Spoken Pandora – Certified Real

Spoken Pandora is a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer.

Spoken Pandora began reviewing sex toys this last June of 2011.
A writer of lesbian erotica, Spoken Pandora was talking with her publisher and the idea of reviewing sex toys was mentioned as a way to further her knowledge in regards to sexual toys and possible way to create new scenarios in her erotic writings. After a while however the reviewing of toys became a large part of her life.

In her words:
“When I started becoming heavily involved in reviewing toys, I realized just how many were out there. I also quickly became aware that there was more to sex toys than just buying and using them. When you start talking materials, lubricants, texture, function, cleaning and proper care, your head could explode. In the beginning it was even overwhelming for me. But now I have created a space for beginners, connoisseurs, or those just looking for something a little different.I write them to educate my readers and give a hands-on perspective of the adult toy world in a way that is easy to understand.”

Spoken Pandora describes herself as an eclectic girl in both her writing and reviews. She says that she writes about sexual encounters that few speak of, and she prefers to review toys that are different from the more common vibrators and bullets.
She also says that she is a lesbian who went through the “whole bi-curious, bisexual thing” before stepping out of the closet. She is a submissive and enjoys a variety of play that spans the spectrum of vanilla, kink, and edge-play.

On her site ‘The Erotic Den‘ Spoken Pandora provides sex toy reviews, sexual rants, news of adult toy sales and freebies. She also strives to provide insight into the world of sex through her eyes that will translate easily to the everyone, whether they are straight, bi sexual, lesbian, or gay, kinky, vanilla, or slightly freakish.

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