of the jellies is pleasant and fruity and not as artificial as most jellies. Taste wise these are delicious. Seriously, its no exaggeration to say these are the best jellies myself or my partner have ever tasted. There is a real fruit like taste to these, and similar to the smell of them it is not too artificial. The taste is strong but not to sugar-ey.”

Read the full review here.

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