J&D’s Baconlube – BashfulBabe

J&D’s Baconlube is a water based personal lubricant designed to taste of cooked bacon. This product may not be used with latex condoms.

Here is a short excerpt from BashfulBabe’s review of J&D’s Baconlube:
“Smell is second only to taste in all things bacon and here again I was surprised how mild it was. It was a lot sweeter than I’d imagined it would be. The main thought that came to mind was unsmoked bacon slathered in syrup: meaty and piggy but with that maple-sweetness instead of crackly saltiness. Despite a mild oily texture on the tongue, if a lot was applied it was less offensive to my palate than most un-flavoured lubes and certainly an improvement over the standard berries and cherries saccharine-fests.”

Read the full review here.

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